The coaches aren't to blame

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Rockport, Nov 1, 2015.

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    The game plan was definitely not to have Cassel test the Seahawks secondary. I can actually understand that plan. It probably should have been more aggressive. Not sure we win if its more aggressive though.

    Our 5 losses we were all significantly out classed in the single most important place in the game, QB. We've played 5 top half of the league Qbs in these last five games and been close in all but one of them. The team isn't performing terribly, but when the offense needs a play the 30-45 ranked QBs we're trotting out there just can't do it with any consistency. Yes Cassel had a 10 win season 7 years ago with what you could argue was the best post 2000 football team, the 2007 Pats.

    They need to find a way to win the next two or its probably over. I don't have much faith, other then to say at least these next two weeks the QB gap is not going to be nearly as big.

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    Tony Romo's injury has exposed Jason Garrett as a bottom tier NFL coach.
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    Parcells took us to the playoffs with Quincy Carter as our starting QB . And the rest of the team wasn't good either.

    You can win with lousy QB if you know what you are doing.
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    yea but if can't get ONE F IN touch down
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    Whatever you say Mrs. Garrett.:rolleyes:
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    They didn't score a TD the whole game and they never looked close to doing so. This team is in no place to leave points on the board. They are too hard to come back and we have a great kicker.
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    Exposed? I think those of us that actually watch the games already knew this.
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    The flippin Browns won games with Weeden, but of course the Cowboys don't have nearly the talent that the Browns do. :lmao:
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    Not really. The coaches have probably kept most of the games closer than expected with Romo and Dez out. Yes, Dez was back today but he was limited and he was defended by the CB that is probably the most equipped to defend him.

    The coaches would need to be magic to get big offensive production with Cassel against the Seahawks and their vaunted defense.
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    Exactly......On both sides of the ball.
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    Teams use pick plays and slants for their wr's. We don't. Big reason we have trouble moving the ball vs any d.
  12. Cmac

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    JG is a problem....Romo looked like the Head Coach/OC on that last play preparation. Too many times I've seen Weeden/Cassel go sit with a solemn look on their face. JG is doing this team an injustice with that BS clapping. He looks like a HS coach against his peers. Has Romo masked his ineffectiveness?

    Jay Gruden may say he is the real JG if the Skins slice his game plan up.
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    underrated post.
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  14. Cmac

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    2,893 Likes Received can't convince me that some creativity could exploit some type of mismatch for the defense. Slot position (including moving Dez around) couldn't open something that makes the D rethink. JG was a career backup, yet his backups look like crap. You would think something would rub how to ride the coattails of others.

    Under 100 yds passing is a severe indictment on bad personnel/bad coaching. The "other" CBs on Seattle never got challenged. Nobody fears these QBs at all.

    DB coach needs to get worried too. The zone plays is BS. Seattle TEs got renewed confidence in this game.
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    Probably the best post thus far in this thread.
  16. mattjames2010

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    We did move Dez around.
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    Afraid so, and I really liked Garret, but a better coach would be able to get some wins w/this loaded roster minus Romo.
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    My point exactly.
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  19. Jarv

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    Agree with this 100%!
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    We lost by 1 point to the defending NFC Champions without our starting QB. The coaches should be given credit for that. But I understand the video game generation instant gratification crowd who are too lazy to educate themselves. Being ignorant and whining is soo much more easier.
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