Is Micah Parsons the best rookie in Cowboys history?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 11, 2022.

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    Only started 4 games in a 14 game season
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  2. DogFace

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    But didn’t Tom bring TD along slowly that year? I could be totally wrong. I’m going off NFL films memories.
  3. JJHLH1

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    It’s either Parsons or Dak.

    Both had amazing contributions their rookie seasons.
  4. lk8701

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    They usually have a tendency to romanticize the past.
  5. plasticman

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    Dak Prescott had the best season as a rookie quarterback in the history of the NFL.

    This franchise had been on the ropes the previous seasons due to Romo's injuries. Now the Cowboys had to use their 3rd team QB to start the season. Dak led them to a 13-3 record including an 11 game winning streak.

    Everson Walls was an undrafted rookie that broke the record of HOFer Mel Renfro's INT 's in a season with 11.

    Parson's rookie season isn't over. If he becomes a major contributing factor in the Cowboys getting past the divisional round then I think he passes Dak and Everson as best rookie performance in Cowboys history.
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  6. Praxit

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    As best cowboy rookie ever? Absolutely.
  7. CATCH17

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    Does he have that success without fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot rushing for 1600 yards?

    Zeke was easily the best rookie on that team.
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  8. NickZepp

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    Bob Hayes getting 1000 yards and 12 TDs in a 14 game season and completely taking NFL by storm has to be in the conversation. Teams had no defense for him at that time. Hayes completely changed the way people defended in the NFL and also led the way for having speedsters at WR. Nobody changed the game as much as he did.
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  9. trickblue

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    Tony D...
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  10. Cowboysheelsreds053

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  11. NickZepp

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    The only other rookie that may have revolutionized the game as much as Bob Hayes is maybe LT for the Giants. He completely changed the way pass rushing was done and led to offenses going to quick passes. Eventually Bill Walsh's west coast offense and quick passing offense soon completely took over to counter LT and people that would try to find the next LT.
  12. RonnieT24

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    No offense to LT but the 49ers were already going to the quick passing game before LT ever showed up. And the reason was the Cowboys pass rush with Manster, Too Tall and Harvey Martin.. They couldn't block them and they couldn't run on them.. So they went to the passing game as the running game approach.
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  13. John813

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    I assume you mean after Lord Heath?
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  14. Pantone282C

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    Bullet Bob Hayes and Tony Dorsett were lighting it up their rookie seasons. Demarcus Ware wasn't bad either. Gotta give it to Parsons for having the most impact at the most needed time.
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  15. Pantone282C

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    He was and it's difficult to gauge coming in to an expansion roster.
  16. Pantone282C

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  17. TexasBacon

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    I mean, he's OK but he's no Taco Charlton.
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  18. 75boyz

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    At his own game, not bad. Not bad at all. Sarcasm rules! lol
  19. darthseinfeld

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    Martin is the closest I can think of. Might have been the best interior OL in the game the minute he stepped on to the field. His presence made our OL dominant
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  20. UncleRico

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    These were all just on the first page of a google search…not Cowboys fans lol.


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