CZ POLL Are you happy with Dak Prescott as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys?

Are you happy with Dak Prescott as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys?

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Gangsta Spanksta

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Reality, this is just dumb. I mean out and out dumb.
No idea what you are doing here with this.
Dak has been here 8 years.
This poll and people switching votes weekly are just doing bits at this point and it is a shame you are driving it.
People switching their votes weekly points that the same problem that was around when Romo was is still here. The Cowboys including their Quarterback are inconsistent.


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Most of the fans seriously opposed to Dak typically advocate for a tanking strategy, either intentional or unintentional. They would find any QB on a cheap deal or draft whatever they could given our position and then just start a rebuild.

And they’d be willing to do this for years … as long as it took … cycling in new QBs until we strike gold and find a potentially elite one. Then, and only then, would they agree to start building a good team again.

Having elite talent at other positions is often seen as a waste of time and money. Better to trade those people away to further strive for a way to draft a truly elite prospect.

It’s a bit like Madden.

You’re in one of three spots
  • Tanking and keeping your powder dry, stockpiling resources
  • You’ve found your QB and are building a can’t miss dynasty
  • Winning championships, dynasty is becoming a reality but ready to start over as soon as decline is imminent.
Like Madden? :laugh:


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Just not going to vote "yes" until after the postseason. Crunch time is the bottom line.


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I honestly believe the Cowboys will win this weekend and I further believe it won’t be close at the end

Why? Who the hell knows? anybody that attempts to use logic in predicting the outcomes of Cowboys game will always be in the red.

They are the Sybil of the NFL much like the Bills and Chargers. They could beat Philly one week and lose to the Panthers the very next…..or win but in a very close game.

Thats why us Cowboys fans should all be under observation by the Psychiatric Community at large
mr Shabazz---fully agree....with should be under Psych community..but they will have to put me in "straight-jacket" with Thorazine...but it wont stop

Cowboys with thorough beatdown of Sheagles....
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