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Witness claims Ezekiel Elliott was not involved in altercation **merged**

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by NewsBot, Jul 18, 2017.

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    New information may shed light on latest incident involving Cowboys’ star running back.

    New information has surfaced regarding the bar fight involving Cowboys star running back, Ezekiel Elliott early Monday morning at a Dallas night club. Nkemakola Ibeneme, known as “DTrain” was punched in the face and suffered a broken nose, although he was unable to identify who assaulted him. In the initial police reports, no names were mentioned and there was no arrest made.

    While the details of the events are still being investigated, there have been reports from people at the bar that have claimed Zeke was the person delivering the punch. New information, however, indicate that Elliott wasn’t the person who assaulted Ibeneme.

    A bouncer from Wichita Falls, Michael Huffman, who was in the bar has a different view of the events, stating while Ibeneme was the instigator of the fight, Elliott wasn’t the guy who hit him.

    “It didn't go down like that,” said Huffman, who said he had a good view becuase he was close to Elliott hoping to get a selfie. “Everybody is saying that but he didn't throw the punch...Zeke was just standing there arms folded chilling feeling the crowd. Then I seen DJ getting loud toward the vicinity of Zeke and then I see an overhand right come over the back of Zeke shoulder that landed square in DTrain’s face and he went to sleep. He didn't even see it. Then the crowd circled and dispersed. I’m surprised a whole video hasn’t been released yet.” - Ft Worth Star Telegram

    The facts of this ordeal will become more apparent as more information is collected. Cowboys fans are holding their collective breath as we wish for the best with this incident, and this new information is something to be hopeful about.

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  3. Blackspider214

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    I really don't get how legit publications can be allowed to publish and slander a person's name like that with zero consequences. There was not one ounce of evidence that Zeke did anything. He was just there. Yet he was crucified all day long nationwide. It's pathetic. ESPN and Schefter (the biggest hack in the NFL reporting) ran with this early. The Fan as well. So many made up clickbait titles. And everyone just believed them. Based on what? A few random tweets from random people who have zero credibility.

    Do people really think there would not be video of Zeke laying out someone to the point where they have to go to the hospital? Please! In today's social media era, that stuff would be all over the web. Someone would have sold that to TMZ. But no, nothing at all. Why? Because he had zero to do with it.

    I can't believe people fall for this clickbait junk constantly.
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    Like I said in the other thread, by the time the truth comes out, everyone will have already moved on.
  5. Mr_V

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    Who was the man that threw the punch from behind Zeke? Mara?
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    And people wondered why Barber never spoke to the media.

    I have said before, the media is not looking to build anyone up these days. They are looking to make stars fade or crash and burn. With ratings declining everywhere, they are getting more and more desperate for clicks, and since slander is tough to prove in court, it's easy to get away with.
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    The guy who threw that punch over Zeke's shoulder has a hell of a future in boxing to connect like that under those conditions.

  8. The Fonz

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    I agree with you , however I am afraid the excessive partying might lead to a big trouble down the road.It's only a matter of time.
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  9. Nirvana

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  10. Nirvana

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  11. bigbob

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    For that to happen dt would have to be in Zeke's face and hitter would have to be up close to Zeke's backside.
    Jerry should have him at home till after the other Deal is settled.
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  12. Cmac

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    If Zeke comes out clean.....JJ and JG should impose a curfew and rule out nightclubs. His people should sit him down too, unless they want to see his career wash out due to transgressions. C'mon Zeke.....we don't need this. This should be the message now....you're an easy target from trouble, some self-inflicted and some following you. Time to focus.....NOW!!
  13. Mr_C

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    If true I'm sure we'll see 20 pages of apologies.
  14. mattjames2010

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    Both of what you posted - one is from a guy with 100 twitter followers, most likely his "sources" are some twitter anons. I'm not sure who this girl is, she just "did things" for some networks.
  15. Jerryrage

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    Fake News has taken over companies..
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  16. Sarge

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    This is précisley why you wait until all the facts present themselves before getting all lathered up one way or the other.
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  17. Califan007

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    Seriously lol...I'm trying to visualize the logistics of that punch and the only thing I can think of is that it wasn't actually thrown over Elliot's shoulder, so the witness phrased it poorly.

    Has a witness identified the punch thrower?...
  18. Bullflop

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    Seems to me like things are starting to cast doubts upon whether Zeke was at fault or not. It's difficult at best to prove guilt when the crowd is blocking a clear view of what actually happened. I question if Goodell can legitimately blame Elliott simply for being close to the action, especially so, in light of conflicting witness reports. No charges were made and the victim didn't see the assailant, according to reports. Pretty sketchy stuff.
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    LOL friggin hilarious!!!!!!
  20. AmericasTeam81

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    Sports media is part of the fake news media complex. They are all owned by the same parent companies.
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