Was it Dak, or was it really Kellen Moore?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Frozen700, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Blake

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    I think you need to look up the definition of a "debate". There has been no debate between us.
    But if it makes you feel better...sure sure, you won a "debate".
  2. shabazz

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    Ok then. This pleases me........Go Cowboys!
  3. Daktozekecoop

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    What Moore has done is study Dak and every single good thing any passing offense has ever done and put Dak in the best position to make plays. To me this felt like what Joe Walsh did with Montana and that resulted in a completely unique new style of passing attack. I am so excited to see where this season goes. I think it is going to be near impossible for a team to handle the Cowboys this year. I think they are going to dominate.
  4. Afigueroa22

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    I'm pretty sure he was the second Cowboy. They said Craig Morton was first on the air. I wouldn't put too much stock into that one game though. You know who else has posted perfect passer ratings recently? Chad Pennington, Rg3,Tannehill, Cousins, L.jackson, and Alex Smith to name a couple.
  5. rocknrobcowboy

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    Was it Dak, or was it really Kellen Moore?

    Or was It Jerry Jones or even maybe AT&T Stadium...Oh, Oh Wait..Or was it the Cowboys Cheerleaders distracting the Giants..

    PAPPYDOG "It was a catchable pass" Zone Supporter

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    Here's Nav22 when our members might have a negative critic about Dak...

  7. GMO415

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    You can't have fried chicken without the fryer.....so both.
  8. Oh_Canada

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  9. Blackrain

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    Not a great game . This post is good for one thing to confirm you and the whole 2 people that liked this have zero football knowledge and should be IGNORED
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  10. silvrNblue

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    Annnnnd here we go with the "Dak played ok.... BUT crowd
  11. scottsp

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    Both can be true, I think. There seemed to be a greater variety of pre-snap looks, things like receiver stacks, and we didn't appear to shy away from throwing at any specific area of the field. Schematically, it was quite the departure from what they've been doing, which was to attack where physical match-ups were won and not much else. Yesterday was different.

    Dak was not facing much pressure nor was the coverage very good, but he did precisely what a really good NFL QB does against bad defensive units: He was almost unmerciful in exploiting it. That's really all anyone can ask.

    There will be days this offense stalls and we again go through this exercise of assigning blame to Dak, Kellen, and so on up the ladder. That being the case, we just might be tougher to run tape on (scout) and prepare for, but sustainability will ultimately be borne out of execution. So if this offensive line performs to its paper and continues provide the passer time to read and execute throws, Dallas is going to be a really hard out.

    The notion that each pass should be this picturesque threading of the needle or drop into a bucket from 40 yards is fantasy. Tom Brady gets help from his receivers, too. Drew Brees has been known to miss open targets or occasionally under throw a tight end. Not putting #4 there just yet, but if yesterday is any indication that his maturation is real, then it's definitely a problem for the rest of the NFC.
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  12. kskboys

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    Man, I usually don't join in the fan stuff, but I seriously agree w/ this. Dak will have some struggles as all QB's do. However, this performance was undoubtedly great. Not good, great. He'll have some good games, some bad games, some mediocre games, but this one was great.
  13. kskboys

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    I have to think that the ones who are complaining about a pass being a few inches off are the ones who don't watch games, and compare every throw Dak makes to other QB's highlight reels.
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  14. ActualCowboysFan

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    That's easy. Be completely blinded by your bias and ignorance. Voila! Historic performance written off as ho hum.
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  15. Blackrain

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    A stupid handful have made a posting career of stating what Dak cant do and how he will fail . Now they look so foolish they are scrambling to move the goal posts and cover there butts .

    Its a hoot watching these fake fans squirm with zero wiggle room 400yrd 4tds 0 TOs perfect QB rating Dak hurt em bad this week deep down in there twisted guts
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  16. Rogerthat12

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  17. Blackrain

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    They are in denial and scrambling for a shred of credibility where there is none to be found
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  18. Oh_Canada

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    Wow all I can say.
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  19. Hadenough

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    It's both! Dak played great and Moore called a great game. I think Kitna needs a little credit too. I know it's just one game and it's the Giants but they came to play and scored first putting pressure on Dallas and they responded.
  20. Blackrain

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    Yep brother it was historic and nobody is saying this is guaranteed every week but it sure as heck gives you some confidence as a fan that some hard work was put in this offseason and some progress was made .

    It was very nice to see us come out with a plan and be mentally and physically prepared to execute

    These negative Jack wagons on this forum that have done nothing but bash Dak should just have the common sense to acknowledge the progress in an attempt to restore some credibility but they will fight it to the miserable end

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