Can The Dallas Cowboys Save The NFL?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by eromeopolk, Feb 12, 2019.

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    NFL has numerous problems. NFL had its lowest Super Bowl rating ever. The NFL had the stand to stand or not to stand National anthem controversy. They had the worst referee calls in NFL history for the regular season and playoffs. They have a minority development problem for Head Coaches in the NFL. Concussion data for youth and high school football shows a negative trend for the NFL. The NFL just had a one team cheat to get to the Super Bowl play another team that has been accused numerous times of cheating to win 6 Super Bowls. This is to name a few of the problems for the US no.1 sport.

    The NFL needs the Dallas Cowboys to win and win big in 2019. During the growth of the NFL, which was the 70's and 90's, the Dallas Cowboys were dominating with 5 Super Bowl appearances in the 70's and 3 in 4 years in the 90's. They played in numerous consecutive playoff games and NFC Championship games. Tex Schramm had a world vision for the Dallas Cowboys when the NFL was focused on getting close to baseball. Then Owner Jerry Jones used the resurgence of Dallas Cowboys of the 90's to market the team through TV and digital media worldwide. "America's Team" marketing by Tex and Jerry Jones has now worked for over 40 years.

    The NFL does not need for only ratings to improve. It need ratings with "America's Team" stories to improve the NFL's image. The NFL needs the Dallas Cowboys to save them from themselves. The NFL with all of its negative press would love for the Dak Prescott story to be told during the pregame of the Super Bowl; how the Wolf Hunter howled his way to the Super Bowl; the devastating knee injury and return to football by Jaylon Smith; Travis Fredrick overcoming autoimmune disease; the Bosie State Cowboy Connection; the Garrett and Jones family ties; Dak Zeke and Coooooper comparison with the original "Triplets", or Randy Gregory journey from personal self inflicted disaster to the Super Bowl are all salivating positive stories that the NFL needs bad. The good news is that the NFL knows this, wants this, and needs this to happen.

    So it is now in Jerry Jones hands to send the Dallas Cowboys to save the NFL. Will Jones get the FS, TE, and DT to do just that and get the Cowboys to a Super Bowl in spite of Jason Garrett? Is Kellen Moore the savior and next Tom Landry Jason Garrett was supposed to be for the Cowboys? Can Jones get the youngest team in the NFL to the Super Bowl like Jimmy Johnson did in 1992?

    If not, the NFL is in trouble.
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    Lol...NFL will continue with or without the Cowboys lol.
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    The Cowboys winning the Super Bowl doesn't fix any of those issues you mentioned.

    But I'm on board for it :)
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    I'm disappointed that this isn't WillFreedom thread :lmao2:
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    Are the Cowboys the most profitable sports team on the planet?
  6. Risen Star

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    Who's the Mayor in Fantasy Land?
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    You act like the Cowboys are going to come in riding a white horse and save the day. If you haven’t noticed the Cowboys ain’t haven’t won anything in the past 20 some odd years and the NFL got bigger than ever. Yes the NFL has problems but none are solved by the Cowboys winning. There are great story lines on all 32 teams.

    The NFL needs someone in the both that can call down to the field to help the refs out. I don’t see how JG a white coach helps the minority coaching problems especially when you look at the top of the staff outside of Kris pretty much white. Concussion they are developing new helmets but at the end of the day it’s a dangerous sport. I don’t think the Rams cheated it was a blown call happen before will happen again. It was a bad SB for average to casual fans cause of a strong D on both sides so they tuned out.
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    when a league falls.....
    :starspin:COWBOYS RISE:starspin:
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    NFL is in "trouble" due to concussions and the issues that come with that. Even with that they'll be fine.

    Dallas could not win in the next 10 years and the NFL will still make billions and higher profits every year. The Jones gang will still make millions and have the #1 rated sports franchise in the world.
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  10. Jake

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    Not even close, unless the first Super Bowl was played in 2009.

    It was a boring game with a lousy halftime show and still had almost 100 million viewers.
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    The NFL is more in line with screwing the Cowboys than setting them up for a Super Bowl .
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    No way it could be, it took until the 3rd paragraph to talk about Dak. That's about 2 paragraphs too late.
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    Are they?
  14. BoltsNHorns

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    I'm still green around the ears here but I'm learning quickly! Probably faster than Jason Garrett coaching.
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    Fake News...

    10 years is hardy ever...
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    We pretty much do that every year.
  17. Bobhaze

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    The NFL’s multiple problems are not fixable solely by a 76 year old egomaniac riding a white horse with a star on it to the rescue in a SB. Jerry himself is actually one of the NFL’s problems. His nepotism and lack of respect for real coaching is not helping the league’s perceptions by millennials that the NFL being run by a bunch of greedy, old, out of touch billionaires who care less and less about fans or its own integrity.
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    Lol. Our Cowboys can't even save themselves let alone the NFL. But, there is a very simple solution to both. FIRE GOODELL & GARRETT!
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    Its true. Let me know when it starts producing championships. They better hurry, though. I'm 53 and don't have the patience to wait another 30 years for Garrett's OJT to end and start amounting to something.
  20. daboyzruleperiod

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