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    Heh I used to live in Darien, CT which borders Stamford, CT. Boston Post Road (Route 1) which was basically the main highway up and down the east coast back in the day before real highways existed. Wild Turkeys holding up traffic is notorious. They will flock right into the middle of Post road and just sit there or walk straight down the road blocking traffic hah.

    These turkeys are bold hah.
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    Today in Strangeness: September 1rst...September 1st...

    On this day in 1859, a solar superstorm peaked with a massive coronal ejection heading directly toward Earth. Known as the
    Carrington Event, this powerful geomagnetic storm caused the failure of telegraph systems, and auroras were seen all over the world.
    On September 1, 1902, A Trip to the Moon, arguably the first science-fiction film, premiered in France.


    Time Travel isn't possible, right!?

    Paul Sutter is an astrophysicist at The Ohio State University and the chief scientist at COSI Science Center. Sutter is also host of
    Ask a Spaceman, We Don’t Planet, and COSI Science Now.

    Special relativity teaches us that the three dimensions of space and the solitary dimension of time are woven together like a fabric.
    It's impossible to think of them as separate entities, only a singular unified entity — space-time. We can't think of motion through
    space without being mindful of motion through time, and vice versa. Left-right, up-down, back-forth and past-future are all on equal
    footing.And yet, time does seem a little different. We have complete freedom of movement within space, but we cannot avoid our future.
    Time seems to have an "arrow," whereas the spatial dimensions are ambidextrous. Given the unity between time and space, it leads to
    the obvious question: Is time travel, of any sort, possible? Under any circumstances? At all?

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    ...Last week I couldn't post a entry in the subtopic "the Dream" because of the storm, so I had a nightmare instead...but not as bad as Rockport, Port
    Aransas, and Houston!...Corpus was hit, but it dodged the big bullet...and I'm am very grateful!...This weekend I am continuing with "the Dream."


    3.) Vehicles...

    Whether a car, airplane, train or ship, the vehicles in our dream can reflect what direction we feel our life is taking, and how
    much control we think we have over the path ahead of us. Vehicles can give us the power to make a transition and envision ourselves
    getting to our destination — or highlight the obstacles we think we are facing and need to work through.
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    “Honor Memorial Day”

    Today in Strangeness: September 4th...

    On September 4, 1985, the first pictures of the Titanic wreck were released, after a joint American-French expedition discovered
    the sunken ship. In the waters off Nova Scotia...and Duncan Hodgson caught a 997 lb. tuna on this day in 1950.


    Slew of New Species Discovered in the Amazon:

    A new report from conservationist groups studying flora and fauna in the Amazon indicates that an astounding 381 new species were
    found there in just a two year period of research. Included in the haul of new creatures are 93 fish, 32 amphibians, 20 mammals,
    19 reptiles, and one lonely bird. Additionally, a heretofore unknown 216 species of plants were also discovered in the jungle region.

    The two year total, coupled with the results of previous research projects in the area, bring the cumulative number of new species
    found in the Amazon since 1999 to nearly 2,000 different plants and animals. Although wildlife experts celebrated the findings, they
    cautioned that there is a worrisome aspect to the discoveries as well since all 381 of the plants and animals reside in an area
    threatened by human activity. By virtue of the fact that this area of the Amazon boasts such a diverse array of new species,
    conservationists expressed concern that further development of the area could result in creatures or plants going extinct before
    they are ever even discovered.

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    Today in Strangeness: September 5th...

    No need to hurry out of bed, this is "Be Late for Something Day."
    Dressed in a red robe, Squeaky Fromme, a Charles Manson follower, was arrested on this date in 1975,
    for pointing a Colt semi-automatic pistol at President Ford. She was released from prison in 2009.


    Cell Phone Spotted in Old Painting?

    A painting from the 1930's is raising eyebrows because it seems to show a Native American gazing at a cell phone.
    The piece, entitled 'Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield', depicts a meeting between English settlers and Native
    Americans in Massachusetts during the 17th century. Amidst the rather chaotic scene showcased in the painting is one moment
    which looks eerily familiar to modern observers: a Native American sitting in a canoe looking intently at a small black
    rectangle held in his hands.

    Of course, since it would be another seven decades before the first cell phone was invented, the uncanny appearance of such a
    device in the painting has led to speculation surrounding time travel. However, art historians have offered their own suggestions
    for what the enigmatic object might be, including a mirror, a Bible, and an iron blade.

    While the possibility that it is, indeed, a cell phone is rather fantastic, such a scenario would require a rather complex
    explanation worthy of a time travel film. Since the image is a painting rather than a photograph, artist Umberto Romano would have
    to have known that Native American possessed cell phone technology and then hidden this information in the artwork. Were that the
    case, it would mean that this secret knowledge was passed down centuries after America was settled, somehow been revealed to Romano,
    and yet still remain a secret today. As such, it's likely that the prosaic explanations presented by academics is the likely solution
    to what the mysterious 'device' could be.
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    Today in Strangeness: September 6th...

    On this date in 1901, Pres. William McKinley, attending the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, was mortally wounded by anarchist Leon Csolgosz. After the assassination, Congress officially ordered the Secret Service to protect U.S. presidents.


    Tourist Haunted by Stolen Stone:

    An Australian tourist's attempt at acquiring a unique piece of Welsh history allegedly turned into a nightmare. Administrators at the Abbeycwmhir Heritage Trust in Wales say that they received an anonymous letter in the mail which contained a small stone and a rather remarkable story. According to the author of the note, a self-described 'fan of Welsh history,' they had recently visited the famed 12th century abbey and snatched a rock from the site, which is little more than ruins today. This purportedly proved to be an ill-advised decision, the letter writer claims, as their luck soon took a turn for the worse, leaving
    the person feeling as if they were being punished by the legendary Welsh prince who is buried at the abbey.

    Although the author does not go into detail about the specific incidents which were so troubling, they were apparently enough to prompt the thief to send the stone back to the abbey along with a profound apology. The letter and the pilfered stone from the abbey
    are now on display at the site, perhaps as a warning to any other tourists who may have similar plans to take home a piece of the historic structure.


    Elusive Amazon Monkey Seen for the First Time in Nearly a Century:

    An incredibly rare species of monkey has been photographed by a conservationist during an expedition to the Amazon, constituting the first time the creature has been seen in 80 years! Sporting golden hair on its limbs and shaggy fur covering its body, the 'Vanzolini bald-faced saki' is one a handful of monkey species which live in remote parts of the Amazon and have largely remained mysterious to researchers.

    However, Dr. Laura Marsh put together an expedition to the area earlier this year in an attempt to find the Vanzolinibald-faced saki. As one can see, Marsh's mission was a resounding success as she managed to not only see the creature, but also photograph it during a moment which profoundly moved the researcher.

    "It was fantastic," she told National Geographic, "I was trembling and so excited I could barely take a picture."
    In a detail which may make Bigfoot hunters turn green with envy, Marsh's saki sighting took place a mere four days into the expedition which stunned the group who expected a much more difficult and possibly even fruitless search.

    With the Amazon developing at a worrying pace, Marsh and her colleagues hope that the newfound evidence for the "breathtakincreature" can help get it classified as 'threatened' and possibly protect the rare animal from hunters.

    ...(Note:.....I must say that the "editor" on this site leaves little to be desired...amen.
    Also...I feel for you Eze...when you get the ball in the Giants game...Runnnnnnnnnnnnn!):thumbup:
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    ...* First I'd like to welcome everyone to the start of the "2017 NFL Regular Season", which begins tonight with a game between KC and NE!
    I even have a couple of Fantasy players in the games....How about you!?!...Anyway all I can say now is...


    Today In Strangeness: September 7th...

    On today's date in 1813, the nickname for the United States "Uncle Sam " got its start. Samuel Wilson, a meat packer in New York,
    supplied barrels of beef to the US Army during the War of 1812, and marked them with the initials "U.S." for United States. Soldiers
    began referring to the food as "Uncle Sam's," and a local newspaper picked up the story.
    On September 7, 1927 inventor Philo T. Farnsworth and assistants successfully transmitted the first all-electronic television image.
    [​IMG] ...?.....I do believe some slight adjustment may be required!


    Civil War Submarine Mystery Solved:

    A longstanding mystery surrounding a Confederate submarine which sank during the Civil War appears to have been solved.
    The pioneering vessel, dubbed the H.L Hunley, is credited as the first submarine to successfully down an enemy ship, but that
    historic moment now appears to have been the cause of its demise.

    While out at sea in 1864, the Hunley attacked and sunk the U.S.S. Housatonic and then promptly vanished shortly thereafter.
    Incredibly, the submarine was not seen again for another 131 years, when the vessel was found intact on the seafloor off the coast
    of South Carolina in 1995.

    After the famed craft was raised from the water in 2000, it was donated to the state of South Carolina for historic preservation and
    study. In the ensuing years, researchers have examined both the vessel and the bodies of the crew inside of the craft in an attempt
    to discern what may have caused it to sink and experts now believe they know the answer.

    A recently-published report concludes that the downing of the submarine was caused by a blast wave created by the vessel's own
    rudimentary torpedo system backfiring. According to this scenario, an enormous wave of pressure swept through the cabin of the
    submarine when it struck the Housatonic. The powerful blast would have been enough to render the crew of the submarine either
    knocked out or incapacitated and subsequently led to the sinking of the vessel.
    Researchers believe, the bodies of the crew give no indication that they were trying to escape the submarine nor react to damage to
    the ship that was causing it to sink. Considering how horrifying it might be to die in a sinking submarine, it is somewhat comforting
    that the crew were probably unaware of their impending doom and passed rather peacefully while unconscious.
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    Today in Strangeness: September 8th...

    On this date, the powerful Hurricane of 1900 hit the city of Galveston, Texas, causing an estimated 8,000 deaths. On September 8, 1974.
    Evel Knievel attempted (unsuccessfully) to vault across the mile-wide Snake River Canyon in a rocket-like contraption he called the
    "Sky Cycle."

    Snake River Canyon
    Sky Cycle


    Mysterious 'Devil's Letter' Decoded:

    An eerie 17th century letter that was written in code by a nun said to be possessed by the devil has allegedly been deciphered.
    The creepy missive was purportedly composed by Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione in 1676 following a bizarre episode in which
    the nun awoke with a face covered in ink and possessing the cryptic letter. The sisters at her convent were convinced that the note
    was the product of some kind of demonic influence, since the text was comprised of various letters from the alphabets of different
    languages and, therefore, could not be read.

    Over the next 341 years, an array of academics, occultists, and cryptographers attempted to decode the letter, but no one could unlock
    the message contained in the notorious note. However, a recent research project in Italy appears to have finally solved some of the
    mystery by determining the meaning of 15 lines from the text. Remarkably, the team managed to decipher the message by using a computer
    algorithm used by intelligence services for just such an endeavor which the researchers obtained on the infamous 'dark web.'

    As to what the 'Devil's Letter' says, the general theme of the missive appears to be some kind of musing on the nature of God's
    relationship to man and how Satan figures into the equation. Although the researchers have not released the complete text at this time,
    they did share one particularly unnerving passage which states, "God thinks he can free mortals. This system works for no one."

    Considering that it took centuries for the code to be broken, one can't help but wonder, based on the chilling 'insight' revealed so
    far, whether we were ever supposed to know what Satan had to say to the sister and what might happen knowing that we're poised to find
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    4.) People...

    Seeing other people in your dream often is a reflection of the different aspects of the self. The people in dreams can relate to characteristics that need to be developed. Specific people directly relate to existing relationships or interpersonal issues we need to work through. Dreaming of a lover, in particular, is frequently symbolic of an aspect of ourselves, from which we feel detached.
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    (...On a couple of personal notes:
    I would like to honor the memories of all those that perished in the September 11 attacks, and a true heart-felt out to their families and friends!
    ...and, I would like to congratulate the Dallas Cowboys for finally getting that New York "Football" Giants monkey off their backs...19 to 3...Well done!)

    Today in Strangeness: September 11...

    On this date in 1921, the first-ever Hollywood scandal began when silent-film star Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was arrested for the
    murder of actress Virginia Rappe. At the time of his arrest, Arbuckle was a massive movie star, commanding an unheard-of $1 million
    per year salary from his studio. After two mistrials, a third trial saw Arbuckle acquitted of the charges, though his career never
    recovered from the scandal


    TX Woman Earns Astounding Title:

    A woman from Houston, Texas has been awarded the record for the world's longest fingernails by Guinness.
    Aryanna Williams says that she has been growing her jaw-dropping nails for around 23 years to the point that they now
    measure a combined length of 18 feet and ten inches.

    The prodigious nails have become so long that they now require an exhaustive amount of maintenance as well as prevent Williams
    from performing a vast array of everyday tasks. Nonetheless, her patience has been rewarded via a spot in the 2018 Guinness Book
    of World Records after the previous titleholder 'tapped out' and finally clipped her nails last year. Adding a unique perspective
    on Williams' record as only they can, Guinness notes that her longest fingernail measures 27 inches and, thus, actually exceeds
    the height of the world's shortest man.
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    Today in Strangeness: September 12th...

    On this day in 1940, at the Lascaux cave system near Montignac, France, a collection of prehistoric paintings were discovered by
    four teenagers who stumbled upon the ancient artwork after following their dog down a narrow entrance into a cavern.
    ( Over 600 parietal wall paintings decorate the interior walls and ceilings of the cave. The paintings are primarily of large animals,
    typical local and contemporary fauna that correspond with the fossil record of the Upper Paleolithic time. The drawings are the
    combined effort of many generations, and with continued debate, the paintings are estimated around 17,000 years old.)
    ...Click on photo to enlarge...


    Runaway Tick Causes Panic at Press Conference in Japan:

    Health officials in Japan were left scrambling when a press conference about the dangers of ticks went horribly awry.
    The strange scene can be traced back to one worker's ill-conceived idea to bring a living ixodid tick( a hard bodied tick)
    to the event so that members of the press could see the insect they were warning the public about. After a series of photos were
    taken, someone suddenly noticed that the menacing bug had gone missing and was, therefore, scurrying around the room looking for
    its next victim.

    No doubt unnerved by the worrisome parasite latching on to one of them, reporters and health officials on hand searched the room and,
    presumably, their own bodies for the rogue insect. ...(Ha- that's just funny.)
    Unsurprisingly, given its small size, the tick was never found and workers were forced to fumigate the room multiple times to assuage
    concerns about the runaway creature.

    In what may be the understatement of the year, one official mused, "we should have taken better safety precautions."
    While that may be the case, there's always a chance that the weird turn of events was a blessing in disguise if reporters managed
    to convey how terrified they were by the incident to their viewers.

    .... Question! Where do animals go when their tails fall off?...To the retail store!...[​IMG]
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    Today in Strangeness: September 13th...

    On this day in 1899, Henry Bliss became the first American to die in an auto accident when he was run over by a taxicab as he
    exited a streetcar in New York City.
    On September 13, 1982 the 'Dingo Ate My Baby' trial began in Australia.
    Henry Bliss...


    Two-Headed Snake Caught in AR:

    During an otherwise routine home inspection, an electrician in Arkansas made a jaw-dropping discovery: a two-headed rattlesnake!
    Rodney Kelso says that he spotted the hydra-like creature lounging in the sun and, thinking quickly, grabbed some gloves so that he
    could ease the animal into a box for safekeeping. The impromptu snake charmer subsequently brought the two-headed serpent, which
    measured around eleven inches long, to a nearby nature center.

    While some may decry Kelso's decision to intervene and take the snake away from its natural habitat, animal experts say that it was
    probably for the best. Incredibly, as explained by a specialist at the nature center, the snake actually possesses two independent
    minds, so to speak, due to the pair of heads. And so, like in a bad sci fi comedy, disagreements between the two brains sharing one
    body would likely give it a distinct disadvantage when faced with reacting to a dangerous situation.
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    Strange extra...

    Could you understand Old English if you went back in time?

    OK, so you've finally built your time machine... Now you just need to pick a time
    in history to what year?
    How far back in time could you go and still understand the English that people are speaking?

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    Today in Strangeness: September 14th...

    On this date in 1995, the Body Worlds exhibition debuted in Japan. The museum display features human remains, preserved in plastic
    via a process called plastination. Body Worlds proved to be a huge hit and has gone on to be featured in over 50 museums throughout
    the world. However, it has also spawned numerous ethical debates as well as urban legends about the source of the plastic encased


    Slow Motion Landslide Filmed in China:

    A mesmerizing video from China shows a lava-like landslide creeping down a hill to the amazement of onlookers.
    The weird footage became somewhat of a viral sensation on Chinese social media when it was posted earlier this month as viewers
    wondered what could have caused the bizarre event.

    Experts who have examined the scene identified it as a type of landslide known as an 'earthflow,' where disturbed sediment rolls
    downhill in an oozing fashion. Since earthflows are so slow, they generally do not pose any immediate danger to people who may find
    themselves in the vicinity of such a phenomenon, but the force of the flow can be destructive to anything that cannot be moved out
    of the way.

    In this particular case, the Chinese family who found themselves in the midst of the odd landslide ended up losing their home and
    car to the unstoppable flow of dirt. As to what may have caused the event to occur, scientists say that it was likely due to the
    melting of permafrost in the region resulting in topsoil being dislodged and forming the earthflow.
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    Early Morning Strange...

    Paul McCartney sounds incredible on the Mellotron:
    The Mellotron is an instrument from the 1960s that looks a bit like the piano. It allows a musician to play all sorts of different sounds like the flute or trumpet without using the actual instrument. Each key plays on a loop creating the sounds of an entire band. Watch Paul McCartney play a tune on the Mellotron.

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    What does the dream of flying like superman while nude signify? ,,, cuz' I have thoseo_O
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    ...In your case...I believe I would take it literally!...;)

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