What happened to Devin Smith?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. stasheroo

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    Comical, but not surprising.
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  2. OmerV

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    I also questioned it at that time.
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  3. Aven8

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    I think he can only run the Fly. Too many come backs in this offense.
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  4. John813

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    They need Tavon Austin active so they can tell him to fair catch punts.
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  5. mahoneybill

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    Nice insight. Shore up your special teams who disappoint and don't put another weapon on offense where you need help
  6. Zordon

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    I'm sorry but that's just silly. The NFL doesn't work like that. This team is in win now mode. This staff is coaching for their jobs. They are not concerned about saving a player for next season when they'll most likely be coaching somewhere else.
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  7. Creeper

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    This is typical Dallas misuse of personnel. The only thing I have heard is Smith doesn't play on special teams so he doesn't get to be active. The irony, of course, is that the Cowboys special teams are terrible. Smith is a legitimate deep threat with great speed. He didn't beat just any CB on that TD pass, he beat Josh Norman. I have no idea why they keep Tavon Austin. If its just to return punts then they are foolish because anyone can return punts as poorly as he does. Austin no longer has the speed or quickness he once had. I think against better defenses Smith's speed could be a real asset.

    But at the same time, notice the pass Dak threw. His mechanics were almost perfect. He stepped up, set his feet, turned into the throw and delivered a perfect pass where Smith could catch it on the run. Compare that to the last two games where Dak is throwing off his back foot, or jumping in the air and twisting his body in mid air to throw the football. Maybe it would not be a bad idea to go back to the films of those first 3 games and each player can see what he was doing at a time when they were playing well. And, they can activate Smith and give him a chance to run the deep routes opposite Cooper.
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  8. OmerV

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    Between Cooper, Gallup and Cobb, there really isn't much chance for a 4th WR to contribute anyway. Targets to others are rare.
  9. Bowdown27

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    I just said this to my cousin. Stupid coaching. Let’s have tavon Austin active but sometimes in for punts and kicks. Cobb will return at times why not have Devin Smith active instead on offense?
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  10. Mr_437

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    You say that, however, I see targets to Tavon every game that could go to a better WR. Also, Coop has been in n out dealing with injury, so there's snaps n targets.
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  11. OmerV

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    Tavon is also the punt returner. That's part of what keeps him active. And even so, Tavon only has 5 more receptions than Devon Smith over the season despite being active every game, so he really isn't getting much of a workload as a receiver.
  12. links18

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    Smith wasn't going to crack the active roster after Austin got healthy. That's just how this organization rolls. Austin was one of those "brilliant" draft day trade acquisitions, so he must be featured.
  13. fifaguy

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    Under wraps as in.. Unleash (insert player name) __________ !

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  14. JohnnyHopkins

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    I never said that they are intentionally keeping him on the bench while inferior players play. Regardless of how we feel on this forum, the coaches feel that Austin and Cobb are better options than Smith for winning now.
  15. rnr_honeybadger

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    Does it seem that this staff does not know how to use the personnel it has? Look at the better teams in the NFL and the general rule is that you see the ball being spread around to the different WR's. For us we just have Cooper, Gallup and Cobb and even that it seems like we rarely ever scheme them open.
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  16. links18

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    "It is what we did in the 90s when we won all those Super Bowls, so it must be correct now also."
  17. CF74

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    Saving him and all the other Supa Starz for The Playoffs (Insert Jim Mora here)
  18. basstapp

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    The real question is what does Tavon Austin bring that devin smith doesn't :/
  19. quickccc

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    Not every body can be a game day active, Devin wasn't a big special teams contributor, Vertell Bryant was brought in to take his game day spot per special teams.
    and apparently Devin wasn't making the satisfactory grades in the coaching staff every since Saints game.

    we are not the coaches, we're not in the meetings and film room and we don't see the details and sideline happenings.
    We dunno what mistakes, maybe persistent mistakes or body of work Devin could have been putting up and disappointing the coaching staff.

    Maybe it was missed assignments, maybe it was a lack of consistent separation, etc.
    Alone from that Skins one TD pass, he just hasn't did much else.but something from Saints game and on, didn't encourage the coaches to play him.
    He wasn't a must-have. W

    I''l have to see if Devin makes it into next camp - if his former ex HC Urban Meyer gets this HC gig here,. he may invest more into him than this coach staff.

    But in either FA, late round draft, undrafted surprises or further seeing how a Jonvea Johnson progresses, I still really love to have that ultra speed burner that affects the entire field.
  20. Melonfeud

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    Good question.

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