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Marcus spears on w/norm at 10:30 to talk dysfunction

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by theebs, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. TheDude

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    IDK, Ratliff hadn't played in >a year and was showing massive wear. Bass and Crawford were unknowns at best and Spencer should have been replaced in a prior draft saving the $10M (to use elsewhere). We released Will Allen (no world beater grant you) but keeping Wilcox and Heath to pair with slow (coming off an achilles ) Church is asking for miracles rather than planning for a serviceable option.

    I believe this team is closer to 6-10 than 10-6. The LBs cant stay healthy, the DL cant stay healthy so you probably need 5 positions there. Church may be serviceable, but Heath, Wilcox and Johnson are likely not going to make a major leap this offseason. I think you need at least 1 Great safety (Id rather have 2 great safeties than 2 great CBs). We have 0

    The Oline still needs 2-3 positions (2OGs, OT that can take Free's spot).

    The whole 2 TE set that we waste picks on for the last 5-7 years is not working. TWill showed early promise but hit the wall. So maybe another WR?

    All the while, the league is progressing and we continue to never find innovation
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    You're wrong Jerry is the issue with this franchise. Everything else is a symptom. He fired Ryan, and he hired Kiffen. He failed to use resources on the line. He failed to select any dlineman in the draft instead drafted another TE. Everything else is a symptom of the Jerry Jones disease that plagues this franchise.
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    There was some question to the line but it still looked pretty solid and alot of people were relatively hyped. It was hard to predict Spencer's injury and Ratliff doing what Ratliff does.

    The 19 rotational players didn't exactly help either. But I do believe we got solid depth out of a few of them. If the starting lineup we thought we would of had actually played, I thought we would of done well.

    4-3 needs a pass rush to be effective, or we just get eaten up which we did.

    I like Wilcox and I thought he showed alot of promise, I never understood why Heath got so much playing time when Wilcox was ready to come back.

    Jerry and CO fixed the O-Line last year, hopefully DL gets improved. I personally would just let Rod draft 2-3 DL players of his choosing.
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    I'm not referring to a debate with another poster. I just think it's funny this thread got moved from the main forum with all the traffic because some thought the jerry debate was "boring." That's clearly an attempt to stifle the discussion. I didn't say you were trying to do that, and I believe you when you say you didn't move it. But that's not really the point.

    You don't have anything to say about him taking offensive playcalling way from the head coach or imposing coordinators on head coaches?

    What you've claimed Jerry's good at really have nothing to do with what are considered typical duties of an NFL GM. Those are things an owner needs... loyalty? I could care less if a GM is loyal. His sole responsibility should be getting the best players in here, not being "loyal" to players who shouldn't be here. Business acumen? Maybe it would be a plus for the GM to have some business acumen, but I'm really more concerned with the basic skill of putting together a roster.

    And really that's what this entire thread is about. He may be a great guy. But as a GM, he's lousy, which infects all analysis on his other titles. If he were such a good owner/president, he wouldn't put up having with a crappy GM. Since he's more concerned with stroking his ego and "getting credit" for any future success, he won't make the necessary changes to the GM position.
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    Yeah, I don't consider Jerry a good GM. The things he's best at are either personal or ownership duties. I was brief on his shortcomings as a GM only because I'm on my phone. :)
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    I thought Marcus Spears was real and honest. He didn't really try to throw anyone under the bus, he just said what he felt.

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