CZ POLL Are you happy with Dak Prescott as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys this season?

Are you happy with Dak Prescott as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys this season?

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Have the mods discussed the possibility of a Dak mega thread?

I think for the overall health of the board, putting it all in one place would be beneficial.

All of these threads end up with the same arguments. Typically a dozen times in the same thread.

Right now, there are TEN Dak threads on the front page.

An even better idea would be a QB sub forum where all Dak threads could live. That way we wouldn’t be bombarded by it every time we hit the Fan Zone.
Foot traffic makes more money for the cash recipient of this forum

If every thread can include comments on the quarterback, foot traffic remains high

Limiting posts about the Qb to just one thread decreases foot traffic

Decreased foot traffic means less money made from ads

He knows what he’s doing.


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yeah, I would hate to stick my neck out and draft a guy who can't win the big games like dak, but hey, what would be the difference?
No matter how many times you keep repeating it, the comfort level of many CZ fans will be the same as Jerry.
Which is it is totally okay to be just good enough, relevant or able to "make the playoffs."

Now when your QB automatically puts your team at a gameday playoff team disadvantage by his performance, then true reality begins to set in.
How did Jerry say it last year prior to that SF loss?
What position did he feel most confident in and think the team had the advantage at?

Yeah, I guess it will take this year's ONE MORE QB playoff stinker to convince them...

I hear they're thinkin' on changing the name to instead of Dallas, it will be Dak's DivisionLoss Cowboys!

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