Will Clap is questionable for Sunday's game

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Scotman, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. Scotman

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    I just went over the injury report for our game this week.

    Sounds like there's a chance we aren't going to have our coach available Sunday night.

    Sad thing is, the news reports say it benefits the Saints if Will Clap participates in the game. Pretty disrespectful if you ask me.
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  2. Tangle_Foot

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    Garrett is questionable? That's not news :lmao:
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  3. rocyaice

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    Well....it’s not anymore disrespectful than calling him Will Clap lol.
  4. zrinkill

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    The Saints center?
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  5. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Who the heck is Will Clap and why should I care?
  6. Blast From The Past

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    This required it's own thread?
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  7. Scotman

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    Certainly not required. But you opened it, read it and commented on it.
  8. gp_cowpolk

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    Penicillin should fix him up
  9. buybuydandavis

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    Pretty accurate if you ask me.

    Whatever positive you want to say about Garrett, he's a liability on game day.
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  10. OmerV

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    Garrett has made a few questionable decisions during his time as head coach, but the notion some have that he is liability on game day every week is false. People do this all the time where they exaggerate a few occurrences (a few admittedly notable) and begin to speak as if those kind of things happen every week.

    Think about it ... one of the main incidents people use to support this belief is where Garrett was accused of "icing" his own kicker. Aside from the fact that people often don't explain the scenario accurately to begin with, that happened 8 years ago.
  11. Proof

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    Garrett sucks
  12. CouchCoach

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  13. CF74

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  14. ESisback

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    Just another stupid nickname from a supposed fan that doesn’t like Garrett. It carries no more weight than any other thread. As a matter of fact, less than most.
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  15. ESisback

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    Most people will comment on meth and Alzheimer’s and open sores, but that doesn’t mean they’re endorsing them.
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  16. Batman1980

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  17. charron

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    Every coach makes mistakes. Mcvay has a guy who's only game day responsibility is to make sure Mcvay is behind the sideline cause he can't control himself. Many coaches have questionable game management decisions, play calls, etc. Will be interesting to see who handles these duties and how they do with them.
  18. AbeBeta

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    Think before you start a thread. Some people use this board for actual information.
  19. Typhus

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    You know, the guy whos brother is Harry Nards.
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  20. Zordon

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    Stupid thread.
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