Irving: Call me when NFL changes weed policy

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by ShortRound131, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. CouchCoach

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    Not even then, as long as it is federally illegal, the NFL will not remove it.
  2. nightrain

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    With that mindset, pretty soon we will be calling him Congressman Irving.
  3. Big_D

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    I'm not judging him. If he rather sit home and smoke.. good for him. But that window to make the kind of money NFL players make only stays open for so long. I just don't see pot as a good enough reason to let that slip by.
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  4. gambit187

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    Hey man I was taught to not worry about another mans pockets or motives, unless it has a chance of affecting my pockets or family.
  5. CATCH17

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    We're fans of the Cowboys.

    David Irving is a good football player for the Cowboys.

    In the sports environment worrying about a mans pockets is what we do in the offseason because it effects our team.

    David Irving choosing to get high over playing for the Cowboys and supporting his family is just moronic.

    I don't care what the banker down the road wants to do. I care what David Irving wants to do because he is a Dallas Cowboy and makes the Dallas Cowboys a better football team.
  6. TwentyOne

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    Number ?
  7. ShortRound131

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    Nobody at home.
  9. gambit187

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    You prove my point I made earlier Like I said we don't care what type of addictive and harmful drugs the NFL gives him as long as he plays and helps your team win, to hell with the athletes physical and mental health afterward. We as fans should be on the NFL about all the drunk driving and abuse. Because from what I seem to remember Drunk Driving deprived Us Dallas Cowboy Fans Of. Also like I said Ricky Williams is taking care of his family and living just well without the NFL. Everyone is not a dumb jock that needs that NFL check even though it is nice.
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  10. DeathMonkey

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    Marijuana is still a Federal crime. They just don't choose to enforce it in states where it's legal. I'm sure the League will change their policy when it is no longer a crime. I doubt Football players whining about the League policy will do anything to change Washington's mind. That'll take everyone to convince them.
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  11. shabazz

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    Loose cigarettes? I thought Big Tobacco was the Devil?
  12. shabazz

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    I think at a job like Starbucks they just may expect him to show up on time so that’s not gonna happen

    government assistance is clearly in this dudes future
  13. Batman1980

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    Hey Irving, call me when you learn to adult.
  14. Bullflop

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    Interesting. Is it really up to the NFL to change their drug policy to accommodate Irving's habit or is it for him to change to save his life and his future?

    Yeah -- the answer is quite obvious. It's absurd what nonsense a man will conjure up, just to justify his weakness. Moral of the story: foolhardy pride can easily be a danger to us all.
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  15. Szczepanik

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    His attitude is poor. He knows the rules. To blatantly disregard the rules and to tout his skillset as justification for his actions show how much of a mental midget he is. I really dislike the unprofessional demeanor of his response. Oh well.
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  16. ninja

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    It is not about weed. Irving just won't abide by rules, any rules. Doesn't even show up for meetings or rehab. He won't follow the rules of paying rent or his bills, so stuff gets repossessed. He has been coddled all his life because he is big and can play football. Parcells spoke about these big football players who have never been told no by anyone.

    Irving refuses to follow rule and common sense. He is plain selfish and does not even care about anyone else, including his daughter. If he really cared about his daughter, he would have given up weed and made lots of money for her future.

    And I have a huge problem with his play last year. Didn't do jack squat. He quit on the team and didn't even bother after he was healed from his ankle sprain to even show up. Good riddance. My guess is that he will be in and out of jail for the rest of his life.
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  17. Gangsta Spanksta

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    Not much Play to your game when you are suspended.
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    Ha ha ha! Bing Bang Zooooooooom!!!!
    You won't get that, but I do. And it's funny!
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  19. Corso

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    Aww... somebody looking for affirmations?
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