Twitter: Marty B told brother "there's nothing better than playing for Cowboys fans"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Oct 30, 2019.

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    I’m trying to get away from that but I’m sure my emotions will get the best of me occasionally. I’ve just spent too much time arguing over crap and at the end of the day it changes nothing other then I lost hours of my time and usually made a few enemies (not that I care about the latter).
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  2. aria

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    There’s a few other things as well that I can’t recall off the top of my head but I’ve read your posts and agreed mentally and/or with a like.
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    I see you fam :thumbup:
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  5. punchnjudy

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    "Oh, %#$!."

    - journalists after reading Marty's quote.
  6. EST_1986

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    He’s grown and matured.
  7. Bowdown27

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    For a guy who ripped witten and the organization it seems he’s really happy for his brother playing here in front of the best fans in the world lol
  8. shabazz

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    The truth Is that these 2 brothers are using a victim mentality to excuse nasty and abusive behavior. They claim a victim mentality but the Real truth Is that their victim status Is built on the backs of people who really Were victimized in the past

    These 2 frauds have been coddled since high school, college and now the Pros. They live in the most exclusive neighborhoods and still use victim mentality to get over on their actions. Bullying and harassment are their signature moves and the Vegas incident is something he has been fantasizing over more many, many years.
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    Pretty pretty pretty good!!! When is LD coming back? Thats for @CowboysWillRise
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    Marty B also said Jason garrett is Jeff Fisher without the Super Bowl.

    Where is that quote?
  11. Fla Cowpoke

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    I like the fact that Marty B can separate Garrett from the franchise. It is very understandable. These guys get drafted and have to go where they are picked, whether the offense or environment fit them.He left because he wasn't a fan of the coach, but he he appreciates the rest of what Dallas offers.
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  12. rocyaice

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    And discipline. You’re exactly right. Tell them to raise one. Michael Bennett had nothing given to him. Undrafted guy.
  13. rocyaice

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    So out of everything he’s done in regards to his philanthropy you’d rather harp on mistakes he’s made? Says more about you then him.
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  14. Ultra Warrior

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  15. CowboysWillRise

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    Lol, man I dont know. Hes got a movie on Amazon. "Clear History" its not bad, but hopefully Curb will give us another season or two. I so enjoy watching that bald @$%hole.
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  16. GMO415

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    He's definitely matured, but he was also there to plug his Dos Xs sponsor.
  17. Johnny23

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    Some of us understand and think they're grade A morons.
  18. shabazz

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    This article about Bennett from a Philadelphia publication had me roaring in Laughter; The Punch line is the last words of this article; Gender Equality.

    Yeah, that's what Bennett is really talking about in his quotation :rolleyes:. Hilarious

    “And Michael looks at the list, and this is in front of the whole organization, and he goes, ‘Why aren’t there any women of color there?’ ” Eagles guard Brandon Brooks recounted.

    You could hear a pin drop, according to Brooks.outspoken is often the adjective used to describe Bennett. But that word, like the 33-year old, conjures up connotations that may be preconceived. Bennett is outspoken, but his outspokenness is multifaceted, depending upon the situation.

    In this instance, he was willing to make others uncomfortable because he saw a wrong that he thought should be righted, and one he feels passionately about gender equality."
  19. aria

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    Ted Bundy worked for a suicide hotline, what a gem.

    “Gacy became known as the "Killer Clown" because of his charitable services at fund-raising events, parades, and children's parties where he would dress as "Pogo the Clown" or "Patches the Clown",[6] characters that he had created.”

    Zeke paid pennies for a kids funeral.

    I tried to hurt a co worker before I dropped a bill in the Salvation Army bucket.

    Outstanding citizens! Don’t judge though, we’re “good people”, we’ve done good things.
  20. Starforever

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    So, now you are comparing these men to murderers? Please, stop with this uninformed nonsense. As it seems, you are no different than the individuals you despise.
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