What are Cowboys going to do with Extra Cap Space?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by windjc, May 2, 2022.

  1. JonesBoys

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    Jones boys pocket.
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  2. CowboysExchange

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    Pollard and Zeke are like a sandwich. Pollard is the meat and Zeke is all Bread lol. Ha ha ha

    Hopefully they are gonna pay for the other 1/2 of the sandwich now before we go into franchise tag or overpayment mode on a complimentary player ha ha ha

    Next year there will be a premium and trend on top rbs in the draft. And we'll reach again lol

    We never get any ky either
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  3. Typhus

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    If anyone has been banging the drum for a mid round RB investment its been me, Im just saying there is no need to invest highly at RB, just build the OL first and then grab mid round RBs and burn them up on first year contracts.
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  4. Mannix

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    Resign Jeff Rohrer and Nolan Carroll for the league minimum.
  5. CowboysFaninHouston

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    Stephen and Jerry are going Chaching....
  6. plymkr

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    That is the most dead on accurate description of what Stephen Jones does for this franchise. Nepotism at it's best.
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  7. CowboyRoy

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    That will be next year, but I still wouldnt use a first rounder. You can get great backs in round 2-4. I would also never give a guy 95% of the carries anymore. Use a RB by committee going forward. This way you always avoid having to pay big money and your not dependent on one guy.
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  8. The Fonz

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    Give it to the homeless
  9. Bowdown27

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    They’ll probably do due diligence on James bradberry then keep the money for next year.
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  10. Cowfan75

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    Maybe they can lock up Moore ahead of time before Troy again declares he'll be a head coach soon.
  11. zrinkill

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  12. Bob-Lillys-War

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    That yatch needs a lot of maintenance .
  13. KingintheNorth

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    Stephen will invest it in a conservative, six-month CD.
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  14. CowboysExchange

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    I live by and support the RB by committee, and te by committee also. Which we rarely ever seldom use btw.

    But I'm grabbing the most talented skilled positions to use in the committee. Draft # is irrelevant to me. You take the best players that fall to you .

    Look at Nakobe Dean. He was one of the best values in the draft.

    I don't believe in chasing rushing champ records. I believe in winning. I want rbs that can score and perform at the "playoff level" grade as a core. Ours couldnt

    We use a next man up philosophy on offense and a defense by committee system.
    We wouldn't even be using a RB by committee now if Zeke was in his prime. Lmao. They picked Zeke at #4 in the first round.

    We should have picked up a rookie RB imo. Our RB core is not playoff worthy by faaaaar

    We were basically picking from the 2nd Round as low as our #1 pick was. Lol

    The best player on the board was not Tyler Smith. Anybody that argues that is drinking some Cowboy koolaide.

    Imo the best player on the board was Breece Hall and Tyler Linderbaum by far

    Based upon losing Cooper, Wilson, and Jarwins 16 tds and 1500+ yards... And the holes

    I woulda replaced their production by picking Breece Hall, Jelani Woods, and Jalen Tolbert in the top 3 rounds

    I'm trying to get better on offense to make Dak into a top QB not a #10. We let too much talent and production get away in the skilled positions

    Id rather have a 4th round olineman this year and these 3 skilled players for years to come. I'll grab a top olineman when they fall into my lap

    Tolbert was the only pick I liked in the top 3 rounds.

    Zeke- Mentor

    Jared Cook fa- mentor


    This would be my offense if I had been drafting. Its a winning powerhouse compared to what we have now imo

    I think we still have weaknesses at RB, Wr, and Te but we'll just see how it goes
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  15. CowboysExchange

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    We coulda shoulda woulda drafted a RB but we didn't.

    We didn't have a chance to replace Cooper in the draft.

    And we took the 4th-5th te in the draft who prolly won't play for 2 years lol

    I'm not impressed with this draft at all for replacing the production and skilled players we lost. Sorry

    We digressed as an offense imo

    We'll be one and done in the playoffs if we even make it because our #1 offense is based upon stats in blowout games against scrub teams and not potency.

    I'll change my mind when I see an improvement w our RB core, wr core, and te core in fa.

    I see nothing but a falloff as a core in all 3 areas.
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  16. Flamma

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    They can make a run anytime they want. The Bengals were 4-11-1 the year prior to making it to the Super Bowl. The 49ers were 6-10 the year before getting there. You have to actually try.

    The Cowboys will do next year what they did this year. What they did the year before, and the year before that. Pay their own players and build through the draft. To them, that is making a run.
  17. Flamma

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    Not exactly how I would have done it, but regardless, it uses the same logic. Get what improves your team now, worry about the OL later. But they're more worried about plugging holes and getting back to status quo early in the draft.

    Since they did little to nothing in free agency, they're left with the back half of the draft to improve the team.
  18. LittleD

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    Come now! We know Stephen will not spend 1 extra dime over necessity. He will invest all the extra "quan" in their new bitcoin business.
  19. Starforever

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    So, you say they are going to "Spanky" their money away.
  20. NotForLong

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    Buy Jerry a new car

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