Dak’s dog could receive death penalty

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by SoupcanSam, Mar 8, 2019.

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    Watched Outbreak too many times. I would be scared to death of a Monkey bite!
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    " oh,,, she never cried when ol' yeller died, she wasn't washed in the blood of the lamb,,,she wouldn't stand up fer' the star spangled banner& she wasn't a John Wayne fan"
    that's either a verse outta' a Confederate RailRoad or Kentucky HeadHunters song,,,I can't recall presently:starspin:
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    What is the exact date Prescott's dog was put in quarantine? I believe each human day equals seven dog days. The quarantine was announced as 10 days in length.That would be 70 in dog days. Almost 2 1/2 months is a long time to be on death row.
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    Bottom line is if a dog bites someone the dog is going to be put down. If it's an aggressive breed, even more so.

    Unless the person is trying to do the owner bodily harm or maybe breaking into Dak's house, the dog is gonna lose....every time. Dak's probably gonna get sued in the process if the lady really lost an appendage.
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    All things considered, death by lethal injection is a kinder fate than what Dog received in Big Jake.

    Machete. Nasty.
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    I have an aunt who has been bitten many times by dogs she encounters while out walking. She has always had an irrational fear of all dogs. She is also the type of person who likes to be in control of every situation and if you don't get with her program then you better get out of the way. Her reaction to any dog she encounters is to show both fear and aggression with her facial expression her tone and her body language. She doesn't realize that she is literally challenging these dogs and inciting fear and aggression. Can't tell her anything though.

    I worked with a women who had a standard poodle. No kids so the dog was her baby. She told me he was a great dog but for some reason he didn't like men at all. She would cross the street to avoid walking by a man with the dog. I chuckled to myself when she told me that because I pegged her early on as some who didn't like men. Big girl, tough childhood getting picked on etc.

    One day her husband was stopping by and had the dog so I asked if I could meet him. She said ok but warned me again that he really didn't like men. We walked outside together just as the husband was getting the dog out of the car. Dog slips past the husband before he could get the leash on and runs up to mom. Comes over to me an I "say hello" and am scratching his ears to his great pleasure while her and her husband are looking at each other like they can't believe what they are seeing.

    I never said anything to her about it but I hope that she realized that her dog's hatred of men had nothing to do with its personality and everything to do with HER attitude and reaction towards strange men. She was relaxed with me so the dog was too. Go figure.....
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    You found 1 incident of a labrador biting a child and the child dying in the entire world. You have to travel to south africa of all places to pull this one up. And by reading the story you would have noticed the dog didnt maul the boy to death. The dog simply bit the child and severed an artery which led to the child bleeding to death. While very sad this is a poor example of what you pretended existed. Every dog is capable to a defensive snap or a fear bite. Every breed is capable of having some food aggressive samples. Not every breed is ripping humans apart. Especially with the frequency that Pit Bulls do. What are you going to show me next? A poodle that ran in front of a car, causing the car to swerve and killing the driver of the car?
    I saw a story once about a cocker spaniel being blamed for a deadly attack. But seriously?

    It appears you are being willfully ignorant.

    Since you are so educated and search savvy I am sure you have already seen this.
    Here is a list of people killed in 2018 and the breed of the dogs that killed them. Funny how many people were killed by Pit Bulls isnt it? Coincidence I guess.

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    You keep stating this woman broke up a dog fight. It was a dog attack not a fight. If I walk up to a little girl and start punching her is this a fight? No its an attack.
    Then you keep stating she expected to not get bit. Where does it say she expected to not get bit? I'm sure she knew the risk the risk were worth taking. I ran at a Cane Corso a few month ago at a public park because it decided to grown and launch at my dog. Of course that dog would have tore me up but I would do it again if the situation arose. Just as I would for my children. No time to run and get guns. By the time you retrieved the gun from the gun locker your dogs intestines would be pouring all over the yard......I've seen it before unfortunately.

    The bottom line is countries like the UK ban certain aggressive dog breeds for a reason. They are a public safety issue.
    But here in good ole MERICA we can have anything. You will always find someone trying to make an excuse and blame everything but the clear and obvious problem.
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    When a player's pit bull getting gassed is the top Cowboys news with free agency going on, you know things are going well.
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    That's pretty cool,man& funny too:lmao:

    * sometimes, I'll raise my lips & snarl at dogs bearing my teeth while making direct eye contact with them ,some run away,some hunker down& some raise their lips ,bear fangs& snarl back, it's funny, as I always wondered what BLITZ was thinking the first time it saw Lucky running around the house wearing that mouthpiece with all the big fangs painted on it:lmao:

    *I was last bitten by a dog just two weeks ago today, by my neighbor ladies little black&white yapping pooper machine, as Mondays are trash pickup& I wheeled them out to the street, her& the red head from across the street wanted to pow-wow for awhile ,so I told Joyce to hand me her little yapper dog over the fence,( as I'd been slinging small fistfuls of pea-gravel at it for the last couple of months cuz' it was ( till the pea- gravel started flying) running out the doggie flap hatch yapping at me every time it would hear me out in the yard,,,anyway that little bass turd tagged me on the finger nail tip end of my right index finger with its bone crunching back jaw teeth,ha! I've still got a round blood tattoo the size of a B-B under that fingernail dead center in the middle,,, again, that's all 100% my faulto_O

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    Dak needs to stick to fish.

    Piranhas maybe..

    but at least he will know where they are at all times.

    I once kept tropical marine fish.

    Had an octopus and a leopard shark in a 100 gal. tank. They were both pretty small.

    I trained the octopus to come to the surface and he wound grab a piece of shimp.

    We would play tug of war over it and he would win and run down to a little cave I built for him and eat.

    This was all fun a games until one day I came home an the octopus had my shark in a death grip.

    The freaking shark cost me like $100 at the time.

    Nothing I could do becuz I loved my octi.

    But you just never know with an animal.

    It will revert to its base behavior in some situations.


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    Yer' pretty well rounded out in the varied paths of travel yerself there Bro!
    Jimi left us way to early in the journey,ya know? I think there was a thread either here on this forum or some other site talkin' about the curse of the 27 y.o.

    I was checking out the
    " whatever happened to Johnny Horton " video & while I believe he'd gone country at around age 35, he' d had an overwhelming dread of being taken outta' life's game. By a drunk driver, it was more than a premonition, man!,,,it was like he KNEW it was gonna happen/ foregone conclusion,,,, that's some pretty high strangeness right there,huh?
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    Man ,I've heard those saltwater tanks are like 3x's the work& expense in operations & maintenance
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    You and I get into some great conversations for a football site, huh?

    I am unfamiliar with Horton..I will research.

    Me..I know longer fear death.

    4 years ago when I was in the hospital for 6 months with a brain stroke..

    they had me on so much med they could not get it balenced.

    I knew none of this at the time..I was pretty out of it.

    So one day I have this dream in the hospital bed.

    I dream I am going down this long corridor..white light..white walls white floor.

    I get to the end and there is this set of double swinging doors.

    I go thru and enter a huge room with about 100 people in it and they all start talking to me at once.

    I hold up my hand and ask them to stop talking as I can'not understand them.

    They do and my grandmother comes out of the group and she says to me..

    "Tim you can not stay here...you must go back. It's not your time."

    And I say " Grandmom..But I do not want to go back. Everybody is here. I want to stay here."

    I see my mom and dad there, my older brother..other people who know me but I do not recognize them.

    With that..I wake back up in my bed in the hospital.

    A few days later I remember the dream.

    I think about what my grandmother said..

    You must go back it's not your time.

    I had to think this out.

    I came to the conclusion that my mind was grappling with my situation and I must have been giving up with the situation.

    But I recovered when my grandmother confronted me with not offering me a choice.

    I then began to recover and eventually got out of the hospital and restarted my life.

    So death does not trouble me.

    I know there is a place where I will go but I had to improve who I was and earn the right to go there.

    So now I am a way better person than I ever was before.

    I do not let stuff bother me anymore. There are just bigger and more important things to be concerned with than day to day BS.

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    They can be, especially a reef tank. I used to have a 200 gal. saltwater fish only tank and starting it took some work and money, but after it was established it didn't take much more effort than a freshwater tank. I went to college on the coast and had a saltwater tank and cost next to nothing, all the rocks, water, fish and critters, I scavenged, caught or collected myself.
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    Well you said there was none .... I was just proving you wrong , as you said no 4 year old. Why should I waste my time more when thats all it took? We can go for all ages not just 4 , we can do States, countries which ever please. But I will tell you this now, maybe save you embarrassment a 3rd time. I have facts to back what I am saying. You can hate them, disagree, cry, yell but it wont change there FACTS. Do you believe everything you see on the news or read newspapers? You can read right , I don't mean to assume I forget these days all you have to do these days is talk into your phone.

    It's funny on your little tirades you make things worse for yourself. Cocker Spaniels are one of the meanest dogs and aggressive. Lucky they really are not big enough to hurt HUMANS although there is one case. Poodles, there sadly is a few cases , plus they are another very aggressive breed because of how territorial they are. Smaller dogs are actually the worse ..... just ask the family that lost there 6 week old baby to a 4 lb Pomeranian. I really dont think you get it , or even my stance on the subject ....

    Ive stated it it ones of the threads ..... You realize how broad a statement Pitbulls is ? SOOOOO many dogs lumped into. TO the point some vets even argue when these dogs are brought in. Check out DNA testing and True American Pitbull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, American Bullys and Bull Terriers compared to dogs brought in for attacks. Ive already listed the dogs that people lump in , its over 30 .

    Dogs and certain breeds are just like any other thing in the world. Some people are fine owning them and responsible, while others are not and shopuld not. Just like Driving a car .... Do we ban cars ? Ban booze ? Same goes for construction, painting, military, fry cook .... ect ect Its not different then other controversial things in the world or things that media loves to feed to sheep. Here is another one for you , 1970s came along and the media teamed up with the people to try and quelch dog fighting. SO this attack started way back then and failed. Other dogs were targets prior .... it was a backfire the media and groups involved never came out to fix.
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    It is.

    Frequent water changes, checking chemistry..

    I had a special filter in addition to the basic filter system.

    You needed it to remove food particles that otherwise decompose and drive up the toxic levels.

    But the fish were very beautiful.

    Friends would come by and just sit and watch them play back and forth.

    I finally moved from Texas to Florida and gave it all to a friend who wanted to do it.

    So it's not for everybody.


    I have two siameses fighting fish now.

    Easy pese.

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    this is 100% spot on. People will either just not get it , or not even read do to its length.

    My dogs are very very different when I walk them vs when my wife walks them . They are even worse if one of my kids are with her. They are very protective of them and do not want strangers near them. Now when Im with the dogs they are relaxed and want to stop and beg attention from anyone that crosses their path. Dogs have great senses and feed off there owners or people around them. They sense fear, anger, sadness and will act accordingly.
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    I was once walking my German Shepherd along a trail, with a friend and his pit bull. Every time my dog would pick up a stick, the pit bull would attack him, going for the throat. My dog wasn't a confrontational boy, so he'd just turn and walk away each time, and let the pit have the stick. After about the 8th or 9th time, the pit came up out of the blue and started sniffing my dog's face. It was obviously an aggressive move, and my dog bared his teeth. The pit attacked him again, but this time my dog grabbed her by the head and opened her up in 5 places.

    That stopped the attacks.......for about 10 minutes.
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