Zeke 20 carries for 47 yards

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by atlantacowboy, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. atlantacowboy

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    You would think someone calling the plays would say "hey, lets try something else" at some point.
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  2. Szczepanik

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    Curious to know what percentage of those were runs at Aaron Donald.
  3. atlantacowboy

    atlantacowboy Zone Supporter

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    Between the tackles has been Zeke's bread and butter. BUT, Looney and Connie WIlliams were no match for Donald and Suh.
  4. Mobinvans

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    It's a process
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  5. percyhoward

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    On the three Dallas touchdown drives, Zeke had 9 carries for 8 yards.
  6. blumayne38

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    Lmao we did Dak threw the ball 40+ times
  7. uvaballa

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    No more best RB talk guys. Just sth about that.
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  8. Ken

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    Dak's fault.

    Also Dak's fault we could stop the run and stop them on the final drive.

    Pretty simple really.
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  9. blumayne38

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    The plan was to take Zeke away and make Dak beat us. It worked.
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  10. DCowboyz

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    The Rams did well. They stopped Zeke. That’s all they needed to do.
  11. kevm3

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    If we had a halfway decent OC, he'd realize they were geared in on stopping the run and were playing soft so we could have ripped them up in the passing game, but no, let's make sure we run Zeke right into the center of the defense
  12. Bob-Lillys-War

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    The players won't quit on Garrett , thats why Garrett is so good on post season .
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  13. Jake

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    Cowboys got whupped at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Call whatever you want. If you can't win physical battles at the line, don't expect to win.
  14. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Connor, as expected, got blasted all night
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  15. WhizKid

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    I mean, it setup the play action pretty well, but they couldn't connect when it was time. There were plenty of plays to be made on offense, but they couldn't do it.
  16. cheftjpeck

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    That plus running the ball for 200 yards in the first half alone .. dominating TOP 2-1 ... yup
  17. glimmerman

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    We knew what was gonna happen and we had no game plan. The last 4th down, Elliot missed the hole. It was to the left. But easy for me to say.

    Dak had plenty of chances to run with it and didn’t.
  18. Captain-Crash

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    Donald and Suh came to play.
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  19. garyv

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    Really ? I had Zeke in fantasy this year and this bread and butter was 2 yds, 3 yds and no yards. I could never figure out if some was on Zeke and some on offensive line. I will say this they need another dependable RB and more offensive lineman.
  20. Willfreedom909

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    We dem boyz:cool:

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