Do people really believe there is a better option than Dak this year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by VaqueroTD, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Especially as this looks a good QB class
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    It is a pipe dream but I would see if Cincy would take him in a trade for the number 1 overall. Dak plus 2 1's for Burrow, I would be down. To bad we will give Dak 36-38 mil though.
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  3. Swagger

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    I have no interest in guys like Case Keenum. Zero upside over Prescott. Similar ability with their arms and no scope to improve.

    Easy decision really.

    Draft a QB in first or second round and get what we can for Prescott.

    We save 30 million dollars.

    Blow our nose and move on.
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    To me,
    As I have mentioned in the past, lt all boils down to if the 3 headed monster of the organization are all doing their jobs well.

    The GM, HC and QB need to be setting the example in the performance of their duties.
    Without mentioning the GMs you have Hoodie and Belicheck as the given platinum level QB HC success formula combo.

    But there are others who have performed at championship contending levels as well just not as fortunate as the Pats platinum level success. This is the standard that I had and always will expect of the Cowboys organization but when the foundational pieces are the obstacle to overcome, you will NEVER overcome those odds and be stuck in a purgatory type existence. These are your Dallas Cowboys.

    Of course the Patriots are the shining example outlier to consider as their GM, HC and QB combos have performed at a championship contending level for a sustained period of time regardless of QB contract amount or roster turnover considerations.
    But my point is with the several other teams who, while not achieving Patriot type success, have been legitimately in the hunt for a decent amount of time.

    Tomlin with Big Ben. Carroll with Russ,. Harbaugh with Flacco and now even Jackson. McCarthy with Rodgers. Possibly now Reid with Mahommes.(altho Reid had won with Smith too.)
    My point being all these GM, HC and QB combos performed at a championship contending level for a sustained period of time in the not so distant past.
    IT CAN BE DONE. Just not with the current cast of characters in their current jobs with the Dallas Cowboys. The GM, HC and QB have to be consistently good at their jobs. With the exception of Flacco, these aforementioned combos are all elite QBs with elite coaches and non meddling Owner/so called GM types.

    The Cowboys organization has lacked ALL 3 being good at their jobs at the same time for 25 years. That has been and will continue to be my opinion on the inability to win. The same situation STILL applies to this day.
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  5. Bigdog

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    No one will give Dak 40 million a year. I have said it over and over, I like Dak but to be paid more than 5 million than the highest paid player who has been to 2 Super Bowls and have won one of them where Dak can’t even get past the division round is absolutely insane.
  6. charron

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    It's not always about better options. It's about talent acquisition and cost of replacement. Why pay Dak elite money when he isn't elite? You can get similar production for cheaper and he is proof. He's a 4th round comp pick who got the starting job due to injury not talent. We've built an offense that is designed to dominate with average QB play.
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  7. Flamma

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    If you were the owner of the Bengals would you even consider that? And Dak isn't going to want Nick Foles money.
  8. Aviano90

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    Why are you on board with this philosophy now, while fighting against it the past 4 years with Dak?
  9. Flamma

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    I agree. Dallas would be able to resign pretty much any UFA they want to keep. Then pick up Love or Eason in the draft. What would be the risk? After the anomaly that was 2016 the Cowboys have been slightly above average. I think the higher risk is paying this QB and losing some key free agents.
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    Well they can expect offers like that because they have said they would entertain offers to trade out of it. So.... no I dont think they would but I would propose before I broke the bank to pay Dak.
  11. Flamma

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    Then they should have specified serious offers. But I would think that would be a given.

    They need a QB and they're sitting at #1 with one of the best QB prospects since Andrew Luck waiting to be drafted. If I'm the owner of the Bengals I'm looking for an offer I can't refuse. That would come from teams that are drafting top 7 so that I could at least draft a QB. The Cowboys don't have the draft capital or players to move up to #1.
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  12. GMO415

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    Dak finished 5th in the MVP votes, yet 70% of the fans in here think he'd garbage.

    Pay the man his $36-38 and let's win a SB. Enough with the dumb shhhh.
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  13. Patrick

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    There's some people who think Cooper Rush is better than Dak.
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  14. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Exactly. Dak is just good enough to eat your cap and also keep you from drafting top ten.

    This roster is gonna suck the next few years
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  15. phildadon86

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    And there is a reason you’re a fan and not an nfl scout or GM and are posting angry from your corner because you probably played high school football and failed. People love to sit here and bash Dak. Meanwhile he has done nothing but be a leader and an example of a human being we can all strive to be in life. He played at a brutal salary for the last 4 years and now wants more and people are upset and say he’s garbage?

    Y’all need to look at the whole body of work and incorporate the fact he was forced to play Romo ball when he isn’t and never has been a pocket passer. Garrett refused to change his scheme to fit his QB. Something MM said in his first 3 sentences as the HC was the scheme will be tailored to fit Dak. Not the other way around.

    I can’t wait to see how many of the Dak haters on this blog change their tune next year (myself included if he fails under MM) because all of you are so entrenched in your agenda you won’t even admit you were wrong if he succeeds.
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  16. CowboyRoy

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    No big deal...….Its just the same pathetic trolls regurgitating the same tired threads week after week.

    Dak isn't going anywhere for the next 5 years at least. Just laugh and move on.
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  17. CowboyRoy

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    He already has proven them all dead wrong. These same fools were calling Dak a backup a few years ago. Then they called him average. All have been proven dead wrong along with 20 other dumb things they have said.
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  18. black label

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  19. Gangsta Spanksta

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    well what about the Dakaholics "It Factor" and "Clutch" crap? Isn't it just as laughable?
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  20. Swagger

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    I have always advocated that the team make use of a QB on a rookie deal, countless posts on this forum in the past.

    I do not rate Prescott as an elite QB or a player that can carry a team. I do not value him on the same level as others on this forum who seem to regard him as Tom Brady 2.0.

    He is far more like Andy Dalton, a QB that a team can win a Superbowl with if he isn't being paid like the top QB in the league so that the team can carry him in other areas.

    How many teams have won the Superbowl by paying a QB top money who isn't worth top money over the last ten years? Nobody, maybe Eli Manning in 2011 but I don't think he was making elite money or was he?

    Point is, history has shown that it just doesn't happen yet we are likely going down that painful avenue.

    All I care about is winning a Superbowl, I do not care who the QB is, I just want the team to have the best chance of reaching that objective.

    Do you think paying Prescott circa $40 million a season will help us reach the big dance...

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