News: ESPN: No freebies: Jason Garrett wants young players to earn playing time

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    Not only that, Witten is so slow off the line is really isn't effective in the blocking scheme. I love the guy and am thankful, but it's time.
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    Jason Garrett also wants hand clapping to become an Olympic event.
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    Playing all the snaps I'm sure helps that too. He misses a lot of reaches he used to make especially on cutoffs
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    I don't think you need to hope.
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    I find it very hypocritical that the guy who didn't earn the job he's currently occupying is requiring his young players to earn playing time in meaningless games.
  6. Cowboy_Shawn

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    I completely agree with this. Some people don't want to hear this but it's time that we move on from Witten. Hopefully they don't feel the urge to sirens another 2nd round pick on a TE. I'd sniff around the TEs with 4th/5th round grades on them.

    The bottom line is we need more athleticism and speed at the TE position.
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  7. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Garrett seems to be channelling his inner Wade Phillips. Incumbents rest easy.
  8. Idgit

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    Doesn't matter. The point isn't how much machismo it should have taken to make the changes. The point is only that you can't fairly dog a guy for being unwilling or unable to make changes when the track record says he made a number of them this season.

    McClain was gifted his position because he's a better player than Hitchens (though Hitchens is a good player). It was understandable that he get a few games to get back into form, and had he not gotten the opportunity, there's a good chance we'd have a different set of problems. Randle was a better player than McFadden, so the switch in his case had to do with his off the field issues, but that's completely relevant and the type of thing any other coach in the league would take into account in the same situation.

    I disagree that Collins ought to have been starting before he did. It was Leary's back injury that put him on the bench, and that's appropriate. Leary was reportedly pushing Collins for his reps again late in the season, which puts a little context around how competitive that position battle actually is.

    And the cuts of White, Michael, and Patmon were all fairly substantial moves in terms of what you normally see in a season. Especially Patmon, who was seeing significant reps. And doing it with another starter in the position group hobbled is a fairly strong sign.

    The QB evaluation stuff is the QB evaluation stuff. We've talked about it plenty already. Obviously, we didn't have a backup QB on the roster who was worth a Tinker's fart, and it hurt us. We still cycled through the options on our roster in that regard, which was the criticism in question.
  9. Alexander

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    Nothing against them. Just funny that those disappear during losses, you know, just how it is pointed out that "realists" disappear during winning times.
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  10. Idgit

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    For the record, it's not people saying 'realists' disappear during winning times. It was just me saying you disappear during win streaks. The 'realists' were actually on board here and posting fairly frequently during that stretch last season. It was fun.

    It only makes sense that people aren't going to spend the time the all-22 reviews take when there's not as much upside to look forward to. It's not really the same thing as having nothing to say when things are going well, at all.

    In any event, if the young players are earning playing time, that's a good thing, and it keeps these next two games interesting, at least. Especially when one of those young players is a QB, where we've had such dismal play all season. Even having that to look forward to is a fairly big deal in my book at this point.
  11. TheDude

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    There are separate but related issues here

    #1. If, I think it is safe to say, everyone agrees the backup QB evaluation and development was a 100% failure. If that position, in which the HC played, coached, etc. was flawed (and has been, why would we immediately assume that every other evaluation and decision is the optimal?
    #2. Why should the decision to go with Randle automatically be assumed he was a better player than McFadden. The Randle situation didnt just "hit them out of nowhere." He was gifted the stating role because of some mop up duty runs. When DeMarco was injured in 2013, there were 3 games Randle got the start as the guy and averaged about 2 yards per carry. So we can assume for arguments sake he was better, I dont know how you keep a guy around who is dumb enough to steal underwear and cologne and then be like "whatevs." As Jimmy said "Hit me in the head with a Hammer if I take another stupid player"
    #3. McClain is another. We can assume he is a better player than Hitchens, but getting the 4 game suspension as icing on 3 retirements should also be a flag. Him playing all but 1 snap coming back in game 1 is just weird. I really liked Wilson's development since McClain has come back, I dont even think he has seen a defensive snap....and this is with some good and really bad games from McClain

    Additionally, I didnt watch every practice, but I have a hard time believing Collins isnt better and a longer term starter than Leary or Free. He was essentially rate higher or as high as Martin yet he isnt one of the 5 best linemen until week 5 or so?

    Michael wasnt a move, he got like what 8 snaps here? White and Patmon, while playing from necessity were btoom churners. This isnt sitting a Witten or Carr or Church or Wilcox. I like and getting the churning of of the bottom, but that isnt really a bold non-NFL- standard move
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  12. Alexander

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    I was trying to be nice and PC. You made it personal and something I was trying to avoid.

    I could have gone all visionary on you, but opted out.

    As long as that is understood going forward, I am fine.

    I have made it abundantly clear. When I am content, I don't see the need to shower the team with praise. That's me. If you do not personally like it, that is your own problem.

    Actually, it kind of is. Look, I don't blame any of the guys.

    That is a ton of work. Free work. And next to no praise capital to make it pay off.

    So I don't blame them.

    I just find it funny you call out inactivity as some kind of indicator of fandom.

    I find it real hard to care too when the team isn't performing well. Just like those uber fans.

    A lot of the posters on this board are bigger fans than you actually appreciate.

    Glad we could have this chat.

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