Predict the NFC East and What Cowboys Make The Pro Bowl

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by timb2, May 17, 2018.

  1. timb2

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    I actually think the Cowboys will win the NFC East and here is why....

    ..(1)- The Eagles won the Superbowl and now have issues that will make them implode. Nic Foles vs Carson Wentz.Wentz is the future and the franchise. Anytime he loses a big game the Eagles fans will be screaming for Foles. We the Cowboys are the powder keg kryptonite for a Philly QB controversy if we beat them twice in the season....Jay Ajayi was traded away for a reason from Miami for almost nothing,he is a cancer. Now add Michael Bennett who has to go to court for assaulting 3 security guards and 2 are female and 1 of them is in a wheelchair all the media PR baggage.Every team will be gunning for them as the Champs and we know Eagles choke more than anyone,last year was a lucky break. If Brady had more time the Pats win that trophy last year ....

    .(2).The Giants have this WIN NOW and thinking they put all the pieces in place.WRONG! Eli Manning is an enigma and no franchise QB for the future. Davis Webb is horrible,he reminds me of Luke Falk .Webb's arm is weak and he will eventually lose out the Laudetta as 2nd string but now they have to go through the progressions. They have a new coach and really did not improve the pass rush like they wanted too. Nate Solder is overrated as a LT who was helped by Brady. Tom Brady has a fast quick release vs Manning who is mechainical and slow. Odell Beckham might have to answer for that drug photo and if I was Dallas I would be spinning a Beckham suspension as much as possible in the media even just to make it a media distraction for them.Eli Apple was horrible at CB last year and looks like a potential bust. Janoris Jenkins showed no heart last year and that should carry over as a team drag on morale type selfish lazy player. Also the possibility to add Dez Bryant looks ideal on paper with ODB jr but will be a locker room soap opera drama between these divas which will kill the team.

    (3)-Redskins are the Redskins and they think they upgraded from Cousins to Alex Smith??? Derrius Guice dropped for a reason,rumored to be a poor practice player and now you just gave him a big money contract to motivate him? What from not eating? ..So they got DaRon Payne and teams with Jonathan Allen.Great you now have 2 Marcus Spears type players. not much room to grow and get better. Most all of Bama d-linemen are just average players in the Pros vs their hype. No solid #1 WR,little improvement in the draft.The Skins come up Bland again.

    OK Cowboys Pro Bowl Predictions

    QB- Dak Prescott-Prescott bounces back with a better o-line and Ezekial Elliott back. Cowboys are going back to basics and getting physical with run first option pushing teams around eating the time of possession up again.

    RB-Ezekiel Elliott-Should be back and have a big chip on his shoulder for all the BS from last year and Roger Goodell

    TE-Rico Gathers-He will make people forget about Jason Witten. We have a TE that can stretch the field and is a redzone threat anytime near the goaline.

    WR-Tavon Austin should be ticked and motivated, traded away just for a 6th round pick. He is a talented player,but he needs help around him. He has help all around him now. Big WRs Hurns,T.Williams,speedy WRs Beasley & Thompson and Elliott keeping teams honest

    The whole O-line-T.Smith,C.Williams,Fredrick,Martin,and Collins-If the Cowboys coaches play the smart way I can see the whole starting 5 making the pro bowl

    DE-Demarcus Lawrence-realized his potential last yearl and should keep it up this season and add better pass rushers to help. Randy Gregory comes back and hungry,Taco Charlton wanting to prove himself.Tapper and Armstrong fighting for that last spot.

    DT-David Irving-Irving at times can dominate and I believe he will continue to get better and he joins Lawrence.

    LB-Jaylon Smith-It takes 2 years average to fully recover from a knee injury. It has been 2 years and with Cowboys drafting Vander Esch that should motivate Smith to play LIGHTS OUT.

    K-Dan Bailey-Rebounds and gets his pro bowl spot back....
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  2. hornitosmonster

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    QB - DAK
    RB - Zeke
    LT - Smith
    G- Martin
    C - Frederick
    LB - Lee
    LB - Smith
    DE - Lawrence
    CB - Lewis
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  3. mrmojo

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    With that many pro bowleres we better win the East.....and more.

    We will go as far as our coaches. The talent is there.
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  4. DBOY3141

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    Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, Redskins

    PB: Zeke, Smith, Fred, Martin, Lee
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  5. Ebnorice

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    12-4 cowboys
    10-6 eagles
    8-8 giants
    6-10 redskins

    All teams will be good.
    Fullz struggles early on this year. They have a slow start. Get hot at the end but it’s to late to catch dallas.
    Martin Fred smith all pro Collins pro bowl alternate if we didnt make super bowl
    all pro bowls.
    Beat pats in Super Bowl :flagwave:

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    1. Cowboys
    2. Eagles
    3. Giants
    4. Redskins

    Earl Thomas
  7. thebigeasy88

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    I see what you did there!
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  8. InTheZone

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    Sadly I can't give a solid prediction this year. We will have an "easier" schedule since we missed the playoffs, but I have major concerns going into the year about this offense yet again. I will say 6-10 - 10-6 is where we'll be. 6 losses will stem from offense not putting up points when the defense did their job all game or got tired in the 4th and slipped.
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  9. pugilist

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    10-6 NY
    8-8 Philly
    5-11 Dallas
    5-11 Wash

    Dallas Pro Bowlers: Zack Martin, Travis Frederick, Demarcus Lawrence, Sean Lee (barring injury)
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  10. Setackin

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    Lee makes the Pro Bowl in what I’m guessing you think when be a loosing season? How does that work exactly? Does he actually play more then 8-10 games?
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  11. Sydla

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    OP takes some real liberties with what are likely exaggerated conflicts with the other teams.

    And his basis for us winning the East is because other teams will, in part, have controversies I am not sure I can buy into it.

    I’ll go with the Eagles repeat but we make the WC. Elliott, Martin, Frederick, Lee, Lawrence make Pro Bowl.
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  12. DBOY3141

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    I think they go 7-9 or 8-8. Defense improves, offense slides. Lee is a quality player, I think he plays 14 games and gets a nod. Players can make the pro bowl from losing teams.
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  13. big dog cowboy

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    What does drafting LVE have to do with motivating Jaylon to playing lights out? We've all seen how motivated Jaylon has been since he was drafted. LVE and Jaylon don't even play the same position.
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  14. QuincyCarterEra

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    We finish 2nd in the NFCE

    Smith, Martin, and Fred
    Chris Jones
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  15. rnr_honeybadger

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    Linehan and Marinara are blamed and fired. Garrett continues as feckless moron.
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  16. cern

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    Until I see our team in 2018 it looks like eagles, cowboys, skins and giants.
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  17. erod

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    Philly wins, and I couldn't care less about the tremendously overrated (and wrong) Pro Bowl.

    All-Pro means something. The Pro Bowl is worthless.
  18. QuincyCarterEra

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    I'll take the Giants over the Skins this year.
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  19. armadillooutlaw

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    Cowboys finish 10-6, second place in the East and earn a Wild Card spot. Pro Bowlers include- Zeke, Tyron, Fred, Martin, Lawrence, Lee, Lewis. Awuzie has a chance as well.
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  20. cern

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    I think Alex Smith will flourish under gruden. I also think eli's decreasing in his skill set. Ergo skins over giants.

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