News: Motion Denied - Zeke suspended

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by robjay04, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Well for starters...if you took one of your top offensive players off the field for an entire season they wouldn’t contend. If you telling me he sits the next six games then I think can still go 4-2 over that exact stretch and still contend for a wild card spot. We’re not talking about a full season. The team is already (5-3) I think can contend without him over the next six games.
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    Or pay Tiffany Thompson to tell the truth, and recant her lies. Goodell would look like an imbecile.[/QUOTE]

    Perjury is a wicked animal.
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    You and me both brotha. Yet those that said this were attacked and called names.
  4. bigdnlaca

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    I agree. If the RBs and Dak can combine for a least 4 yards an attempt and continue to be committed to running the football, the Cowboys will be fine.
  5. ringmaster

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    I agree @Bleedblue1111, the look I have right now if it could kill and I'm standing in front of Goodell right now I would slit his freaking throat.
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    This hurts on two fronts: A) Cowboys may very well be " finished" after these six games. B) It gives an excuse for the clapper to come back next season.
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    If the holes are there (as in the online is healthy and does its jub), any one of our RBs can run through them. The bigger loss will be the runs where it looks like no gain but he pushes forward for a 2nd and 6. Hopefully our guys will have a good rotation to keep fresh and pound that ball
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    This isn't about race (obviously). In fact, when the NFL refused the testimony by Kia Roberts (the only one who interviewed Tiffany Thompson), this is no longer about Domestic Violence. The NFL just threw out a DV case on Jarvis Landry, and did not take any action on Darrell Revis for punching a security officer. Dallas' last five games have not had one holding penalty called on their opponents. This is all about the NFL GOING AFTER THE COWBOYS! They are doing it in a variety of different ways.
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    If our Boys are in fact finished after these 6 games, we have vastly overrated our talent on the O. The Pats changed RBs like we fans change drawers and kept on winning. Can we block or not? Can we move the ball via the air? Can we protect Dak?
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  11. Zekeats

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    NFL, Disney CIA FBI all same ****. Anything on tv is controlled propaganda.
  12. GroundZero1970

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    Its all rigged anyway
  13. links18

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    No, I really don't know what your talking about. The 2nd circuit never made a finding on the merits that contradicted Fallia's. In fact, they just upheld her ruling.
  14. Qbert

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    Come on to dallas next summer for the draft Mr. Goodell.....we will be waiting.

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  17. ringmaster

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    Exactly and the draft will be held at AT&T in April and this clown will be coming to the podium to announce every draftee that will be selected and each time he comes up there will definitely be boos and I wouldn't mind seeing egss, tomatoes, etc come his way each time he walks to that podium. I'm no conspiracy theorist by any means but Goodell, his goons, and those bed ***** NY judges just made the biggest play for the next 6 teams regarding Zeke's bogus suspension and we can guarantee the Eagles are jumping for joy that they won't have to deal with him a week from Sunday and part me also believe that the NFL and definitely the media wants to see Dak struggle without Zeke being in the back field yes they should be fine with Morris, McFadden, and Smith but all three them together is no Zeke freaking unbelievable.
  18. GhostOfPelluer

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    It's not over yet. He misses at least 3 weeks but maybe not all 6.
  19. TheCoolFan

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    Eh, keep appealing...they can't stop it! :flagwave:
  20. CowboyStar88

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    Wait aren't people protesting the system now? lol

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