Cedric Wilson and that 4th and 4 catch on the game tying drive

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jwooten15, Oct 17, 2021.

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    Once Gallup is cleared to return to play, i'd considered giving Gallup some of Cooper's reps, along with packaging Ceddy W.
    Cooper seems like he is still laboring and trying to gut thru nicks and injuries per ribs, hamstring, etc.

    This could allow all four WRs to still play a part in the game altogether.
    Plus with Gallup returning, and the current presence of Wilson, it's gonna be mean more relief rest for Lamb, Cooper and they will be fresher down the crucial December stretch.
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    i didn't think he did.

    Yeh, he had the botched punt fumble, but that was a heckuva defensive play by Pats DB to rack the ball out vs Wilson in end zone.

    And Ceddy had a terrific deep ball catch that got wiped out by yellow flag :mad:
    - that could've led to another 1st and goal situation..

    Ceddy doesn't seem to drop uncontested balls than Gallup. .and he seems to have made a big play in every single game he's subbed for Gallup.
    He's made his presence and he's really developed well.

    McClay has really struck big on getting this team key reserves - ala Pollard, Schutlz, Steele, Wilson, McGovern. ..as well as Defense.
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    Cedric Wilson is my guy. He didn't play well the whole game but came up big on a couple of plays one was called back but the 4th down catch was HUGE! He is talented and reliable. Unsung hero today in my opinion.
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    Clutch play of the day.
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    Before that, it wasn't his best game. Didn't secure that throw right to him in the end zone. Got to give credit to the DB for dislodging it, but you want the big-boy role got to make the big-boy play. His fourth-down catch was definitely a big-boy play.
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    That catch was tough. Ced is a good football player
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    ... I would sign him, he's proved the worth. Gallup very likely gone.
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    Those Go up and get a ball skillsets are the skillsets that wins games like that one. Btw

    Cedrick Wilson has proven that he can make those "Clutch Plays" in Black and White. He's even completed a couple of passes which is Unique also. Hes gaining more and more confidence and coming up big every week. I didnt see anybody else open who was past the sticks on that 4th and 4 play when I was watching his CATCH highlight over and over. Lol. JS.

    We can use up to 5 wrs on any given play if we want too.

    We can line up Dak at qb w Lamb, Gallop, Cooper, Wilson, and Brown if we want too.

    Noah Brown can line up as the TE and Prolly get Better Results on certain downs and distances. Id give him a shot.

    Thats prolly not something we would want to do often but that is our top 5 receiving threats on this team imo.

    That's alot of Secret Sauce and just one of the formations I'd like to see on occasion. Especially down in the Red Zone.

    We've been seeing alot more 4-5 wr formations in the NFL lately on certain downs and distances with the new receiving hit rules.

    Especially when you have a QB who can Scramble well and you have all of these jet sweeps.

    If we substituted Pollard for Wilson or Brown I'd like to see that too. Just to have his speed on the edge.

    And I'd like to see some dual RB formations w Zeke and Pollard.

    There's just alot of Speed and talented skillsets to rotate in and out at the Wr and RB Positions and I would like to see more integration and rotation.

    I'd be rotating fresh skilled players at the Wr and RB Positions

    Esp in the Red Zone where the Go up and Get a Ball Te Skillsets come in handy but are Lacking. Lmao
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