This is why you have to consider all options at 10

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Feb 18, 2021.

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    Cool man, grab a TE, so by the time he gets open your QB is getting blasted on his blindside. Or how about you score 30 and still get beat by 10...good times.
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    Lord, give me the strength.
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    I think Pitts and Waddle are 2 guys to watch. I think both of these guys add a dimension to the offense that would be difficult pass up. Farley’s Pro day will give us an idea of whether his speed and
    athleticism are special.
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    I agree with you. But I really don't like any defender at #10. I'm for trading back for a defender and picking up an extra 2nd. Dallas needs the picks. But if Dallas is going to stay at 10, offense is probably going to be the better choice. I'm only going by the players I see.
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    I am with you.

    number 10 pick last year made 19.7 million
    cedee at 17 made 14million
    #20 13million

    So, if they pick a defender that should be pick 15 or 20, you are overpaying 6 or 7 million

    Take the OT, TE, or WR
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    it’s similar, sure, but the difference is that they already drafted lamb. Taking him was a semi luxury, but also a need. With Cobb leaving, Amaris contract structured the way it is, and Gallup due up, lamb made a ton of sense. We also hadn’t just fielded the worst defense in franchise history. I’m not saying don’t draft him if it lines up, but not quite the same.
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    JHC we’ll get D when we can ...... they’re not going to take a guy rated as a 6/10 for D when you’ve got a TE rated as a 10/10 at the spot sitting there when you pick. The pick has to make sense and we need immediate starters on both O and D. I’m not gonna trot Schultz out when I can line up our freaking TE against your #2 and in most cases #1 CB. He’s a nightmare mismatch for any DB.
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    Makes sense
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    Thought pretty much the entire 1st round was for luxury for every team unless they had an obvious hole to fill due to injury or retirement. Round 1 should be all about obtaining the best player you can get regardless of need. Round 2 is when you start going for need because it’s a bigger crapshoot each round thereafter. You just hope you hit most of them right.
    That’s just me.
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    Pitts might be the most talented pass receiving TE that I’ve ever seen coming out in the draft. It isn’t just him being 6’6” and running like a speed WR... it is his hands (he rarely misses anything), his knack for and understanding of routes, and his football instincts where he does things that good RB’s do when they carry the ball.

    He’s a natural receiver. He’s a natural runner with the ball. He understands angles and leverage. He has tremendous, natural hand use. And he is ridiculously physically talented. His tape tells you that he is a great football player. His pro day will just confirm why none of those defenders had a chance against him.

    He’ll be special year one and a good offensive coordinator will win some games because of him. There will be no defender that can equal his impact for Dallas at 10. Only a great DE or DT could to that and there are none in this draft.

    Yeah, if Pitts is there at 10, Dallas should take him. I’m afraid he won’t be though. About the best we can hope for is that he ends up in the AFC.
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    And we absolutely will not win until we change our draft strategy and build the D. A TE does not make us better. No matter how good he is.

    If he's that well regarded, we should easily be able to garner some extra draft picks trading his rights off.
  12. AsthmaField

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    The defense needs to be much better. That can come in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th rounds if you wish. That can also come in veteran Free Agency.

    I already expect a lot of defensive improvement from just having Quinn instead of Nolan, who the players didn’t like and couldn’t relate to. Not enough of an improvement just with coaching... but a lot. And just a little improvement in defense would have put a few more wins on their record... and that is with Dak still getting hurt.

    Before we get in a long debate, let me say that I agree with you that the defense needs to be the focus this offseason because that is what held Dallas back and caused a lot of losses. They absolutely will add a whole lot to the defense before camp kicks off.

    However, if you have what you believe to be a rare, pro bowl talent there at TE, and there is no rare, pro bowl talent at a defensive position, then take the player that has a chance to end up in your Ring of Honor, because those guys don’t come around often, and because building a roster in the salary cap era is and should be about far more than plugging holes. Pitts is the type of guy that could lead an offense to the super bowl in four years when Gallup or Cooper are playing somewhere else.

    So, I know you won’t agree with me about pick 10, and that is fine. I’m not even saying that I know that I’m right. It is simply my belief that Pitts is too special to pass up for just a good, solid defensive player. One can be a cornerstone player for a decade (IMO) and the other might have the impact of Byron Jones or (heaven forbid) Taco Charlton.

    If there was a potential Ring of Honor type DT or DE sitting there along with Pitts, I’d say that the defensive side of the ball needs one of those kinds of guys and go defense because of need. But there isn’t. Not even close.

    I want to add that special talent when you have the chance... which isn’t every first round pick that you have. It isn’t very often at all.

    Peace though man. I understand your view.
  13. jnday

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    The chance of drafting a defensive player that would/could have the impact of a top play-making offensive player is between slim and none. Using Lamb as an example from the most recent draft, he will have more impactful, game-winning plays during his career than any defensive player that could have been drafted. It takes a defensive player like Deion to be comparable and have the impact that a top offensive player like Lamb can have.
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    Love Pitts! Huge luxury pick though. Good news is either he’s available for us or he pushes a defensive player down. If top defenders fly off the board and Pitts is there, we’d just have to think long and hard about taking him. Easily one of the top players in the entire draft.
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    I get the bpa stuff, i really do, dont freakin take Pitts if hes 9th on your board and a OT and defender are 10th and 11th. If a defender is like 15th or 20th sure but if it was close and you take Pitts you're a dumb team and its a dumb decision. :facepalm:
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    I think it’s very possible that Pitts and Chase will be top 5 players on our board. I guess Parsons or Farley could be viewed as elite because I think their workouts are going to be impressive. I’m a big Surtain fan but athletically I don’t believe he’s elite. Only OL I would consider at 10 is Sewell. If there is a top 5 player on the board I think Jerry is going to take him.
  17. stilltheguru

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    So you would take chase if he was a top 5 talent and other guys were top 10 talents?
  18. kskboys

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    Very well said.

    Especially considering that evaluating players is not even close to being an exact science. It always cracks me up when people scream "BPA", when there's actually no such thing, as these players are prospects, and you can only evaluate on projection.
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  19. Malhavoc

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    I think the Jones boys are pretty predictable. Always looking to run to the press conference declare they got a player that was higher on their boards. I think Chase could be rated the 2nd player on our draft board. I don’t think they pass on the player.
  20. kskboys

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    Jerry drafts specifically to make a splash. That's why he builds mediocre teams.

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