A thread for those of us who blame no one

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by _sturt_, Jul 17, 2020.

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    if you think Dalton is the alternative.... remember Dak is still playing this year, maybe next. We can still sign him if he proves worthy enough. Certainly the bar will be higher seeing that his cost will go up, so he will have to prove alot more than he has. Probably the reason why this could be the last few years left for him, but still a chance.

    anyways, there is FA and the draft
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    That's my take on the situation. While I want Dak as the QB for the foreseeable future, the Cowboys were around before him and will be around after him. If they want him after he plays on the tag and he wants to play for Dallas, they'll get it done hopefully. For now? Time to focus on the season.
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    When your front office and your starting QB can't agree upon a contract, there's obviously issues to settle, without blaming anyone in particular. I'm sure both the Cowboys, Dak and Todd France aren't yet disposed to trashing their relationships completely just yet. The upcoming season will surely have a bearing upon what course we take next year and beyond. It serves no useful purpose to blame the FO nor Dak at this juncture. The future will be available for both parties to resolve their differences or go their separate ways. Hopefully, success still awaits us to be had.
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    Good thread, they simply could not come to terms and may once again be negotiating.

    I got exactly what I wanted, an one year deal with this QB with a new HC and O system. First of all, that's laying it out there because he will crash into bodies if he needs to and while he's been very durable, all it takes is one time.

    And if you're an optimist about this team's management, you have to feel good that they stopped the rolling over for the stars. That is the path to forever 8-8.

    Why can't everyone just appreciate the fact that this guy is betting on himself in back to back seasons? You wants a player with balls? That's a wheelbarrow full of them right there and he's only the the 3rd QB in NFL history to do it. A player betting on himself always adds an element to the game for me. Some feel Cousins didn't deserve that deal he got and I totally disagree, yes he did because he bet on himself and won.

    The only thing I don't like about this is all of the obligatory additional media puking this is going to bring during the season.
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    I’m not sure what the larger play is here. Dak has cost himself some money here in the short term. I’m not sure how much more he can honestly make in the long run to make what he already lost worth it.
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    When can a long term deal be negotiated at this point? I know the deadline just passed but what about in the future - next offseason? Don't tell me to google it because you guys are my google on Cowboy related things.
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    So, I hear this, too... and so... I'd just add to the earlier equation, "minus 2020 Super Bowl hopes."

    If one considers 2020 is a throwaway year... and it might yet prove to be an objective statement of fact, of course... then yeah, that would dictate a trade.

    If one considers 2020 a strong opportunity to win a trophy, then it comes down to how much is one season's strong opportunity worth to you.

    Me? It's worth quite a bit.
  8. gimmesix

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    Right. I don't think there is a winner or loser in this right now. Dak gets $31 million to play this season. Dallas has a starting QB this season. Who knows what next year will bring?

    It seems like a lot of people just find it necessary to pick a side in almost every situation.
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    I’m sorry I definitely blame coaching. Special teams. Worst in the league. There’s plenty of blame to go around. You just have to put it in the right place
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    We don’t know what the salary cap is going to be down the road. This was the best thing he could’ve done on both sides. Salaries might go down. And he just hit a homerun. So
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    I’ve always been a big Dak supporter and still like him. But, he turned a deal making him the second highest player in the league. So, yes, he does shoulder some blame. He certainly wasn’t obligated to take any deal, but the team did what they could to sign him without wrecking the cap.
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    Lets see if he can get better at his weaknessess.
    He wasnt able in his first 4 years. But maybe our new hc can teach him.

    Still i think he will be gone next year. Guy is just not good enough.
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    You gotta evaluate Dak and Dalton in their relevant contexts.

    Dak played for the Cowboys, Dalton played for the Bengals. Who had a stronger supporting cast?

    This year, it's Dak with the current team, or Dalton with a team with 31.4mil in extra talent. That's a lot of cap. Dalton is less durable, but 31.4mil can buy a lot more talent, and should help to keep Dalton upright.

    Dalton is a greater unknown, both upside and downside. When he had a great starting cast around him, he was making pro bowls. Did he get stupider as the years went on? He's not to the age where his arm or reflexes should be a concern. Tony had the best season of his career in 2014, at 34. Dalton is 33 this year.

    Dalton + 31.4mil has higher upside and lower downside. Dak is between the two. Upside is what wins you SBs. You need a good team, and you have to be hit on some extra upside.
  14. buybuydandavis

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    Dak's balls means less cap for this year and likely moving on to a new QB in the near future. If we're moving on to new QBs anyway, I'd rather roll with Dalton and 31.4 extra cap.

    Jerry should be trying to get an option extension out of Dalton for moderate money now. Dalton has every interest to give that because it makes it easier for us to move on from Dak and start Dalton instead *this* year.
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    I blame Rowdy.
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    Good times....No.
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