News: PFT: A delayed suspension for Ezekiel Elliott is hardly out of the question

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Aug 23, 2017.

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    I'd agree with you if they interviewed every witness that was listed in that 160 page document. They have sworn affidavits of critical witnesses that were overlooked in their ruling. The only witness they used to make their ruling was the alleged victim who lied. The NFL even admitted that they knew she mislead the police but the "generally believed her" anyway.

    Now if they interviewed every witness listed and their testimonies were lock stepped with her recollection of events, then suspend him. But this is not the case. There are witnesses that saw her basically dressed in a bikini top without any bruising during the time she said he did to her. Their verdict based on her study just doesn't add up.
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  2. Texas_Pete

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    That's from your perspective as a Cowboys Fan. From his perspective if a shaky investigation from a rabid Giants fan lead to him being suspended I would fight it too, Tom Brady style.
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    Always fight............. it gives you way more options, leverage and a chance to win

    The NFL was willing to cut a deal with Brady last year but he didn't want any games at all because of the cheating ..... the NFL may cut 3 games just to keep it out of Fed Court
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    This 'case' is so flawed, I can see it failing at the 'arbitrary and capricious' test.
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    The stats agree with you but I still have to see the info before I make a call. I mean this lady barely looks like she been touched and folks like the NFL did a great job. This is really the craziness that you can get over on the public. It shows me that most folks haven't been in any real physical conflicts if this looks like the look of someone that's been beat every other day for about a week straight by a powerful NFL player that outweighs her by about 100 or more pounds. I'm not saying it couldn't happen like that but that's just not what comes to mind when you think of beatings. Again no beef and thanks for the response
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    It is some media people talking real silly about this case but not as many. The female moderator on first take about a week ago was mad as ever like she had smoking gun proof Zeke did something. I'm like I need to know what info she had since she was so hype that Zeke did it otherwise she was making a fool of herself imo.
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    It's First Take -- that show is the primary example of a ratings grab...I don't know why anybody takes it seriously.
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    I'm going off the cuff and say that Goddell didn't look at the evidence and couldn't care less about the testimony. As one writer stated, he already agrees to punish the so called offender and work to build a PR case around it.

    It a shame that someone who is in charge of suspending players could care less whether that person is guilty or not. Thats Goddell for you. It shows how much the NFL is poorly managed by men who have no idea how to manage.
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    the nfl spent over a year investigating this on zeke there is now way they reduce the time of the suspension the Henderson guy will rubber stamp it and send it on I think in the end he will serve his six games and he will be really missed by the team
  10. Nightman

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    Henderson reduced GHardy's 10 games to 4 games under very similar circumstances..... same guy
  11. ringmaster

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    I agree with you @Texas_Pete, we both know that Tiffany Thompson was out to ruin Zeke's career all because he didn't want to give her anymore attention. There is also incriminating text messages of her and her friend premeditatively planned on blackmailing Zeke etc. I too want Zeke to fight this to the end to clear his name and show everyone who Thompson really is a gold digging (fill in the blank) because if he were to agree to a bogus reduced suspension of let's say 3 games from the NFL's lap dog Harold Henderson then Zeke would actually admit that he's guilty of something he didn't do and that will send the wrong message so fight it Zeke.
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    If this case was actually about dv then jamies Winston would be suspended too. He was also accused of something much worse.

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