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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nightman, Mar 7, 2019.

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    and what we want is more cowbell
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  2. Nightman

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    I learned a lot from AdamJT13 and then he stopped posting so much

    He had the best info and he is the one that broke down the Comp picks formula

    There is a ton of great info on this site and a bunch of great posters and the competition keeps us sharp
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    Instead of slinging personal insults and sarcasm, please grace us with your cap knowledge and disprove the facts many of us have given you. How do they not have space?
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    You’re one of those people, that doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but then goes over the top to pretend like you do.
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    There are several restructures they can do and have the ability to do when signing Dak, DLaw, Zeke and Cooper. They can swing enough to add two descent
    free agents but they are not swinging for the fences this year. You watch what happens this off-season. Garrett will be moved to the front office in some
    capacity and Sean Payton will be hired as HC. I would say pretty high odds of this happening. They may prefer to leave some cap space for the next HC ;)
  6. Nightman

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    That is why I put him on ignore.... no facts
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  7. Nightman

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    That kinda makes sense but SJones is allergic to spending Cap Space

    We have 125m next year and haven't borrowed one dime of that to make this team better.....our window is now...not next year with a pipe dream of Sean Payton

    EThomas makes this team better
    SRichardson makes this team better
    Tevin Coleman makes this team better

    No excuse not to sign them
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  8. jterrell

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    As is usually the case the answer is in the middle.

    Dallas has spent the last 3 years cleaning up their cap space situation without losing any player that truly made a difference after leaving.
    Fans have clamored every year for them go sign Player X who turns out to be a complete bust and then they repeat the process the next year.
    And those goofballs will claim some sort of superiority when 1 out of every 5 guys they beg for actually perform.
    It's painful to watch.

    They should absolutely NOT flip any restructure for Tyron Smith. Thinking of doing so challenges all common sense. He is playing through back issues and showing signs of extreme wear.
    You do not restructure those kinds of players. See the Sean Lee situation.

    Paying as you go allows you all the freedom to make any call you need to on a player with no pressure of accelerating cap hits.
    Tony Romo breaks his back again? No problem.
    Jay Ratliff stops taking his meds? No problem.
    Oh but you wanted to use their cap hits and push that money off?
    Now we gotta problem.

    Funny thing DAL discovered when forced to not overpay free agents either in house or external.
    They won more.
    Turns out guys play harder trying to earn monster contracts than when they actually get them at an incredible rates of likelihood.
    Who coulda guessed that?

    But should you EVER exceed the cap by pushing money off?
    Very rarely but yes.
    Is your QB a franchise player in his last couple seasons?
    Are you defending Super Bowl champs trying to hold on to key young free agents?
    That's about it.

    Restructuring to simply reduce base salary to bonus is like lying. It feeds on itself.
    Doing it forces a pattern of poor behavior.
    And eventually it will blow up in your face.
  9. Kaiser

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    I still think Adam is a player agent. He won't say who he is because he clearly is close enough to the NFL that he has no reason to say who he really is.
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  10. stiletto

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    Adam was great. Definitely explained the details well. Thanks for your work as well.
  11. Nightman

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    You are simply 100% wrong about restructuring

    Dead money has NO BEARING on the decision to cut a player

    DAL should restructure TSmith and they should have done it last year

    Your argument is based on emotions and not facts..... you think Dead Money is yucky is not

    Dead Money simply means you paid less when the cap was lower........SMART
    Borrowing from the future with an ever rising cap ......SMART

    Paying DLaw and ACooper 34m on the cap this year serves no purpose when they could pay 17m
    Paying ZMartin and TSmith 28m when they could pay 13m is just as dumb

    Especially with rollover...... paying full price above retail is for think you are being frugal but you are being cowardly and ignorant..... DAL has huge Cash reserves that they should use as a weapon.....instead they act like CLE or GB or old

    I appreciate your explanation but it as wrong now as it has been the other 100 times you made it
  12. Nightman

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    PITT took a 16m dead cap hit trading AB but they actually saved 1m this year and 15m next year

    When DAL cut TRomo they had 19m in dead cap but they saved 34m on the cap over those 2 years.... it was huge cap space windfall

    DAL saved 17m when they cut Dez even though they took an 8m dead cap hit..... it was smart not to spend an additional 12.5m a year on his base salary and that is all that mattered

    We have so much Cap space because it went up 70m in 6 years and we saved 51m by cutting Dez and Romo early and eating their Dead Money
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    Funny... he put me on ignore. Lol.
  14. jterrell

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    I am 100% accurate as I have been every time we have had this discussion.
    And it's bears itself out every year in the actual actions the team takes, the contracts that get signed and in basically all other ways.
    Last year you guys were celebrating Jacksonville. Wonder what happened?

    You put in an incredible amount of cap work but like early Stephen/Jerry cap mgmt you will never be any good at it because you are philosophically broken.
    You have dummies tell you how smart you are and it just makes you and them dumber. It is a shame really because that nonsense opinion stuff you spew gets focused on and not the good work you are doing with actual numbers.

    Dead Money is all bad. 1 team can justify dead money. The Super Bowl champs. For the other 31 teams you borrowed money to fall short. Stupidity galore.
    No matter what the cap rises to all teams have the same cap... that is except the dummies to believe like you and borrow versus it. Those people have less because they have already used it to lose. Dummies.

    Exactly zero people have won this way long term. Zero.
    DAL and WAS ran this way for a decade only to prove just how truly stupid and ineffective it was.
    Good organizations manage the cap paying now and pushing very little money forward.

    As to the decision stuff again that is just simply wrong on every level.
    Cap cost versus performance is the primary driver in every team decision and pushing money forward changes that dynamic mightily.
    It would be insane to try and argue it doesn't have any effect.

    DLaw is going to cost 20M per year either way. Paying him 4-5M this year would be stupid. That's what dummies do.
    Smart teams pay their players now and they have all the freedom in the world because of it.
    Bad teams handicap themselves because every time they restructure they are GUARANTEEING they pay X amount.
    By paying a guy what he is worth NOW, you can also pay said player what he is worth later.
    But if you restructure him you will pay him Sean Lee when he is a back up because you were a goofball and restructured him to win 1 playoff game during his peak.

    TSmith may end up cut in 2-3 seasons or taking pay cuts. He is the OL version of Sean Lee. You do not restructure him.

    Zack Martin is a very viable option. BUT, again you have to be careful because he will demand even MORE money on his next deal. If you owe him 20-25M in that last year already you will truly be hurting when you try to sign him.
    See Romo, Antonio. Team couldn't afford to cut bait and was basically held hostage by him to pay him a huge sum of money even though they knew he wasn't really healthy.

    End of day, doesn't matter.
    Dallas is executing the cap as I describe and they are winning.
  15. Nightman

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    You are a glutton for punishment and long winded in your ignorance

    We are done discussing this.... I can't talk to Flat Earth believer
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  16. jterrell

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    BTW, Antonio Brown is a perfect example of how not to manage the cap and how it can hurt you.

    PITT is spending over 10% of their 2019 cap on him.
    Because they pushed his money forward with a restructure they got to eat another 9M.
    His cap hit is 21+M. That is insane.
    But Pitt handed him 34M the last year two years with only 1.8 of it as base.
    They almost certainly expected to reduce it by restructuring him again but couldn't because he was disgruntled.
    Thus he held all the power.
    They couldn't pay him that base plus all his rolled over money.

    So now they have traded him for nothing of note and still have him eat their cap space without a real replacement.

    They missed the playoffs for the first time in 5 season last year and look even shakier now
    Losing Bell for nothing and getting only a 3rd and 5th for AB.
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  17. jterrell

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    Dead Money correlations:

    Of the top 10 players dead cap hits, 1 team made the playoffs. Dallas.

    Top 4 teams in dead money were:
    1. Buffalo 6 wins
    2. NYG 5 wins
    3. Dallas 10 wins --DAL played last year with 15% of their cap tied to dead money, paying out a Franchise tag for Tank and still won 10 games. Truly a testament to great drafting.
    4. San Fran 4 wins
  18. jterrell

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    NE has averaged ~4M below median Dead Cap since 2011 when this CBA/cap started.

    They had only 18M total the last 2 Super Bowl years.
  19. dallasdave

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    :bow::bow::bow:Well said indeed SIR :yourock::yourock::yourock::yourock:Nightman keeps us up to date with the salary and is our only Salary Guru :bow::bow::bow::bow: Thank YOU Nightman
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    No what the JONES want :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:
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