Honestly, Cowboyszone is no different than ES

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Champsheart, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Champsheart

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    First let me say I am not knocking anyones opinion. It is your American and God given right.

    Secondly I love this board, I have been around here for a long time, and respect so many Memebers. This is like a home away from home for me.

    Third, I know I am probably about to be slammed, go ahead that is fine. I dont care because I am just telling it like it is.

    This board is no different than Extreme Skins.

    Everyone always knocks them for jumping off the bridge, over-reacting, and just not being very knowledgable about Football.

    When things go bad for the Skins there are always posts on here saying go listen to the things they are saying. We start laughing at them, and we comment on how silly they sound, and how they over react to everything. We talk about how they are jumping of the bridge.

    Well, I see no different around here. it just cracks me up how we knock them, but are no different.

    I will give you that there is much more blind homerism over there, but that is the only difference I see.

    I am now going to go duck in a bunker.
  2. Kilyin

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    To put this into perspective, when is the last time we got swept by the 'Skins? '95? Of course there's going to be some backlash.
  3. Yeagermeister

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    It's different here because we allow other teams fans to voice their opinions without instantly banning them. Hell we even stickied their thread.
  4. silver

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    i never go to extreme skins so i wouldn't know. to me this is the typical overreaction every fan has. when we win everybody is reserving rooms in detroit. when we lose everybody is predicting gloom and doom. if anything we're predictable that's all.
  5. Champsheart

    Champsheart Active Member

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    That I do agree with.
  6. Hiero

    Hiero New Member

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    all internet message boards have some instances of this, but comparing this board to extremeskins is an insult.

  7. Duane

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    And thanks to the countless quality members such as yourself we can allow the flow of ideas and opinions without dragging the board into the gutter.
  8. DandyDon

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    I agree with ya - but this board has only gotten like this the last couple of years -
  9. jcblanco22

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    Champs, I think you nailed it for the most part. The part of your post I bolded is very true also, and it is an important and distinct difference between this board and ES. I am proud to see that most of my fellow members here come right out and say "we got our rear ends beat" without equivocation or excuses. That is much, much rarer to find over there, as there is always some renegade referee or other abnormality of nature out to get them.
  10. Champsheart

    Champsheart Active Member

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    True That
  11. lspain1

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    I think that the "less blind homerism" is a key difference. Perhaps you see it differently.
  12. Cbz40

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    I'm thankful we don't all agree..........that would inhale profusely.
  13. gbrittain

    gbrittain Well-Known Member

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    The only real gripe I have about ES is that they never have lost a game, its just the refs screwed them over mentality that drives me nuts.

    Also, they do have some of the biggest homers ever on that board and it is comical, but that is ok really.
  14. Kilyin

    Kilyin Well-Known Member

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    A message board is a message board and a football fan is a football fan. "It is what it is". This post actually comes off a little arrogant, like you place yourself on some sort of pedestal above the rest of the board.

    Let me ask you this, when we got completely and utterly annihilated Sunday, what did you expect to see here? Honestly.
  15. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

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    I would think the average age of forum members has a lot to do with how a forum looks and feels. Extreme seems to be a little younger aged forum to me.
  16. BAZ

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    A lot of people saw it as a must win game against a team in our division that we were better then & We got totally slammed. We could win our last two games and still not make it the playoffs.

    While I agree with the "if we lose any game the seasons over "& "if we win any game we are going to the big game" mentality is wrong at this point in the season it look's bleak. So I can't fault people for looking to next year.
  17. Ashwynn

    Ashwynn Well-Known Member

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    its human nature. If you took everything on the net literally, you would go crazy in about 20-30 minutes.

    Relax and let the pissed off pple blow off steam, thats part of the purpose of the boards.

    You have the right to whine about the whiners, but that makes you a whiner too, the thing your complaining about. Go figure.
  18. Champsheart

    Champsheart Active Member

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    I am not whinning at all. And I am not complaing.

    I am just making a point.

    The leaders of this board are great, and it is run different. That I am thankfull for.

    My point is the posts are no different than when we make fun of them.

    It sounds no different. My point being when I see posts on here putting them down for the exact same things I am reading here, I find it humerous.

    It is not a complaint, it is an observation.
  19. Champsheart

    Champsheart Active Member

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    Pedestal? I am not sure where you are getting that from. I am not above anyone nor do I think I am. That is why I said everyone is welcome to their opinion. I believe that, and I do not knock people for their opinions.

    Not the point of the post.
  20. CrazyCowboy

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    The Cowboys will fix the problems we have--and I hope it is sooner rather then later!

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