Eddie George on Zeke's frustrations

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Redball Express

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    If this keeps up..

    Zeke will not resign with us.

    Book it.
  2. DBOY3141

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    Look at the deal OBJ signed. Giants offense is lousy and Eli has about 2 years left. Players follow the money...period. Zeke will sign with whomever gives him the most money. We would be 0-16 for 3 straight years and he would sign.
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  3. CF74

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    **Insert* Well Bye *Here**

    And don’t get me wrong Zeke has Walter Payton Type Potential here, he can go anywhere and we might let him test the waters, we hold all the cards, we are still Jerry’s World aka, The DC...
  4. Thomas82

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    Hopefully we get these things addressed so we can keep Zeke.
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  5. Vanilla2

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    And this matters why?

    The 90’s are over. Let’s get us a high flying offense with an alpha wide receiver and a an that can handle that strength.

    Did I do it right?
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  6. Praxit

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    One thing that has a undertone not said. Is that Zeke loves attention. Cowboys are Vegas of the NFL. So that could also be a deciding factor staying or leaving.
  7. Batman1980

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    Zeke is too inconsistent for the draft pick we gave up to get him, so bye.
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  8. JeffInDC

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    Inconsistent? In 30 career games, Zeke has been held to less than 70 yards 4 times.......................4 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On what planet is that inconsistent?
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  9. Batman1980

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    I just don't see top 5 talent consistently since 2016 when he takes the field. Yes he's good most of the time but you don't spend a top 5 pick for good most of the time. You do it for a franchise cornerstone that will will your team to wins. Zeke hasn't done that consistently since 2016.
  10. DakPresgoat

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    Do you watch the other All pro RB’s around the league? Zeke is as consistent and helps the team win as much as any of them.

    I think your beef is with taking a RB #4 overall period. That’s an argument to be made. But Zeke is as good as it gets for a RB. You realistically can’t ask for much more, production wise.
  11. sacase

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    Rushing leader as a rookie. Was 10th last year even with a six game suspension. Looks like he will be the rushing leader again. He could have been the rushing leader his first three years. What more do you want? People like you just look for obscure ways to try to be unique when you really aren't.
  12. big dog cowboy

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  13. Batman1980

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    Uh, more 100 yard games, more consistent catching the ball, paying better attention to where you are on the field, more TDs for an offense that simply can't score.
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  14. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Why would any great player want to come here?
  15. Batman1980

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    I'd let him go. He's obviously frustrated and a lot of that is probably how bad the team has been since 2016. He's going to get a massive payday and I hope it's not from us.
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  16. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Well if we're not going to improve the passing game we might as well.
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  17. texbumthelife

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    This is the first I've heard about Zeke being frustrated, honestly. I guess I've.been too focused on what really matters. Like the Skeletor and the Clapping Dandy.
  18. Batman1980

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    I see it on the sidelines in every game. There's also the comment he made about not asking Garrett for more touches. The fact that he felt the need to address it says something.
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  19. PA Cowboy Fan

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    They're wasting Zeke's career too. Stupid FO. He's the only offensive weapon we have. The only good thing for him is that the coaches keep trying to pass themselves to victory. If he wants to compete for anything he has to go somewhere else.
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  20. aria

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    Wouldn’t surprise me, as I’ve said several times, Zeke comes across as an entitled spoiled brat to me who will have a hard time facing adversity. Him and OBJ are two peas in a pod. When he thought he should have been used more at Ohio State, he publicly threw his coach under the bus. When he had a bad game in Denver, he quite on the INT.

    Both him and OBJ have tons of talent but they leave a lot to be desired with their mentality IMO. Right or wrong, they need to shut up and play football. There are several HOF caliber players that don’t/didn’t play under ideal conditions whether it be coaching and/or teammates. Deal with it. I understand they’re competitive and want to win, just as we vent and want to see them win but it they’re not happy and are on the verge of causing a rift in the locker room, adios.

    Go ahead, here comes the hate, I’m used to it.
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