Michael Irvin spoke to the team on Thursday; Victory Confirmed

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Zordon

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    Mentioned it on Kimmel last night.

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  2. cern

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    just love the guy.
  3. JMech

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    He was an absolute joy to watch. Glad he survived the partying.
  4. bklab

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    My all time favorite. He belongs on our sidelines in some type of coaching capacity.
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  5. Redball Express

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    Glad to see it.

    Why are not more players doing this for the team?

    I realize many of our former players are in the media..

    and do not want to appear prejudice.

    But Irvin has no problem.

    Haley is giving towels away boarding the plane to LA.

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  6. Hawkeye0202

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    Hell, if I'm Garrett I'm making him an honorary assistant coach for this game........just his presence on the sideline with the players.
  7. TheSkaven

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    My favorite Cowboy to this day.
  8. JReed1000

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    Whats so funny is out of all the Cowboys on the networks...MIKE is the only one that simply cant hide his Homerism...Just can't do it. Troy, Woodson, Romo...even Witten. Mike "Who's gonna win?" THE COWBOYS!!!! I Love it...Hahaha
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  9. trentmonster

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    I would pay money to see Amari Cooper make a first down on Saturday and do a Michael Irvin kung-** (foo*) first down celebration. That always fired me up, surely it works for the team as well.
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  10. skinsscalper

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    The only player in the history of this team that can take the title of Mr. Cowboy from Michael Irvin is the real Mr. Cowboy and the only reason for that is because he had it first. This dude bleeds Cowboys with every fiber of his body. Love him!
  11. skinsscalper

    skinsscalper Well-Known Member

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    Dude. that would be "Landry hitch" epic. But, for real, save it for the Super Bowl.:thumbup:
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  12. Cowboysfandarin

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    Emmitt Smith is still my all time favorite Cowboys, but likely due to my bias of having met him in Vegas a few years ago at a signing. He sat and chatted with me and my daughter for a good fifteen minutes and it was great! But no ex Cowboy can top Irvin as a long standing inspiration and fan of this team. He's a class act and then some! If you don't love Mike, you aren't a Cowboys fan.
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  13. Irvin88_4life

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    What more can be said about the greatest WR of all time and it's not even debatable.
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  14. IceBowler

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    If Mike's not still on Jerry's payroll - he ought to be ...
  15. IceBowler

    IceBowler Well-Known Member

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    Loved his perspective on the "Star" too. When he was mentoring Dez the young 88 told Irvin that he'd do his jersey proud. Irvin told Dez, "That's not my jersey, that's Mr. Pearson's number."
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  16. skinsscalper

    skinsscalper Well-Known Member

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    Greatest COWBOYS WR of all time. I love Michael too, brother, but Jerry Rice was just unbelievable. Ask Michael, himself and he'll tell you Rice was the guy he always measured himself against and only bested him one season. Even to MI, Rice is the gold standard. With that being said. I love our guy. Absolutely love him.
  17. Typhus

    Typhus Catching Catfish

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    I love the fact that you just know he annoys the hell out of Eagles, Giants, Skins fans.. that's what I really love the most.
  18. ksadler1

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    For those of you here that never got the chance to witness the magic of Jimmy, Michael, Troy and Emmitt, I truly feel sorry for you. I grew up watching Landry, Staubach, Pearson, Dorsett (and the human bowling ball Robert Newhouse) and never thought I'd see anything close to them after their time. Those guys brought something back to the Cowboys that had been missing for so long. . .respect and fear. . .Hopefully Dak, Zeke and Cooper can do the same for this team...
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  19. BoysForLife

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    You had me until you referred to the playmaker as a “class act”

    Great player? Absolutely and undeniably
    Unabashed Cowboys Homer? For sure
    Deserving Hall of Famer? Without hesitation

    Class act?
    Not in a million years. Class acts do not stab team mates with scissors. Class acts are not found in a hotel room with an abundance of Coke and hookers while their wife is sitting at home with the kids.
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  20. Streetwise

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    Bryant has more passion


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