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Twitter: Rex Ryan trashes Amari Cooper

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. Tangle_Foot

    Tangle_Foot Well-Known Member

    4,153 Messages
    16,318 Likes Received
    Rex acts as if he's never been constipated, there have been times when I would have paid anyting for a turd :laugh:
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  2. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

    18,104 Messages
    20,830 Likes Received
    biggest disappesring act...hands down...rex ryans coaching career.
  3. JohnsKey19

    JohnsKey19 Well-Known Member

    13,630 Messages
    8,655 Likes Received
    Again, questioning some of Cooper's qualities as a player is one thing and frankly warranted. But calling Cooper a "turd" is completely off base and foolish.
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  4. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

    27,574 Messages
    17,975 Likes Received
    This is ANOTHER case of not only fans, but a guy like Rex not knowing the facts.

    Cooper admitted that the 2nd half of last year was the MOST he had ever dealt with injuries in the NFL. Which makes total sense. He disappeared.

    Now lets take a look at what Amari did over a full 16 games. The last 8 in 2018 and the first 8 in 2019 when he was healthy: 1512 yards and 12 TD's. Note that I did leave out the stats from the one game last year he got hurt early.

    So if that is a 16 game season for Cooper, then that is pretty good. He does have a tendency to have huge games and then some stinkers. His big play potential and ability to really kill you is what stands out to me.

    I dont think any receiver is worth 20 million. I think they over paid. But like Dak and some of these other positions, thats just what happens. Over paying a couple million is worth it.
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  5. 1972COWBOY

    1972COWBOY Well-Known Member

    1,215 Messages
    1,144 Likes Received
    Cooper wouldnn't have disappeared as much if Dak could throw to him instead of over him and behind him.
  6. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    19,631 Messages
    34,553 Likes Received
    No lies were told.
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  7. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

    18,104 Messages
    20,830 Likes Received
    who the hell is rex ryan?
  8. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

    63,118 Messages
    70,515 Likes Received
    There were a lot of factors that contributed to his perceived 'up and down' performances. But investigating it and figuring out the why of it is work, effort, and thinking that a lot of people can't be bothered to put in the effort to do.

    So instead they spit out uninformed crap because it's easier than thinking.
    maryquality likes this.
  9. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

    63,118 Messages
    70,515 Likes Received
    Good stuff! All on the money!

    Thanks for sharing it.
  10. DenCWBY

    DenCWBY Well-Known Member

    5,756 Messages
    4,699 Likes Received
    Some turds son.
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  11. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

    14,648 Messages
    10,251 Likes Received
    I mean are we taking advice from the foot fetish guy!!!

    Personally I like Cooper as a slot receiver more than outside in this offense..I'm not crazy about the contract length and term but when you trade a first round pick for him, Jerry was going to keep him...
    stasheroo likes this.
  12. bark

    bark Well-Known Member

    5,871 Messages
    6,979 Likes Received
    Reading this makes my toes curl.
  13. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

    20,024 Messages
    22,220 Likes Received
    So, you want to pay great money to good players? You don't like super bowls much.
  14. Loso86

    Loso86 Well-Known Member

    534 Messages
    481 Likes Received
    This idiot won't get another HC gig calling players names smh!
  15. garyv

    garyv Well-Known Member

    3,197 Messages
    1,080 Likes Received
    I don't totally agree and there is a reason Rex is not a HC.

    If he wasn't paid by Dallas someone else would have paid him over 15 mil easy so there
  16. Section446

    Section446 Well-Known Member

    9,651 Messages
    7,574 Likes Received
    It's wrong that he made it personal, but he isn't completely wrong.
    WillieBeamen likes this.
  17. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

    58,198 Messages
    102,681 Likes Received
    There's some truth to what he said.
    birdwells1 and WillieBeamen like this.
  18. Valkyr

    Valkyr Well-Known Member

    1,181 Messages
    1,686 Likes Received
    I'm sure if he signed with the Eagles people would still be saying how terrible he is.
  19. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

    63,118 Messages
    70,515 Likes Received
    You want to trade away 1st round picks for 18 month rentals? That's certainly no better.
  20. TwistedL0g1k

    TwistedL0g1k Well-Known Member

    539 Messages
    710 Likes Received

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