Draft= home run

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys1fan, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. Bowdown27

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    Couldn’t agree more. This draft went so well that everyone is shocked these guys fell into our laps
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  2. TheSkaven

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    Let’s see how this turns out, but it could end being better than the famed 2016 draft. The Cowboys didn’t reach at any position, it was BPA up and down even into the later rounds. Now go out and sign Benito Jones, Kekoa Nawahine and Hunter Bryant. They only had 7 picks but I would have liked them to address tight end and safety.

    They’re already significantly better but if they go out and make these signings, I think it could be the best draft class in decades.
  3. ESisback

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    Lindy’s has a predraft Top 100 players list. Our first five picks were in the first 62!
  4. JoeKing

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    A+ draft. It went better than I ever anticipated. My hat is off to JerryJones and his FO. Coach McCarthy, I can't help but think it was your influence that made this draft so much better. Congratulations to all of you. :clap:
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  5. Longboysfan

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    One of the best since Jimmy ran the drafts.
  6. 31RoyW31

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    He was probably able to concentrate better without all the annoying clapping in his ear.
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  7. davidariust24

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    We got lucky. Everything seemed to fall to us at the right time starting with the Lamb pick. The Biadasz and Anae picks were truly shocking.
  8. Cowboys1fan

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    biadaz was mocked as a first rounder prior to this season. Injuries pushed him down
  9. Cowboys1fan

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    Tfred biggest knock in draft was he was slow and immobile
  10. cityochamps

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    thats difference between a mediocre coaches and a very good coaches input in the draft
  11. plasticman

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    I dont understand how this draft was any indication that Garrett's firing was justified. When it comes to HC's, their record pretty much determines this. The firing was more about a performance issue. The team culture did not emphasize an urgency and increased level of performance in the 4th quarter of close games

    Ironically, many here were insisting that Garrett had very limited participation in choosing the players, it was McCoy and the Joneses.

    Now that the team underachieved, the narrative had been switched to Garrett being a 21st century Ceasar whose authoritarian grip on the franchise has been dealt with.

    I'm pretty sure the truth is somewhere closer to the middle.
  12. Furboy

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    Agreed! I really like all of our picks. We did well.
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  13. daboyzruleperiod

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    "Draft= home run"
    Homerun? Honey this draft was a grand slam. Did you know the last time Dallas drafted a wide receiver this early, they went on to win three Super Bowls. [​IMG]
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  14. ESisback

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    We MAY have 2 or 3 impact starters in the first year! Surely 4 within 3!

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