Twitter: Troy: Dysfunction within the organization

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jan 5, 2020.

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    Nothing is preventing Garrett from coaching, other than him not getting job offers. If Jerry offered him a FO job and he refused it, that’s on him. He can go wherever he wants now.
  2. _sturt_

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    I'll take that as a "yes."

    And/but btw, don't be so quick to presume what you know about me and my attitude about Garrett. Because you're off by quite a bit so far.

  3. SportsGuru80

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    He's absolutely correct. I hate the way the Cowboys are ran! Jerry Jones and his brood are terrible!
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    Loved Troy as a player but I'm sick of him white knighting for Garrett. If he had a starting tackle or a manager at his car dealership who wasn't getting the job done, he wouldn't care about their commitment or effort. He'd get them out of there and install someone who could get it done.

    You don't get credit for trying hard at this level, and Troy knows that.
  5. TexasFrog

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    Agree! Not sure when Troy has gone after Garrett. He, Irvin and others embolden Jerry because they think JG, the friend, hung the moon. Cowboy way! Keep it in house. The minute these guys start getting true about the situation is the minute it changes. Jerry feels the 90s support snd sticks with it. Troy has no clue that he’s part of the problem because instead of attacking just Jerry they don’t attack the incestuous nature of the franchise
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  6. khiladi

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    Garrett is a snake. He wasn’t even part of the organization in reality. Just there because of the nepotism of his father. Then he attached himself to key guys in the organization like he did with Romo, trying to hang out with him during the summer, following him around, and then disappear when he got his boy Dak. He actually spent more of his time during the dysfunctional years than the glory years.
  7. SoBlue128

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    Troy is staring to sound like a bitter old woman sitting on the porch waiting for someone to step on the lawn.
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  8. Zman5

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    From bits and pieces I gathered, it sounded like the Jones were doing JG a favor by not trying to embarrass him by firing him outright after the Sunday's game.
    The "JG allowed the Jones to fire him" comment gives us some clues. Jones probably told JG they don't want him anymore but will not fire him publicly and embarrass JG.

    JG then try to beg for his job back by asking for multiple meetings to convince the Jones. The Jones said no and probably got sick of JG's shenanigans and leaked the news to Werder so they can move on with the interviews. Hoping JG will finally get the message after seeing the news on ESPN. JG finally realized it was a lost cause and told Jones they can do whatever they want hence the comment "JG allowed the Jones to fire him".
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  9. clff15701

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    Troy is right. Jerry should have been upfront with Jason and just fired him.
  10. yimyammer

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    Me too, don't ever change Troy (except to amp up the vitriol spewed at jeri & spawn)
  11. lockster

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    Lol. I think it's time for a new stadium!
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  12. _sturt_

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    The thrust of Troy's comments was not to say Red deserved another chance.

    Read again.

    It was more along the lines of "there's a way for an organization to conduct itself, and especially with regard to an employee who virtually no one disagrees gave everything he had while he was there... and that wasn't it."


    "That tells you something about the overall dysfunction that pervades this organization right now."

    He's not wrong. By any stretch.
  13. BlueStar22

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    I agree with what Troy. HOWEVER, with no new contract in hand, Jason should have had his office cleaned out by week 17. Do the exit interviews and get the hell out of dodge unless told otherwise. He could have began exploring his options a week ago.
  14. Chocolate Lab

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    Thanks, but I read it just fine. It's not Jerry's fault that Jason acted like the stray cat you foolishly feed which then won't leave your porch. Jason knew he was out, which is why he kept campaigning for his job hoping to change Jerry's mind.

    Jerry has plenty of flaws as we all know, but mistreating Jason is not one of them. On the contrary, he's given him way too many breaks over the years, not to mention about 42 million dollars more than he should have.
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  15. Zman5

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    People forget Jones' Cowboys are ran like a mom and pop shop that just happen to be worth 4 billion dollars. It's not ran like any other fortune 500 companies.
    Go look at the war room during the draft. What big corporation would allow the executive's grand children in the room during a big board meeting?
    You are going to be disappointed expecting the Jone's Cowboys to act the same way as Google or General Motors.
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  16. Kaiser

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    Whatever you think of Garrett, the HC gets fired after a season like this. Aikman knows that. And my reaction to reading Troy's comments was that he was an announcer for the Cowboys-Bears game that sealed Garrett's firing - how could he be surprised by this?
  17. Beaker42

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    Except that now it appears Troy has been clueless as to how bad Jason has been.
  18. Kaiser

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    But what is Jerry supposed to do? Extend Garrett after a season like this? Any team in the NFL would fire their HC after this season. Troy is being a good friend to Garrett but in reality Garrett was gone after the Bears game no matter what.
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  19. BigD5

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    Troy Aikman hates the Cowboys. And Jerry specifically. Always has
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  20. AmishCowboy

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    They give him 10 years, Troy!
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