Was it a mistake by JG to go for the 58 yd fg try?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DandyDon52, Jan 10, 2019.

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  1. DandyDon52

    DandyDon52 Well-Known Member

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    I think it was, and it could have cost the cowboys the game if Seattle had not lost their kicker.

    Here is the situation:
    Dallas 3 Seattle 3 2nd qtr 3.12 remaining Ball is at Seattle 40.

    Now to me this is a battle of defense and field position, and the chances of making this long
    of a kick is 50 / 50.
    Miss the kick and you give Seattle great position at the Seattle 48.
    This is not smart to me, I think you punt and try to down ball inside the 10.

    By missing Seattle now got the upper hand in field position, and they drove a short distance for a FG.
    then after kicking off we got the ball at our own 25.

    Now had we punted and held Seattle to 3 and out we would have had upper hand still in field position.

    If we had made the FG it is only 3 points, early in the game, so not really worth losing in field position.

    Now 2 things I read later that the kick by maher was partially blocked or deflected, and on re-watch hard to
    tell but it might have been.

    2nd thing is when a team misses a FG the ball is evidently spotted at the point the ball is kicked from,
    not the LOS! I didn't know this, and was wondering why LOS was the 40 but Seattle started at the 48.

    But this is the type of decision making by JG that just isnt good. He should know better by now.
    In this type game and that situation it is smarter to punt, and make Seattle drive long way for any points
    they get, dont give them a short field.

    I will add that if I were HC in playoffs, I would not put maher out there unless it was 48 yds or closer, except if time is about up in half or the game.
    punt and play field position.
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  2. Bardley1985

    Bardley1985 Active Member

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    I hated the call. I would have rather went for it than kick it. Momentum and field position killed us by going for a very long kick. Not worth kicking unless before halftime or last second kick.

    I hope Jason gets aggressive his game vs the Rams.
  3. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

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    They changed that rule several years back.

    It was absolutely a mistake. JG has this erroneous way of thinking that since he made a FG that long before, he'd do it again. He seems to be unaware of what a low percentage kick is.
  4. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    No but it was a mistake not to replace Maher during the season. There were options.
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  5. gmoney112

    gmoney112 Well-Known Member

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    I thought it'd have been great for momentum before half to go for it there, get a first and try to get 7 before half would have been great. You aren't really hurt if you don't get it, besides them getting decent field position. Defense was lights out this far though, so meh.

    I could see the "up at half" line of thinking. I don't think it was a bad idea indoors, Maher has the leg, and it looked like it was going to be a dogfight.
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  6. DandyDon52

    DandyDon52 Well-Known Member

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    Maher is better than most of the other kickers in the league or the ones I have seen.
    Anything over 50 is tough and a low chance of making it.
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  7. droopdog7

    droopdog7 Well-Known Member

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    It was a risky call for sure. Of course, lots of people hate garrett for being conservative. So...
  8. DandyDon52

    DandyDon52 Well-Known Member

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    it was 4th and 10, so again low odds on getting a first down, better to punt and play field position.
    our defense is good, but hey lets help them out by not giving other teams short fields !
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  9. Batman1980

    Batman1980 Well-Known Member

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    No way you attempt a 58 yard field goal unless the half or the game is ending.
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  10. J12B

    J12B Well-Known Member

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    I'd say in that scenario it 100% was the wrong call.

    The risk (missing a 58 yarder to put your defender in terrible field position) was much greater than the reward (3 points).

    Should have punted and put them on a long field with the way the defense was playing.

    Thankfully, it didnt come back as such of a costly mistake.
  11. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon Well-Known Member

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    It was a good idea, just didn't pan out. I was initially disgusted at what appeared to be a punt, then cheered when it was an FG try.

    Always be aggressive.
  12. gmoney112

    gmoney112 Well-Known Member

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    Haha, you're right. I thought it was 4th and short, don't know what I was thinking.

    Yeah, I'd probably try the FG at home indoors with Maher. He hit a 62 yarder pretty recently. Go up 6-3 before half potentially. I wouldn't have tried away or in an outdoor stadium but I'm okay with it. Lot of people won't agree but that's fine.
  13. BlueNSilver88

    BlueNSilver88 Throwing up the X

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    didn't like it at all. too much risk for the reward. lucky SEA only got 3 from the great field position.
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  14. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    Yeah no. I would have signed Kai Forbath when he was available. Maher is a 78% CFL kicker.
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  15. Captain43Crash

    Captain43Crash Well-Known Member

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    Hopefully Garrett will learn from this mistake. Did he admit is was a mistake? I bet he didn’t. He almost never admits his mistakes. When you don’t admit your mistakes you repeat them.
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  16. Idgit

    Idgit Riding the Red Rocket Staff Member

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    It is if you miss. If you make it, not so much.
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  17. Tabascocat

    Tabascocat Dexternjack

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    It worked out but I would have pinned them deep in that situation.
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  18. Daktozekecoop

    Daktozekecoop Well-Known Member

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    I loved the call. He just made a 62 yarder in a game. He goes over 60 in practice regularly. By doing that you maintain confidence you have placed in him. So when the game is on the line and you need a 60 yarder. You do not hesitate. He smiles and goes and makes it. The play was aggressive and builds character.
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  19. buybuydandavis

    buybuydandavis Well-Known Member

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    It rubbed me the wrong way.

    P = Probability Maher makes the kick

    Choice 1 - Kick
    P Make it - +3, Seahawks at 25 after kick off
    1- P Miss it - Seahawks at 47.

    Choice 2 - Punt
    Seahawks at 10

    Difference of Kick to Punt
    P    +3, -15 field position
    1-P      -37 field position
  20. wssaustin

    wssaustin Well-Known Member

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    It was a gamble. Mahr is not that consistent. The drive was messed up at 2nd down Dak took a sack.
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