Garrett’s strengths and weaknesses-Can he improve as a HC?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jul 12, 2019.

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    I think losing Fredbeard and also a early twing another’s knee freaked him out. JJ was never gonna let Elliot take a snap in preseason.
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    My question isn't will he improve but can he improve? He's a smart guy and doesn't operate in a vacuum, whether he admits his shortcomings or not, he is aware of them and maybe they're not correctible? Maybe he subscribes to that "this is who I am, take me or leave me"?

    We all say he's got to get more creative, how in the hell does he do that if he's not creative? He might be so left brained that this is the only way he knows how to do it. When he had to step in with Turner's offense, that wasn't creative at all. It was simple and totally dependent on player execution but he played with the best players of that time is executing plays. All he had to do was execute the plays called. Isn't his offense based on that now and the only curve in that road was his improvisational QB making plays look creative.

    And every time you want to call him out on a play that misfired, ask yourself 'was that the play called or the play executed that failed'? The QB misses a wide open receiver for a TD and some will ask "why'd he call that"? The LG gets shoved into the QB, why'd he call that? The OL isn't opening holes, why is he calling run plays?

    My problem with Garrett's play calling and Linehan executing his play book is all about the lack of tactics when strategy isn't working. Well, that's the same problem with 80%+ of these OC's and HC's calling plays. How many of these HC's or coordinators have you seen that excel at in game adjustments? Damned few. McVay is the boy wonder and he couldn't figure out how to handle Belichick's D.
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    The HC is in a contract year and there's a neophyte OC and you think they're going to risk players in meaningless games?

    It is an even playing field because the other teams will not do that either, no HC is risking his job in pretend games which is why the owners will push to change two to real games because they cannot force their HC's to risk their jobs playing too many starters. Even that 3rd pretend game being the rehearsal isn't that any longer.

    It is a slow start for all of them and it's a real sloppy spectacle on opening weekend.
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    He is what he is.

    After 10 years he’s not fooling anyone but the homers.

    Next Landry they said....
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    After 9 years I don't know how much Garrett can change. He's a trailer not a truck with a quarterback that's a bus driver and a GM that's a speed bump. Heaven Help Us:)
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    You might be right. The fear of backlash from getting a starter hurt in preseason might have played into it as much as the actual fear of losing said starter.

    I see that as a negative in Garrett’s coaching, which a lot of people do: Just doing the conservative move. What is expected.

    He needs to just do what is needed, consequences be damned. Go for it on fourth more. Play young starters because they need it, even if most rest their guys. Be less predictable, etc.

    I know a lot of people say these things, but I’m just saying that even though I don’t hate Garrett like so many do... I still see that he needs to change some things if he wants to take the next step.

    IOW, I still hope that he could be the guy we need, but he will have to adapt and change things that have proven to be a negative. Show us that he’s learning and growing as a coach along the way.
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  7. AsthmaField

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    Sounds like a typical day at the DOT, lol.
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    I don’t think the starters will play a lot, no... however I think they’ll play more than last year when they basically didn’t play at all. EzE, Tyron, etc. probably won’t, but I expect Most to do more than last year, yes.
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    Been in my profession over 20 yrs and I have still yet to hit my celling.
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    Then explain the three 8-8 seasons. You'll say that was then. But I believe it shows what happens when Garrett has less than quality talent. Like it does with most coaches.

    I'll ask you, Bob, the sam thing I have asked this board many times. No one seems to want to ansxwer the question.

    Campo went 5-11 three straight times.

    He had a beat-up Troy Aikman his first year. A rookie Quincy Carter his second. And a first year Qiincy Carter his third.

    Garrett had Romo, who was at the height of his career stats wise. He three for 4100+ in 2011, 4900+ in 2012, and 3900+ in 2013.

    Romo's asser ratings were in the high 90's and one year was over 100.

    Quincy was in the 70's and Aikman was in the 80's.

    My contention and question to you is this.

    The only difference between Garrett and Campo was the QB they had.

    Can youn deny this?
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    Garrett doesn't make excuses? Are you kidding me? Have you ever listen to his post-games? He might not blame injuries or officials, but he absolutely throws players under the bus while NEVER admitting that he simply got outcoached, or he shouldn't have called the timeouts when he did, or that he mismanaged the end of a game (again), or that he made no halftime adjustments (again). We win with the talent we have, and that's it, not with coaching. Best thing I can say is that the team doesn't quit on him.
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    If you're talking about Garrett, he doesn't make the defensive calls. And if you think the problem on that play was with the call, I'm not sure what to tell you. Rodgers had too long to throw, there were missed holds on the play, and they just out-executed the coverage on the catch.
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    Yeah I noticed the going for it on 4th down more changes after JG cost us a game being conservative at the end of one. After that JJ said he would have went for it and suddenly JG goes for it all now. Lol

    Also not playing your starters for at least the first half at the end of the year when your in the playoffs and the game isn’t needed. I think a few of our 1 and done years was because of it. Something he never learns about. We get “rested” and come out flat in the playoffs.
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    Yes. I would deny that, although I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. I think there are more differences between Campo and Garrett than who's playing QB. Dave Campo certainly had a deficient roster, but he's never proven to be much beyond a good position coach. Even at the college level.

    Again, I'm certainly not a fan of Jason Garrett but in my attempt to be objective, he has won division titles with two different QBs in the last 4 years. Like many on here, I was ready for a change in 2017 at Atlanta. But as a Cowboys fan, if I want to stay a fan I have to accept the cards we've been dealt by the most meddlesome owner in pro sports.

    My question in the OP was, "Can Garrett change?" Because if he cannot, I expect a typical Garrett coached team season.
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    Is this yet another Garrett thread by
  16. glimmerman

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    Some of this lays at the feet of our FO also. JJ gave JG on the job training as HC of The Dallas Cowboys.
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    There is a reason no HC in the SB era has won a SB with the team if he has not reached at least a Conf CG in first 4 years

    It is because by then you have ‘learned’ and adapted as much as you can and you have defined who you are and that is who you will be

    We are never wits SB with hard as HC
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    I will be surprised if they play as much. If I am a HC in my contract year, I am not risking a key player and the OC isn't going to game plan at all.
  19. glimmerman

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    Elliot won’t play in preseason. Tyron will be limited. Conners will play we will see a lot of McGovern. I just want to see us have a dress rehearsal in the 3rd game. Last year we never had one.
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    I have a feeling we are about to see "all cards on the table" JG. Moore will probably implement a KC style offense to enhance Dak's skillset.
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