Released / Retired Poe and Worley Officially Cut

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by robjay04, Oct 28, 2020.

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    It will be interesting if our defense shows signs of improvement Sunday night getting rid of arguably the 2 worst players on D.

    I can't imagine the chaos on this forum if somehow the D can hold a team to just 24 or fewer points and somehow the Nooch leads us to a W.

    Oh, the carnage will be glorious.
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    Agreed. I can understand not wanting to get into free agency bidding wars for those pro bowl caliber players that hit the market but at the same time you can't just get guys 5 years past their prime or jags that nobody signing

    They need to meet in the middle. Get those guys like shelby harris and Adrian Amos who aren't cheap but aren't expensive. Get guys that can actually legitimately start on your team.
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    Not completely, but you better be smart and right. Thomas for example, if a player has had a well known issue throughout his career ( not wanting to attend film sessions) he’s unlikely to change coming to your team. As it’s been stated, if teams really wanted to keep a player they can find the space 90% of the time. Most of the time there’s some type of wart. If you dip into high end FA you better be good at spotting the 10% without and it doesn’t have to be the ordained best player at that position in that FA class! As with the Carr signing the CB that left Cincinnati for the Texans for quite a bit less ended up being the better player by a lot!
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    While many are rejoicing in these departures just remember now that we're woefully thin on an train wreck of a team from an injury stand point. I don't understand the reasoning in bringing in veteran talent and then running a scheme that is absolutely counter productive to what the talent does well. I can assure you this rest at the feet of both the players as well as Mike "HotSauce Eye" Nolan who seem like he's trying to destroy the organization. I think we are most certainly in the race for Trevor at this point because with these injuries lack of depth teams are going to line up to stick to Jerry Jones the long way. It's just sad that it had to come to this but here we are.
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    In Texas we're allowed one dead body a week in our recycling bin.
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    Guess shopping at the Bargain Basement didn't work out...
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  8. Teague31

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    to be fair they are working with Stephen pulling the strings telling them they have a Free Agent Budget of $13 and some chuck-e-cheese tokens
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    Fair enough, I think we see it same, mostly.
  10. baltcowboy

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    Crawford must have pictures of the Joneses on the party bus because has not done a thing in the last 4 seasons. Do people realize that he has made more money then Dak in the same time period. He has got to be top 10 in player salary.
  11. ItzKelz

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    Team friendly deals on all of these players that played like they were on the cheap....
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    Too bad he wasn't cut before the season. Costing $8 million dollars for playing like trash.
  13. Beaker42

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    What about drunken sarcastic angry laughs?? :laugh:
  14. Hawkeye0202

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    Just me, but I'm thinking these were so-called Jane Slater cuts/trade. Few things stand out to me;

    *I can't remember the last time Jerry and/or Stephen released this many players mid-season.
    * No coincidence IMO it happens a week after certain players trashed the coaching staff
    *Sure all three players were bad or haven't played well but we can make a case of at least 3/4 more just at bad. Why
    weren't they released, especially Thompson, Crawford, and maybe Lewis.
    * This is MM cleaning the locker room of cancel IMO.
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    I am so happy that Poe is gone. The Cowboys now have a chance to return to being America's Team. Decimated by injuries, possibly working on a high draft pick year, but I'm able to watch the games again. I think team Unity and brotherhood can be a focus once more! This team needs to play for each other, put aside all differences and focus on a goal together. The uphill battle is real. The team has some good pieces, but cannot even consider playoffs right now. Go back to fundamentals, our 7 game preseason is over.
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    Poe and Worley barely played vs Washington and the defense got dominated by one of the worst offenses in the league. So while these 2 guys played like garbage,, the defensive issues are much deeper than a couple of players.
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    Lucrative circumstance that is expanding every off-season: NFL players in declining stages of ability / viability ----- signing (mostly) one-season deals.
    Then...during training camp, preseason, or the first few games of the regular season - they wash out (purposely?)...but garner a good haul through the contract terms (signing bonus, guaranteed $$$ for being on the 53 roster for week 1 and beyond.
  18. Corso

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    When he got cut I immediately thought of you and wondered if you were going to wander back in from the cold.
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    Totally agree. The last time we had a move like this it was Garrett cutting RB Christian Michael and Corey White, who was the nickel back at the time. White said it was because he didn't wear a suit on the team flight but you know there had to be more to the story.
  20. BotchedLobotomy

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    I am going to chalk this up as sarcasm, there is no other sane explanation.
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