Your thoughts on Vaping?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Sep 22, 2018.

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    This is an interesting convo in my mind. As anyone who has followed the news has observed, the FDA and government is looking at banning flavored vaping products such as JUUL. This is because of so-called "attractiveness" of the product to minors.

    However, the flip side is obvious - nicotine itself, even flavored, is far safer a product than smoking cigs. I vape, and I briefly smoked cigs in the past. Given how long I've been using the product, if JUUL were to disappear I am honestly concerned as I don't want to start smoking cigs.

    Yes, the rate of under 21 usage of nicotine has risen (slightly!), but the rate using cigs has plummeted and has been replaced by vaping. The rates combined still aren't close to the rates of the 70s/80s
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  2. Chrispierce

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    I’d rather people have the ability to use ecigs than regular smokes. I also find it curious they want to ban those,but not Swisher Sweets??? I’d love to speak with the FDA,and have them show me the numbers of carcinogens between the two. Ohhhh they won’t like that argument I’d imagine,nevermind THAT’S what kids puff with pot on a regular basis...NOT cigarettes. Kids don’t even use ecigs...adults usually do who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes,or as an alternative due to social pressure. I mean let’s get real here,younger folks like big vapor pens,and dabbing,and blunts. The gov knows this...and this is just tobacco lobby groups trying to shut down ecig tech companies who they feel threatened by as infringing on their corner of the block.
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    The only thing that bothers me is people that think vaping in places smoking cigs isn't allowed is somehow okay.

    Other than that, vape away. As long as you aren't hurting anyone else, I really couldn't care less what you put in your body.

    Whether it's better than actual cigs or not, I have no idea. Don't really care either since I don't vape, but I do have a kid, and I'd rather he didn't grow up thinking vaping is "safe", if it isn't.
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    I smoked for almost 40 years, gave up two years ago with the help of vaping. Luckilly the smoking hadn't caused any really bad outcomes( had a series of CT scans) , but i now feel so much better and fitter for the change. I'm in the UK where the Doctors are upfront in saying vaping is 95% safer than smoking and actively encourage people to make the change. Now that 5% shows it isn't totally safe but i prefer those odds. Again we have strict laws re prohibiting under 18s vaping but it seems from evidence that it isn't a gateway to smoking for the young. My daughter wouldn't think of vaping and nor would her pals. Its banned in pubs and restaraunts, so the use is restricted. I do get suspicious of 'new' research from tobacco sponsored sources. I also worry that the govt will tax it like cigs and make it expensive to give up smoking and the health benefits that provides.
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    My youngest sons school (Middle school) sent a letter out a few weeks ago about vaping. Apparently there are children at the school vaping, thinking that its cool and totally safe. Similar to the flavored cigars, it seems the under 18 folks are the biggest consumers in my area. There's a reason some vape companies were purchased by "Big tobacco" a few years back.

    I used a Blu e-cig for 2 weeks to quit cigarettes, and have been off for almost 5 years.
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    Yeah, walking through huge clouds smelling of cotton candy is nearly as annoying as getting smoke blown in your face. Just don't be like these guys:

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  7. darthseinfeld

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    I do both......

    I vaped a few years back to quit smoking. Worked for about 6 months but went back. I still vape, because I won't smoke in the house. I just prefer a cig to vaping. Smoother hit.

    Im gonna quit again when Im ready. When I do next time, its gonna be both
  8. Cowboy Brian

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    The argument that it is making the big bad tobacco companies stronger is an argument debunked by JUUL, with its 70%+ market share, its $15bn valuation, and it was founded in July 2017. It is the fastest start-up in history to receive such a high valuation.
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  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    I decided to quit smoking about 6 years ago.
    Quit Cold Turkey...actually I wore a patch for about 3 hours and it just irritated me so I took it off and never put another one on.

    Before I quit and every since I quit I have had a ton of co-workers try to quit by trying electric sigs and or vaping.

    EVERYONE of them eventually went back to smoking. (This is anywhere from 8-10) people. But everyone raved about it at first and eventually within a couple of months was back to smoking actual cigarettes.

    The main reason I wanted to quit was the price of cigarettes were getting crazy not to mention the added taxes to them getting crazy as well. It was money being thrown away IMO.

    And although vaping or electric cigs were cheaper, they were not free.

    If I was going to quit I was going to quit and thankfully I did without much trouble.

    Plus with E cigs and Vaping every time I would try to look up stats or info about the safety of the products it always went to the same report that said they were ok however if you dug into it you found out the report was made by the people making the cigs and vape so there was no way to trust it.

    Plus it was so much newer at the time that there was no way to test how it would do with people taking the product. I have a feeling they will find out that even if it might not be as bad as cigs, it will still wind up being bad.

    I will also say this though.

    I have noticed that you do not see many electric cigs now. However you do see a good number of people vaping...and of those vaping the majority of them (that I have seen) have been younger people.

    I don't know if there are age limits on it or not, however i imagine a lot of younger people get into it because it is easy to get the electric equipment you need and then get the vape liquid or juice sep if you want.
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  11. Quickdraw

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    The biggest problem with vaping is that it has chemicals in it that are known to have serious affects that can lead to cancer or other serious ailments. It's no better than smoking in the long run. I see a lot of kids doing it, but it depends here NY State how old you have to be to purchase the liquid. It's at least 18, but there are like 19 municipalities where you have to be 21, so I'm not sure how they're able to vape in public without being stopped by the cops.

    Anything you put in your body that has additives, especially addictive chemicals, is nothing but bad mojo IMO.
  12. Denim Chicken

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    That is a false statement. It is most certainly better than traditional cigarettes.
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    I vape cannabis every now and again. I prefer smoking it myself. What I find interesting about vaping, is here in Ontario many Apartment building and Condo Association is banning smoking in their buildings, including your unit and balcony.

    I understand banning tobacco and cannabis because they do smell, stain the walls and of course cigarette burns in the carpet ... etc. Not sure why vaping is being banned.
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    My dads boss quit when the price jumped for 25 cents to 30 cents a pack at the VA commissary.

    Reminds me of...
  15. Quickdraw

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    Not really because of all the chemical additives. They have side affects as well.
  16. Cowboy Brian

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    This is true, and yet false. It has added chemicals, but none of which are on par with what you get from a regular cig.

    Acrylonitrile is in coffee.
    N-Nitro is in regular cigs, along with hundreds of other toxins.

    Basically, vaping on a Juul provides you with exposure to 1/500? toxins you'd be exposed to via smoking regular cigs.
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    I have a neighbor that wanted me to help her finish her screenplay. About 2 years ago.
    I read it. I thought she was writing a cartoon.
    She wasn't.
    I told her I was insanely busy, but I'd be willing to edit her mistakes and give a few pointers. No charge. Not a penny.
    She wanted us to sign into a contractual partnership... HAH!
    I said Hell's No. I already said I was busy. And her talent was less than minimal (I didn't say that part).

    She is now my scourge.

    I walk my dags thrice a day. She has tried to blow smoke in my face as I get back to my home, with her cig smoking.
    She talks ****, like she has a leg to stand on.
    My agent tells me to ignore her. Things are too sensitive right now.
    I'm infuriated.

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  18. Corso

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    Interesting... I merely partake in natural plant product. Generally better that way.
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    They don’t like the “look” of smoking. I mean let’s get real...there is no smell,lingering cloud,cig butts or ashes. So because they hate smokers,they’ll make up crap to complain about. I’m constantly in traffic with the young chika girls in their Honda or Maxima stopped at the intersection in front of me vaping. Do I like the look of the big bong hit cloud billowing out the window? No,but I don’t smell a darn thing. But real cigs or swisher sweet blunts? I smell every bit of it,and find cig butts and dumped out cigar tobacco everywhere I go. I’m not for smoking at all,but I’m not a prick who goes around fake coughing and gives people the eye of the devil either.
  20. Corso

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