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Our OC and QB apparently aren’t talking during the game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tm1119, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

    6,615 Messages
    4,340 Likes Received
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  2. Batman1980

    Batman1980 Well-Known Member

    3,564 Messages
    4,987 Likes Received
    Honestly? If I were Dak, I wouldn't really talk to Linehan either, he's a moron.
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  3. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

    1,606 Messages
    1,675 Likes Received
    Linehan moved to the upstairs booth to better call plays. He actually did a better job up there but it does mean the QB coach will have to be the go between for communication as far as getting Daks input. Not sure how much talking they did before during the game anyway as the qb coach is usually the guy reviewing stuff with Dak anyway.
  4. Direwolf63

    Direwolf63 RXP

    10,398 Messages
    13,442 Likes Received
    Now we know what Kellen Moore does.

    He's the gopher between the two.
  5. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

    43,718 Messages
    29,650 Likes Received
    Makes sense to me what they are doing.

    Nothing to see here.
  6. LetsBeReal

    LetsBeReal Active Member

    310 Messages
    241 Likes Received
    And vice versa if I were linehan. You know the old saying if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all, implies here.
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  7. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

    6,739 Messages
    7,678 Likes Received
    Linehan is up in the box....if struggles continue wonder if he moves back to the field.
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  8. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

    6,175 Messages
    6,171 Likes Received
  9. DeaconMoss

    DeaconMoss Well-Known Member

    3,707 Messages
    2,695 Likes Received
    Its easier to drink bourbon in the booth vs on the sideline
  10. viman96

    viman96 Thread Killer

    13,991 Messages
    8,363 Likes Received
    Kellen Moore training?
    buybuydandavis likes this.
  11. LetsBeReal

    LetsBeReal Active Member

    310 Messages
    241 Likes Received
    We got the kinda receivers dak said he wanted. He seemed real excited about it all offseason. I can’t wait for everybody to quit making excuses for the dude and just be honest about him.
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  12. LetsBeReal

    LetsBeReal Active Member

    310 Messages
    241 Likes Received
    Lol.......And daks qb abilities def make you need some good, strong bourbon
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  13. AKATheRake

    AKATheRake Well-Known Member

    4,777 Messages
    861 Likes Received
    Linehan called the plays very well. We were backed up, playing from behind and in our 20 for a large portion of the game.

    The offense from the o-line to Dak did not execute well at all on a slippery road game.

    You guys are not getting it. Guys were open. Timing was off and there were no connections.

    This offense looked like they never play together and they pretty much didn't other than camp.

    Wait for Sunday.
  14. AbeBeta

    AbeBeta Well-Known Member

    30,541 Messages
    5,815 Likes Received
    This is insane. No OC has ever called plays from the booth.

    I want the entire staff on the sidelines. Ideally, screaming at people all game.
  15. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

    6,175 Messages
    6,171 Likes Received
    He has been a train wreck since the falcons game. It’s up to him to get back to form or we will be out of the playoff hunt and Rush will start.
    PA Cowboy Fan, LetsBeReal and links18 like this.
  16. Sydla

    Sydla Well-Known Member

    28,528 Messages
    39,939 Likes Received
    Is this common around the league? Do QB coaches decipher information for the QB from the OC and the QB and OC never talk on the sideline/head phones?
    PA Cowboy Fan likes this.
  17. Streetwise

    Streetwise Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    6,173 Messages
    6,523 Likes Received
    Everyone gets it. You hate Dak, give it a rest.
    America's Cowboy likes this.
  18. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

    6,175 Messages
    6,171 Likes Received
    Yes they were. And Dak was missing them. And he was seeing them. His throws were off and it was his fault. I am going with opening day jitters and lack of preseason play. No excuse this week for playing that bad ALL game.
    AKATheRake and LetsBeReal like this.
  19. LittleD

    LittleD Well-Known Member

    5,203 Messages
    3,641 Likes Received
    Nope, he probably moves to a retirement home somewhere in Michigan or Montana.
    cowboyec likes this.
  20. LetsBeReal

    LetsBeReal Active Member

    310 Messages
    241 Likes Received

    Folks, the cowboys don’t need to and shouldn’t have to reinvent the game of football for the sake of our 4th round qb. He should just play better. He has a dream situation for a qb with Everybody stacking the line, and one on one outside. So throw touchdowns, or go away
    Old'Boyfan, Vtwin, Romotil45 and 2 others like this.

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