News: QB Dak Prescott: "When I lose, that's what pisses me off"

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    FRISCO, Texas — Dak Prescott gets what you’re thinking.

    He couldn’t score a touchdown, or even complete a pass to receiver Amari Cooper, in the Cowboys’ 13-9 loss in New England on Nov. 24.

    He orchestrated a fluid nine-play, 75-yard scoring drive to take an early lead against the Bills on Thanksgiving. Then his Cowboys failed to score for the next 51 minutes and 33 seconds of game time.

    The same Cowboys who started the season 3-0 have now lost six of their last nine games.

    So, yes, Prescott expects that his team’s current troubles will “add to the doubters,” he said Monday from his locker at the Star. “It’s a one-week shelf life, especially when you play for this organization. It’s part of it. I signed up for it. I love it."

    "When I lose, that’s what pisses me off,” Prescott said. “That’s what makes me go, that’s what keeps me going. I hate losing more than I like winning, to be honest. A win is like, sure, I was supposed to do that. Prepared my *** off. Why wouldn’t I do that? Then when I lose: Why? Why? It’s a battle. How do I get better?

    “Make sure I don’t do what I did last week this week.”

    “We haven’t played complementary football enough,” Prescott said. “When we’re hot, the defense isn’t. When they’re hot, we’re not getting points. We’re talented on both sides but haven’t gotten complementary football. That’s what gives you confidence: They’re playing good, we’re playing good — at times. If we can just play good together, we wouldn’t have a problem.”

    Prescott understands playing well together is easier said than done. But he believes his team is capable, and the changes needed to transform good bursts into consistent performances are doable.

    "Let the chip on your shoulder grow, Prescott tells teammates." This team has the talent to execute, and the division lead to control its postseason berth.

    After that, Prescott believes, little more needs to be said.

    “Times like this, it’s more to lead by example,” Prescott said. “Talk’s cheap. We’ve talked a lot and talked a bunch and gotten ourselves to right where we are. At a moment like this, I say hell with the talking.

    “If you need to be fired up at 6-6, this isn’t the locker room for you.”


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    Thoughts? Nice to see him fired up, but he needs to do this on the sidelines of the game and not to the media.
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    Sorry Prescott. Some people could not care less how pissed off you might get. You will be overly criticized for how the team performs overall anyway.
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    Then play like it. Ignore incompetent staff and run more. Get Cooper to show up on the road. Beat a good team this year. Or talk.
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    ............and the Bears and Rams defenses are licking they chops right now
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    I love this kid. He's tough and cares. Exactly what's expected of a leader. Not like Wentz. The only time the media hears anything from him is after the games. Trust me, I know. :rolleyes:
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    Wait, he said he was done talking.
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    When he loses, it pisses me off as well.
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    I thought he was done talking ?
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    He says it everyday at the beginning of every interview.
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    That's like you telling everyone in the classroom, I got an A, and I expect each and everyone of you to get one as well. Which is impossible.
  11. atlantacowboy

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    yep...........and then proceeds to talk a lot...........i'm baffled.
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    Wouldnt it be much more clever to say it at the end of the interview, so none will question what he said ?

    Just asking.
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    I personally believe half of the media has hyped this guy so much that they are invested in him succeeding and it clouds their ability to actually cover him objectively. "Oh, he's so nice, he's young and fresh, AND he picked up his cup when it fell short of the trash. GREAT STORY"

    The other half hates the Cowboys and writes fluff pieces like this to make him look like a "no nonsense leader" so Jerry will feel better hamstringing the franchise for the next decade to keep him around.
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    You realize they have to do interviews right? It’s part of the job. So he doesn’t really have the choice but to talk some.
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    What he’s trying to say is we need a new HC. One side plays well, the other doesn’t. Etc etc
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    WOOF tickets for sale.

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    This is a team that has been spoiled by their automatic fame and glory of being glitzy, glamorous Cowboys players. Seems like football success has become a secondary benefit nowadays. Maybe an environment more devoted to just playing sound football would be more suitable?! ;)
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    pretty sure it's from the same interview.
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    The Rams just gave up 2000 points to the Ravens and the Bears gave up almost 400 yards of offense to whatever a David Blough is.
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