Garrett's 3 year plan

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by rcaldw, Oct 14, 2014.

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    I read that too. And just watching the games it was pretty clear that they were losing the Battle at the LOS most of the time.

    It really started to change last year - so towards that I am thinking Fred and Leary getting comfortable and acclimated to their roles got this thing started.
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    Because sometimes those that cover the Cowboys are just as clueless as anyone else in this forum - See Mike Spagnola or JTT.

    There was never talks of Garrett or Jerry wanting to run the ball more before the start of the 2014 season. Maybe its your so called gurus that are fabricating this story in order to make it plausible, not me. Sometimes happy endings don't ride of into the sunset. They end happily ever after on a different course that was unintended to happen.
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    Mr. Sullivan is not one with a reputation for making stuff up, or stirring the pot. But believe what you wish :)
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    Prior to this year, I read nothing and saw nothing tangible from JG that gave me the impression that this was the plan all along. I think this author gives him way too much credit for creating this line and this system.
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    Yes he's right. So what?

    Does that prove that his 3 year plan was to build an oline so that they can run the ball?
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    This is Jerry's plan,, it may take 25 years for the truth to come out, but make no mistake
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    I think he has wanted balance and the OL gives them the balance they have been looking for along with Murray. Heck Garrett has been talking about Balance since day 1
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    I've been saying for years we lacked the horses up front to run the ball effectively and only thru scheme could we produce at all in the run game. Garrett did a nice job scheming movement but he knew he couldn't run it when the defense was playing run.

    The why isn't he running the ball more crowd didn't know what they were talking about.
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    Maybe it would have been more credible if he would have written this last year. But this year we all know about the oline dominance.

    Mr. Sullivan is doing what ALL media pundits do to become famous. They write about stuff that everyone wants to read about as if they had some sort of inside scope or secret. Its a good story and I don't discount that Garrett had a plan. But running the ball was not the main part of that plan. It was to protect Romo first and foremost.
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    Yes, you have maintained that stance for some time.

    That and your constant desire for more free agent CB's :D
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    If thats the case why didn't he run the ball more last year when Murray was gaining 5 yards a carry? He can talk about balance but there was nothing there to indicate that he was willing to run the ball.

    Were running the ball more because we have a new play caller who is willing to run the ball more.
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    Do you understand situational football? When your offensive line is not where it needs to be you run the ball when you can and you pick your spots so that your back CAN have a high yards per carry. Maybe you should ask another question. Why did Linehan have the reputation for being pass happy before this season? Answer? Personnel. Same reason Garrett did.
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    Success has a thousand parents, and failure is an orphan. I don't know how much credit should be given to Garrett, and I don't really care, this team is growing up together and the confluence of health, maturity, and new young talent especially on the OL has resurrected quality football in Dallas. As long as Garrett plays a positive role moving forward, then good on him and let everyone raise a glass in their own honor, as long as we raise metal on the last game of our season...
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    We had the same personnel last year mind you minus Martin. Murray was gashing the Green Bay defense. So the personnel was there. Yet we abandoned the run. The question is why did we abandon the run?
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    Been discussed already, ad nauseum.

    a. Shouldn't have abandoned the run - coaches make mistakes. Did you know that Denver blew a 24 point lead against New England last year? Same season. Up 24-0 at the half.
    b. Dallas' defense was swiss cheese making the comeback that much easier.
    c. There may have been some other issues as well, that I certainly can't speak to with certainty, such as audibling out of runs

    But none of that has to do with a fundamental commitment to a long term vision for a physical, run heavy football team. In addition, Martin is a pretty big piece to this deal, and Frederick is a year further down the road, along with the rest of the line getting to gel together.
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    • Thing is, the line wasn't all that bad in 2010, Gurode was named to the Pro Bowl, the running game averaged 4.2 yards (15th in the NFL) and they allowed just 31 sacks (11th in the league). And the offense overall scored the seventh-most points in the NFL, while the defense allowed 436, which was second to last in the league. (So the goal wasn't a great OL?:confused:)
    • Yet, Garrett was adamant in what needed to be done (get younger...signing Waters after failed attempt?). For this team to succeed long-term, for this team to compete with the league's elite, they needed another Great Wall of Dallas. Jerry and Stephen Jones agreed, which was significant considering that since buying the team in 1989, the Cowboys hadn't taken an offensive lineman in the first round. (Am glad if JG had the influence for T. Smith, but the rebuild stopped after that first rd. OL is taken? What about the other rounds of the draft...G/C that you just cut?)
    • The first year of the plan saw them release Gurode and Davis while selecting Tyron Smith in the first round of the draft. (Cut a C and G but draft a Tackle? Then sign Waters bc he ended up cutting too much talent?)
    As displayed above, not kosher. If JG wins a playoff game, give him an extension. Don't try to rewrite history (esp with faulty logic) to justify losing 3 consecutive 8-8 do or die games. He would have an extension if not for that ugly statistico_O.
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    I really don't buy Garrett having a master plan.

    How does 3 DCs in three years work into that plan?
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    Its insanity lol. Its anything to discredit Jason Garrett. I know this hurts some fans. Some were already looking for new coaching candidates and now if they keep this up Garrett will be retained. I know I hurts people but its a reality. Garrett is more than likely going nowhere and all the jokes about how he had a "process" is coming to fruition. Whether people want to give credit to him or not is irrelevant. He stated this 3 years ago and everyone laughed at him.
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    a lot missing in that piece. like gaede said the d-coordinators carousel, nagy, costa, killer kowalski, holland, waters, dockery.
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