26 penalties last night tied last years total already

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Sep 7, 2018.

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    I think we're going to see it all over NFL games this weekend. Expect beaucuop de flags. It sucks when the zebra's control the pace of the game and the outcome to some extent. Make no mistake though, the Falcons loss was on Ryan not the zebra's. Can we play the Eagles soon please, I want Foles in the headlights!! Just hope we aren't too sloppy because our first team O played very little in the pre-season. And I hope Looney and Williams are ready for Short
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    I’m sure a lot of kinks used to get worked out in preseason. Now that the starters for the most part bypass a big chunk of PS the product is getting uglier and uglier out of the gate.
  3. Hawkeye0202

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    No question but if the NFL is smart, they are cleaning this up right now as we speak. Email to the head of officiating ....back off!
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    That game was painful to watch, which is why I do not watch as many NFL games anymore. Too many penalties, sloppy play due to few starters playing in the preseason and fewer practices. I try to get my fix by watching college games, but those have turned into 5 hour events since they review every hard hit for targeting.
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    ATL lost because of ATL absolutely. 5 shots at the 10 and you cant get in the endzone means your offense need to be reevaluated.
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    I agree. I also felt there was poor running from the RB down by the goal line. Watching RB hesitate instead of lowering the shoulder and plowing it up in their. I watched guys stutter step and legs stop at contact.
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    I'm actually glad to hear the game was as expected. All the comments on here are exactly why I watch zero football outside of the Cowboys. It's just not a good product, and it's a ref centric game now. The rules are obscure and getting worse, and more and more rules are purely subjective.

    Even the Boys games are losing their luster for me - as I've said elsewhere, the games are purely for entertainment now as I see that outcomes are often determined by drives extended or ended by arbitrary zebra declarations.
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  8. Idgit

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    Protect the ShieldTM
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    It was clearly obvious that was a catch and it turned the game around.
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  10. Rayman70

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    the game couldn't have been refereed any worse. The rule changes are killing the sport. Sunday will make Thursday night look like a cake-walk. Hard to watch the game or get into the flow of the game when every other play is a flag. Its a bad look.
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    The ratings continue to decline and I would like to know the drop off after the 2nd half, when I gave up. What a pathetic game to open the real season. Hell, there were better preseason games.
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  12. Beaker42

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    Apparently Philthy should’ve had one more on PI in the end zone but the refs were temporarily blinded by their awesomeness.
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    They will only care when revenues dip. Until then, they don't care at all.

    Besides spurts here and there, last night's game was unwatchable.
  14. CaliStar68

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    That was a game last night?????? All I saw was a debacle of physcotic tom foolery or a zebra scarf throwing contest. That was like watching a root canal on tv with virtual reality goggles on. Not at all happy with the way the officiating is going so far.
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  16. Rayman70

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    it was all about PC culture..thats all it was on full display last night. The league is scared of being sued because its ran by Lawyers. Its a watered down product. Even the announcers were biting their tongue after some of these calls. Cris Collinsworth was doing his best Fred Astaire impression dealing with the fiasco that are the new rules... The game was already dying on the vine after last year...now by years end it may be on Life support. Self inflicted wounds.
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  17. TexasHillbilly

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    I afraid that a lot of the week 1 games will be like this one because no one, (the ones), played in the preseason games.
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  18. foofighters

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    Who wants to watch a game with that many penalties? That's wasting far too much time being idle.
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  19. Jake

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    26 penalties, but none of them were for the new "lowering the helmet" rule people freaked out about in preseason.
  20. AtlCPA

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    I don’t know if you can blame the RB’s as much as the OL. Atlanta’s OL looked really bad last night. Atlanta either couldn’t or refused to run inside most of the game. Both teams looked really bad at WR after Jones and Agholor. I hope Philly plays this poorly when they play us.
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