Kitna to be QB coach, Moore leading candidate for OC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Sasquatch

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    Jerry needs to act quickly before some other team snatches up Moore, leaving him with a lifetime of unbearable regret at having missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to lock up an up and coming coaching prodigy.
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  2. reddyuta

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    This ruins everything,the reason we got Linehan is Garrett sucked at playcalling.
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  3. lukin2006

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    Why would anyone ask Daks opinion. He is nothing special. And if they are doing this because they do not want to riffle Prescott feathers, then get rid of Prescott.
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  4. ColoCowboy

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    For some reason, this photo reminds me of the movie Waterboy with Henry Winkler as coach Klein drawing plays in a spiral ring notebook.

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  5. StuckMojo

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    The Dallas Cowboys should not be in the business of having on-the-job-learning coaches. Especially at key roles on the coaching staff!!
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  6. StarMan2112

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  7. AbeBeta

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    If we do this, I expect a move like we saw with Colombo, bringing in a offensive consultant to help with the transition.

    Very interesting to read reports that portray Moore as a rising star. Guess the perception of him around the league differs from that of this board.
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  8. lopey

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    Organization is a fing joke
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  9. Seven

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    I'm not fine with either.........
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  10. AbeBeta

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    How'd that work out with Kiffin, Ryan, Linehan et al. All very experienced coaches.
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  11. ColoCowboy

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    Aww shucks, I've been found out

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  12. BrassCowboy

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    that is exactly what Jerry would do..... and then make the equipment guy his QB coach while the waterboy calls the plays
  13. BrassCowboy

    BrassCowboy RW Hitman

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  14. unionjack8

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    Kitna should have been hired over Moore last year.

    You cannot make this crap up..
  15. kumizi

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    They could hire Carrot Top to be the offensive coordinator and I swear we'd get some "in all fairness, we don't really know if carrot top can or can't be a great offensive mind. some of you may be surprised" posts.
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  16. _sturt_

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    If this happens as purported it might, this is about as dysfunctional a situation as I've seen go down in the time that Garrett has been head coach.

    If Moore is better than Linehan, how the hell do you not ALREADY come to that conclusion coinciding with letting Linehan walk?

    This is sounding suddenly like they're scrambling... that, whoever they thought they were going to get to replace Linehan is not an option after all, and they're looking at Plans F, G and H at this point.

    Hopefully, there's nothing to it.
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  17. Aven8

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    What the hell is wrong with bringing in a new offense?!? Good grief......
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  18. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Cause it worked out so great last time. But maybe his training is now complete. We can hope.;)
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  19. CyberB0b

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    I like Moore better as OC than QB coach.
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  20. superonyx

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    Craps bad when I’d rather see Kellen Moore calling plays than JG.
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