Unrealistic Cowboys fans blame Romo

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by DallasDW00ds0n, May 30, 2014.

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    Nobody is placing complete blame on Romo. All people are saying is he is not blameless. He certainly plays a role in our team being mediocre. He chokes right along with the rest of the team.
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    Fair enough
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    And that's what people don't understand.
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    Yeah but they did resort to trick plays to win. Also the scheme the D had was pitiful, I'm sorry. I don't blame Romo for that game but I thought he could have done more and involve Dez in the game a little more.
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    I suppose that is a fair argument...he certainly owns his share of the blame. The problem is there are not too many QB's out there that give the Cowboys a better chance to win..and you certainly cannot expect a rookie to come in and improve on what we have in Romo. It's quite the quandry. I for one wouldn't be all that disappointed if the Cowboys decided to move on and start developing a new QB...I'd accept the growing pains inherent with that move...horrible cap implications aside. But, as I said before, and the OP mentioned, it's ridiculous to put the blame on Romo for not winning a Championship, when the Cowboys have had so many other issues that I would rate well above Romo's negative impact.
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    Take a look at both of those games. Romo was smothered by both defenses. He had about 1.5 secs to make a play and there were 2-3 defenders in his face. The offensive line could not handle the Giants who went on to win it all or the Vikings. From what I remember Romo was sacked 5+ times in each.

    Major offensive line failure in both games.
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    Not even close.
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    Don't hold your breath waiting on Section000 to come up with an answer. It's embarrassing that our own fans buy into the national media nonsense. They're supposed to be watching the games.
    In their own twisted minds, Romo haters believe that Romo leads the league every year in "game ending" interceptions. In reality, Tom Brady ended 3-4 games with interceptions last year and had another game he "won" where he came up empty on three game winning drives before the Broncos finally muffed a punt.
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    How do you know that? Are you in that locker room?
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    Just curious, who is the leader then?
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    Source: NFL.com>Stats>Players By Name>Player Name>Situational Stats>Season

    Off-subject: Recently, a claim was made that I compared Romo with Elway.
    No comparison was made.
    However, this post is an example of a comparison of interceptions by QBs listed above only.​
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    I don't usually do this as I find myself defending Romo more often than not in the real world, but for those pointing out Tom Brady's end of game INTS last year, just a few things to bear in mind:

    1. In the Bengals game, he had Aaron Dobson wide open and the ball hit him directly in the hands and he dropped it, which would have sealed the game.
    2. The 'end of game INT' in the Panthers game occurred on the very last play of the game with no time left/no time outs.

    I guess what I'm stating is that if you absolve Romo from blame in several losses with similar results as the above i.e. the 2007 Giants playoff game/2011 Giants game, then you'd have to do the same thing for Tom Brady as similar situations happened to him in his blunders.

    My memory is a little foggy on the Patriots loss to Miami that ended in an INT, but I do believe it was a 'hailmary' type of situation where Brady threw a prayer. Bear in mind, Romo very rarely, if ever, throws a hailmary attempt as the last play and generally checks down as we proceed to attempt to play hot potato with laterals.

    For the record, my personally opinion is that Romo was not at fault for either of those games since again, it was the last play of the game and in the second game, he led us down the field with zero timeouts in 48 seconds to kick the game winner (which we actually made but Tom Coughlin called a timeout, and the next attempt was blocked by JPP).

    Again, sometimes stats don't tell the whole story as many of the other QB's attempt "hailmary" types of plays that end in INT's, which will make their 4th quarter INT rate look worse, where Romo doesn't do this too often. This is why I'm not the biggest fan of always relying on stats, although Romo's stats of 31-10 can't really be argued with too much IMO.
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    If I'd been in a coma since 2007 and woke up today to read this thread, it's like I never missed a beat.
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    In the Saints game he had one that should of ended the game. But Sean Payton had terrible game management and gave the ball back to Brady. But it was a horrible pick nevertheless.
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    The scoring or points were what I took from your comment about the second nthe defense gives up points. Which is why I said you made a conclusion you might not have meant to.
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    Awesome....so show me a stat where those Int's prevented any of those QB's from making the playoffs, and how many prevented them from winning Rings, those other 3 guys do have rings right? Or am I going crazy?

    Oh ok
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    No, you're back-pedaling and twisting the subject around because the statement you made doesn't hold water. It's okay to be wrong.
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    LOL ok clearly you didnt watch the Giants game. Romo was sacked once. Manning threw for 163 yrds. That game was what all NFC east games usually are. Ugly and a fight.

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