Are you a fan in 2020

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sportsman, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. blueblood70

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    true fans dont jump ship..see around the league bad teams have fans that still attend games and cheer on their team.. sure some wear bags on their head or carry signs wanting change,, but you can never be fan and then not be fan..

    we call that riding the bandwagon and those fans can take a walk,, Buh BYE!
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  2. Big_D

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    They already stole it. Nothing is the same.
  3. lukin2006

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  4. Big_D

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    bad teams don't keep bad coaches this long. it's ridiculous.
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  5. Rockport

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    Unless you’re a bangwagoner fan of course you’re a fan.
  6. Rockport

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    And this board is overrun with them.
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  7. blueblood70

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    hes actually not BAD hes simply not great.. hes won far too many divisions and games to be called sux or bad..its exaggeration at its finest.. yes change is needed BUT lets get real, bad coaches dont have winning records and make the playoffs..

    sorry yes JG has ran its course but he and zimmer have the exact same record prior to sunday over the same time period and JG has one more playoff win..hes also destroyed the NFCE and has been beating up Pederson who has a SB win.. I mean seriously he has the 2nd most wins outside of NE..

    the issue is hes not getting it done in the playoffs and that where we are at..

    sorry hes not anywhere close to bad..the entire staff needs to go so we can have fresh start but that doesnt mean we will be better fbeofr we are worse..
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  8. johneric8

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    The boys are my NFL football team, but the only real entertainment I get out of them is more akin to watching a Ripley's believe it or not episode. I'm 100% done in regards to taking the organization seriously and I'm also finished with any sort of pride for the organization. The most engaging part of watching them now is how they handle the imenent implosion.
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  9. Jake

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    I'm already less interested. Jerry has turned the Cowboys into an internet meme.

    A new coach would provide some hope. Probably false hope, but at least it'd be something.
  10. Big_D

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    There's talent here. It's not an exaggeration. He sucks he had no experience the day he was hired and it's still a problem. You go into every season with hope and with him here there is none. They're not ever winning a championship with Jason Garrett. You can line Jerry's pockets and turn a blind eye to it and pretend experience means absolutely nothing. This team has underachieved. Regular season wins somehow never translate to post season wins.
  11. Big_D

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    You weren't watching Sunday? How many stupidazz calls you have to see in 10 years? He has way too many to count under his belt. The guy can't manage a clock and since his only job is to manage the game, he pretty much sucks at it. Not an Xs and Os coach? Had every job taken away. His own players even said it. we've heard that countless times. Shouldn't all coaches be good in Xs and Os? That's what they're supposed to do. Garrett is a waste of time and space. Like I said before, hope springs eternal every September and that's officially gone with him here.
  12. Aikmaniac

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    Of course I'll be a fan still, however my apathy will achieve another level.
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  13. EGTuna

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    Pretty much nailed it.
  14. TexasFrog

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    Been a fan since 1975 and will always be a fan. Sadly though I went from a guy who lived and died by every Cowboy weekend to just sad...and was even incredibly passionate about them with Campo, etc. Garrett has taken the joy out of me. I still cheer hard but after a loss I just kind of shrug knowing nothing much will change. In the past I KNEW something would change. Now I hear the Jones family talk and it really is depressing how stupid he takes the fanbase to be. This season will be a microcosm of what is wrong...last weeks game was horrible and people are calling for Garrett's head..he has no contract...should I get excited? because they will do just enough to keep Jerry in on his guy and off we go. I went to the playoff game in LA last year and had a blast but then after the loss our group kind of just went about our business knowing there wasn't much to say.
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  15. Miguelitomama

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    I have been a Cowboy fan since Don Meredith was QB and they played in the Cotton Bowl. But years of Garrett's conservative approach and an inability to win with a team that has this much talent has just made me angry. According to many algorithms, this team has a very limited chance of making the playoffs. As for this season, the team would have to pull of victories against the Bears and the Patriots to restore my faith. And I just don't see that happening.

    Fire Garrett and put Jerry in a corner with his Johnny Walker Blue and a big rib eye so that he's too occupied to make player/strategy decisions.
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  16. kevm3

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    Fan yes, but there's a high possibility I stop spending time on Sunday tuning in.
  17. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    I did not know that fan membership has an expiration date
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  18. gimmesix

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    If you are not a fan of the Cowboys in 2020, I don't think you are a fan of the Cowboys now. You're only a fan of winning.

    Now, all of us like to win, but a Cowboys fan backs his team through thick and thin even if he doesn't like what the team is choosing to do. Bandwagon fans jump on when things are going well and jump off when they are not.

    As America's Team, the Cowboys have a lot of bandwagon fans.
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  19. Elusiv1

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    Oh without a doubt! I've been a fan since SuperBowl 12 l!! Dallas Cowboys through and through baby!.
  20. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

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    This isn't true. you go into every new season with hope. And when that's gone, what do you got? Just a shell of what being a fan used to mean.

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