Video: T.O. discusses time in Dallas, issues with Romo, Witten, Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Sep 14, 2021.

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    I remember those days
    Very few posters didn’t love the trade lol
    Wish we could go back and see posts from those days though I don’t think it was on this board
    Not sure this board was around then
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    I'm sure he cares what you think
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    I believe and agree 100% when he says he was a good teammate on the field. No doubt, I think he always gave his best for his team to win games in those 60 minutes. I also see that he is on a talk show talking **** about the teammates he played with on the Cowboys and believe 100% he has no clue why he was cut from the team, and that is the exact reason he was cut from the team. Poor guy.
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    In his book TO talks about being raised by his mom and grandmother, wouldn't meet hs dad until he was like 12. His dad had lived right across the street with another family.
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    It was the loss at Pittsburgh that did it for T.o. Romo threw a late pick trying to force a pass to Witten and T.o. went crazy on the sideline. I knew it was over after that, Cowboys had that game won and couldn't close it out at the end. The defense played its tails off that game too. Smh :mad:
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    I think Jerry cutting him really did hurt him.
    I think he truly liked Jerry and to be honest I think Jerry truly liked TO.

    I remember that off season when they kept asking Jerry if TO was going to be cut or be with the team and Jerry said we are not getting rid of TO.

    Later TO would basically say Jerry Lied. I don't think Jerry Lied....I really think Jerry wanted to TO to stay on the team but I think he let others talk him into getting rid of TO.

    That is bizarre story about meeting and drawing stuff on the table and TO was probably right that Jerry was drunk.

    But I do think Jerry wanted to keep TO but was convinced it was the best thing to let him go by other coaches and or players.

    Also TO has a little irony in him when he said he say Tony throwing it into double coverage and spots to witten...he did the same thing for TO.
    Odd that he brought up Dez because it got to the point where I think the coaching staffs were telling romo that he had to get it to TO and later Dez just to get them involved. There were times when both TO and Dez would get upset and start yelling on the sidelines when they were not getting the ball.

    TO was clearly a great player. TO was not the same player towards the end with Dallas.

    And whether Romo, Witten and or the coaches were after him does not change the fact that TO had troubles with multiple teams to the point that they all got rid of him. Someone earlier in this thread summed it up perfectly...TO was his worst enemy. Problem was that TO was a narcissist and thought it was all someone else's fault imo
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    I just watched the stupid Shay Shay show (I personally hate Shannon) to listen to TO’s interview. It’s so telling that he is a denialist. With all the issues he has had, he never has any idea of how any of them came about, not one damn time! It’s always “I have no idea”.

    It’s well known here in Philly about the incident when McNab told him to **** in the huddle. Shannon asked him why he think McNab told him that and his response, “I have no idea”. Well several teammates have stated that they believe McNab just got frustrated because every time he would go to another receiver and the plays results wasn’t good, TO would constantly bagger him in the huddle about him being open. After a while McNab just got fed up and snapped back with the now famous “****”.
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    ..well its easy. If you have a big mouth, no one wants you on the team. Team sport, .. not ME sport.
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    The biggest mistake was signing him beyond a series of one-year deals. T.O., with his trauma history, as soon as he felt trapped in a bad situation his behavior issues would escalate. The one-year deals worked and they should have stuck with approach — if T.O. was only going to sign a long term deal that would have been the time to let him walk Belichek style because T.O. never showed the ability to finish a contract.
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    Proof not opinions, TO ran himself out of every team he played for, great player with a lot of self inflicted wounds, sad human being.
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    TO divided just about every locker room he was in during his pro career so I’m sure all the issues in Dallas were everyone else’s fault.
  13. CowboysFaninHouston

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    he was selfish. honesty had nothing to do with it.
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    I don't care what he thinks I think or don't think...he can go suck and egg.
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    the most fun was when he was in red & gold kneeling on the 50 in the middle of the Star doing his best villain act when George Teague ran over made the best tackle of his career .
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    Yes. He has some deep issues. Then, again, don't we all. The problem is that as much as people don't want to ... if you don't forgive, your past will continue to torment you. Forgiveness isn't just for others. It's for your own sanity. Why continue to let someone live in your brain long after their presence in your life is gone? :huh:
    He's still thinking about Witten, Garrett and Romo. I can probably guarantee you, they're not thinking or obsessing over T.O.
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    Top 3 WR of all-time, guy far from sucks and he should not have been released when he was
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    he sucks because he is selfish. there is a way to handle things and he handled it wrong all the time. in SF, Philly and Dallas, all ended up the same way.. at some point its him if exactly the same thing happened in all three places....he was not a good teammate...........we talk about it in our business, I talked about it in corporate world and its the most important part of building success and that's being a team. no, its not bullshiet.......when you lose trust, then you stop being a team and you stop communicating and everything falls apart. he handled it the wrong way and how he approached it. his complaining (bittching) style is toxic and we have had those around the office and I always look for a reason to fire their arses because they bring you down regardless of their talent. individuals don't win. team wins and TO wasn't a team player....he can take his talent, shove it up his arse and enjoy the feeling......
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    What proof do you need? Romo and Witten didn’t want him here. It is what it is. Would you?
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    Hard to say if he was bad in the Cowboys' locker room or not but I can say he was a helluva player. The Romo - TO connection was so much fun to watch. 2007 was one of my favorite seasons watching those two just shred defenses.
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