Why Jabril Cox fell to round 4

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by atlantacowboy, May 5, 2021.

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    All those things listed are technical issues that can be overcome w/ hard work.
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    Oh common, you enjoy watching Jaylon run away from the G's as much as anyone.
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    Because the OP was his wing man?
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    not true ironic fans leikto know things and yet more SS like Neal are being converted to LB not the other way around..hes not small 6'3 233(parsons 6'3 244) he can gain few pounds in the weight room and nfl trainers but the new NFL LB is not giant, they are fast can cover and still good tacklers..he will for sure be hybrid type but that what a lot of defenses have now..
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    Where is the positive attributes? A little one sided.
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    He fell to the 4th for the same reason JOK fell to the 2nd. LB does not have the same value it used to have in the NFL, unless it's an outside LB ins 3-4 who can rush the passer. Its the same thing with Safety. The last two seasons not a single safety was drafted in the 1st round.
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    Nah, I've come to the conclusion that they definitely are not Cowboys fans.
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    Oh there is no doubt that a ton of the people who post here are from other teams come here to troll. Nothing to be done about them but ignore them.. At least that's what I do.. .. well I try anyway.. Sometimes I respond just for the sport of troll roasting..
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    Easy now , That assessment imo was spot on. He does need to take more checkdowns............................

    as for the rest I'll have to get back to you
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    He is a bad run defender, but excellent in coverage. Will be more of a nickel player.
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    Bottom line up front: He is most likely better than 75% of the LBs on the team last year. I am being conservative with the 75% number. It could be higher, even up to 100%.

    Hope he stays healthy and I look forward to him playing.
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    We're all projecting Parsons to learn coverage, but not Cox to learn run defense.

    Dude recently took a huge jump in competition and there's no reason to believe he can't keep progressing
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    You don’t know so quit acting like you do.
  15. ninja

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    No built-in excuses. An average LB could play well behind a good DL.
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    I just heard a clip on the radio of a guy saying "There were a lot of good linebackers in this draft. I didn't have to have the best one..." When I hear crap like this I realize that these idiots just talk to hear themselves talk. Parsons was not only the best linebacker in this draft he was the consensus best defensive player in the draft. To advocate skipping over that in favor of an inferior defensive player or a "luxury pick" offensive player is mind numbingly stupid. If Parsons had been on the board at 17 last year he most likely would have been drafted instead of Lamb.. Lamb was the right pick last year because there was no defender on his level on the board at the time. Taking Parsons was the right pick because there was no defender or offensive player on his level on the board.. at least none that we could use. Slater might turn into a stud but unless Tyron or La'el fail to return to form he sits on the bench here. Or best case scenario he supplants Williams at LG. Either way Parsons represents the best chance of getting an impact player.. I'm glad we got him.
  17. Risen Star

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    He had shoulder surgery or he'd have gone day 2.
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    The difference here being Jaylon was drafted with a pre-existing injury that made him this. Cox in the 4th without this gives you opportunity for development.
  20. gp_cowpolk

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    Positives: Athletic, disciplined run-and-chase linebacker with solid size. Agile, fluid moving laterally, and gets tremendous depth on pass drops. Efficient, instinctive, and goes sideline to sideline covering a terrific amount of area. Remains disciplined with assignments, effectively reads the action, and takes proper angles to plays.

    Quickly picks up coverage assignments, stays with backs downfield, and plays to his 40 time. Fluid in his hips, possesses good change-of-direction skills, and really stands out in coverage. Effectively uses his hands to protect himself and is rarely off his feet.
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