The new “blah, blah, blah” voice of this team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Aug 1, 2020.

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    We all know Jerry Jones is by his own design, the centerpiece and de-facto face of this franchise. He’s as hooked on TV cameras and microphones as a crack addict. He can talk for 30 minutes and make absolutely no sense.

    But in the last 8 years, Stephen Jones has slowly become more the real spokesman of what the team is doing. I still believe Jerry owns the final say with this team, but Stephen’s comments tend to make a little more sense, and often are the better predictor of what this team is going to do. Even with Stephen more up front, the results haven’t been a lot different than the previous two decades. Unlike his old man though, he tends to speak in complete sentences with mostly proper syntax.

    But where SJ is a chip off the old block is the empty BS that rolls off his tongue like a used car salesman instead of a straight shooting NFL executive.

    Here are some samples of quotes from Stephen Jones since 2012, and how often he tries to sell the fans a lot the same way his dad does.
    • Sept, 2012-Stephen Jones: “We’ve got to get it done. We are very motivated. We feel like we are right there. I totally feel like we’ve got the right guy in Jason Garrett.”

    • Aug. 2013- "We're convinced we've got the secret sauce to put this thing back together again and win championships," Stephen Jones said, “We can always be better.”

    • Nov 2013- (Regarding his “secret sauce” comment) “It was a careless comment that quite candidly, I wish I could take it back”, Jones told 105.3-FM The Fan this week. “I was having a light moment with some of the [reporters] and I let that slip.”

    • April, 2014- “The only thing the cap issues have do with us is we can’t be big players in free agency. I think history will tell you that being a big player in free agency is overrated.”
    • Aug. 2015- “We believe we are right there to win another championship.”

    • Aug. 2016 “I mean, I’m worried every day that we don’t get a championship. You worry about that all the time. That’s why we’re very aggressive in trying to get there, whatever it takes. It’s just not acceptable in our minds that we haven’t been able to win a championship in so long. I do worry about that. I worry about that all the time.”
    • May, 2018-on paying Dak when times comes: “Yeah, you know at that position, you gotta pay- it kind of is what it is,” Jones said Wednesday at the team’s annual golf tournament. “You kind of, when the time comes, [expect to pay him]. I know Dak is going to have a good year this year. I hope it’s up there. It’s going to be as he deserves. He was a fourth-round pick. No one deserves to get paid fairly more than he does.”

    • Oct. 2019- after the loss to the jets: “I still think we can have a great year and feel good about it and feel great about Jason Garrett and his staff and feel like we’ll go to work here this week and move forward.”

    • Nov, 2019 after embarrassing Thanksgiving Day loss to Bills: “We’ll move forward. We’ve all had adversity before and we’ll see how this group responds. We have a large amount of confidence that they’re gonna respond in a very good way, that we’ll go out and win this East and get in the tournament.”

    • June, 2020- “No one wants to sign Dak Prescott more than we do.”
    I’m not being critical of Stephen for being all over the map in his comments or about the Dak contract. I just wish both the Jones boys would shut their mouths for a while. Other than the Bungles, there isn’t another NFL front office executive with this much responsibility to win, and this poor a playoff record to show for it, that still has their job.

    So I wish Stephen and Jerry both would just be quiet. What they say rarely means that much regarding winning football games anyway.
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    I think my favorite might be that Bills Thanksgiving game one.

    Jerry actually cried tears after that one. Taken to the woodshed by Josh Allen.
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  3. Bobhaze

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    What amazed me when I read all these Stephen comments, was how much they sounded like stuff Jerry says.
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  4. ClappingCarrot

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    Chip off the old block, sir. He just can't help it.
  5. Lutonio

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    When I read the thread title, I immediately thought of 2019 DLaw.
  6. Bullflop

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    Stephen is just like his dad in this respect -- he takes great pride in his comments, 'til it comes back to bite him in the fanny. :muttley:

    This last one sounds much like he's trying to soothe Dak's feelings after he turned him away in their last bargaining session. :rolleyes:
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  7. fivetwos

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    The "secret sauce" comment was cute.

    Meanwhile Garrett did anything but try to disguise what they were doing on the field.

    Irony at its finest.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Preaching to the choir.
  9. Flamma

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    For me it's the one after the Jets game. The entire line was a steaming pile of sasquatch crap.
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  10. DandyDon52

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    This is the one that tells me he just doesnt get it, and therefore means the only way they win championships is if they get lucky.
    Maybe hiring MM was lucky, jerry and maybe SJ heard bells when they talked to him lol.
    They lucked into Lamb, Romo,dak, Martin, these were all guys who just fell to them, and Romo, just one coach wanted him.and even MM, was not
    planned, they just were gonna talk to him, and wound up hearing bells!.

    But yes bob , they should avoid the mic's, rather than be drawn to them, and they should only make planned statements,
    and maybe have someone else write them lol.
    Be more like kraft, save the soap box for post SB speech's.
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  11. DandyDon52

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    What did he really say here>? lol
    Great year = what to SJ??
    feel good about it and feel great about Jason Garrett and his staff went from this to your fired, and then Jason would not leave lol
    we’ll go to work here this week and move forward........this is what every team does after each game, win or lose,
    so it is totally meaningless and stupid to say.

    JG used to say it is a process,and we need to watch the tape and get better, no one ever defined "the process" and they watched years and years
    of tape and never got better.
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  12. Tangle_Foot

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    Oh yes the power of the spoken word. How We crave it. It can motivate or devastate, reveal or conceal, but in this day and time when you're asked to clarify every spoken word being somewhat generic can also be a way of self preservation. Whether it's an interview with an owner, GM, player or coach to me it's all just blah, blah, blah. I take it all with a grain of salt which is why the doctor told me I should lower my sodium intake;)
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  13. cowboyed

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    I get it, Stephen and Jerry should operate in abject silence as some sort of penance. Why stop there, why don't you have Stephen and Jerry both shirtless walking around the stadium flogging themselves with olive branches. The NFL expects public and media communication from team owners and executive management as well as the GM and head coach. Heck, even the players have historically commented on the outlook of the team, waxing positive about the next game or season. Without getting on a soap box there certainly are more things to think about right now than Stephen and Jerry yapping from the past to the present.
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  14. Alexander

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    Remember when people thought he was different and would hire a real GM to be accountable?

    Good times.
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  15. fivetwos

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    Again, hope.

    What else do we have?
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  16. fivetwos

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    I wonder exactly how much power and influence McClay has behind the scenes.

    Logic tells me he calls the shots and allows to look like it's those two, and is paid accordingly.

    This roster looks a little too ok for two guys that truly arent qualified to put it together.

    I think Jerry was really running things back when the roster was truly lean and the drafts were a total mess.
  17. glimmerman

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    I bet McClays bonus grows every year. He is running the drafts likely.
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  18. OmerV

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    Obviously it’s more frequent with Jerry, and as you said, Stephen’s participation is growing, but these kinds of empty comments are pretty common for all teams. They all have to talk with the media, even if less than Jerry does, and much of it is spoken just to feed the media an obligatory comment without having to say anything of substance.
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  19. OmerV

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    McClay is building prospect profiles and recommendations, and clearly the team gives weight to what he thinks, but he isn’t making the final draft day decisions.
  20. glimmerman

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    I think he has more weight in his recommendations. JJ wanted Johnny football bad and I was surprised he didn’t draft him. Maybe his son talked him out of it. Do you think it was JJs pick for Lamb this year. Not saying your wrong or I am right but drafts have gotten better. Either he is taking more advice or JJ has gotten better over the years at making the decisions. And I haven’t seen that gamble with the second round pick in a few years. I think Jaylon was the last one.
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