Can we move on from Marinelli?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Big_D, Sep 14, 2019.

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    And I am giving them a couple of more games to get a handle on this. The play was so sloppy from most teams that it is hard to evaluate. This is the new norm, the first game is an extended preseason game.

    17 points seems to be the threshold but that was an offense with only two weapons and they didn't do a good job of handling either one of them.

    One thing for sure, Marinelli and Richard have plenty to address going to DC. The D had a bitter taste in their mouth after LA, they did little to make that sweeter in week 1.
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    Attributing yards to points is an outdated philosophy when it comes to defense.

    A lot of defensive systems focus on two schemes .. one for between the 20s and one for 20s and the end zone.

    The reason for this is the system gambles on the offense making a key mistake between the 20s while reducing (not eliminating of course) the chance of giving up the big plays.

    Once the offense gets near the 20 yard line, a lot of defenses switch to a tighter defensive scheme using the short field as extra help.

    The only thing that matters in the NFL is winning and winning comes by outscoring your opponents, not out gaining them in yards.

    In a perfect world, your team will outscore and out gain the other team, but if you have to choose, outscoring matters more obviously.
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    This goes back to that Aaron Rodgers conversion. That was flat out pathetic!! then follow that up with one of the worst defensive stat lines in playoff history!! Both are sad and comes down to long standing defensive philosophies! Moore will make that difference on offense and it's time for the same on the defensive side. That's my take. Some love riding out this wave of frustration in the name of stability. 7 years and you should be better or expect better.
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    I agree that there is a lot of room for improvement, and you are right that the Giants were limited with their weapons.

    However, if they had additional weapons or the game had been close in the 4th quarter, I am quite sure the Cowboys would have played them differently than they did.

    No matter the team, judging the team by the first game of the season is usually a really bad barometer of how the team will play out the season. That includes assuming the offense will play near-perfect football week after week and dominate defenses, just because they did it in the first game.

    That's why I posted a "Wake Me Up When September Ends" music video in a previous thread because my concern and/or optimism really does not kick in until October once the Cowboys have enough games behind them to create a more realistic evaluation.
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    I think we can. Marinelli will retire soon enough.
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    Not soon enough for me.
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    January 2019. That would've been a good time.
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    Not what I saw. Some act like it was a disaster. NY, IMO is a better team as some suggest. Some are harping about all the yards we allowed but aren't talking about the important stops the defense made. It wasn't elite or even great, but there were a handful of stops that got our offense the ball back. Their last TD was with 2 minutes left. I don't even think it mattered at that point. We also have to look forward to returning players, not to mention Lawrence had surgery not very long ago. When Quinn comes back that will be a plus.
    Either way, it was one game and we put it away.
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    My biggest complaint about RM is drafting "his prototype" D linemen. That's the reason we don't have a Fletcher Cox type stuffer 1 tech. Our DL is generally light and can get pushed around.
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    What are Monte Kiffin or Rob Ryan up to these days?
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    Marinelli can meet those guys in the hot tub! :confused:
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    I am rather positive I heard Troy refer to Richard as the DC. I suspect he has more of a role than us fans realize.
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    That's fine, then commit. Make the full transition. It's the next logical step that should've already been taken.
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    Week 1, a 1-0 record, first team gave up 10 points, and we are ready to fire a coach and talk about downfalls. Really?
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    Couldn’t agree more.
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    It's the first game of the freaking season, jeez, hold your water,,, and the defense has been getting better each year.
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    Did you watch the game Sunday?
    Kris Richard was calling the defensive plays. He was the young guy with the clipboard.

    Marinelli's input is during the week, game planning, and maybe something whispered in Richard's ear on gameday.

    Maybe you didn't know Marinelli gave serious thought to not coming back this year. He was ready to step aside and let Kris Richard have the DC position. I do not know his reasons for coming back. Perhaps he wants a ring? Even if fans were calling for your job and you had a chance to go out a winner, you'd be back.

    Take heart Rod's contract is up this year. He's grown man. He knows Richard is the future DC and he's fully accepted that. Likely he will walk away on his terms. And so would you if you had an inkling of the chance he does.
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    "No, please don't!" -Sean McVay
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    yea ok Pookie
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    That's a visual I would rather not think about!! :omg:
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