Why are you a Cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Whirlwin, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Whirlwin

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    I can't imagine watching the great Jim Brown. I remember the first time I went to a Red Sox game the first thing that hit me was how beautiful the grass was. I can imagine the feeling you had
  2. Gangsta Spanksta

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    I've lived in the Metroplex since I was 9 years old. So Dallas is my city. I became a fan in my teens when I became interested in sports and I'm of the belief that once you choose to be a fan of a team you should be a fan of that team for life. So I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan because that is the team I chose long time ago, and I've always been an independent thinker so I don't care who somebody else likes on the team or dislikes, I form my own opinions of the players. I don't assume people are haters just because they dislike somebody on the team, as long as they seem to have a reasonable reason why. Homers seem a bit easier to spot for me, especially when you see the same people who like a certain player seem to have an inability to admit that, that player has a bad game after an obviously bad game by everybody on the team. I liked Romo and was a fan, but I criticized him when he had an ugly game.
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  3. Whirlwin

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    Always be that individual. My cowboy brother. It's one of the best things I like about myself LOL
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  4. alldallasfan

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    Because I'm from Dallas!
  5. ArtClink

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    I was born a Cowboys fan, predetermined by my dad and older brother ("BobHaze"). I was born with a pic of Tom Landry in my crib and had a blue & silver rattle. Worst game I ever saw was "the catch" and it still hurts after all these years. The 70's Cowboys were my heroes and I have been humbled to get to meet and talk with several of them (Drew Pearson, Mel Renfor, & Jethro Pugh). To have lived through the great eras of excellence thanks to Landry and Jimmy "Why the hell is he not in the Ring of Honor" Johnson only to see Jerry take the reigns and lead us to over two decades of mediocrity is more painful for us older fans. "It ain't hatin' if it's true" and I'm still a fan because the brand Landry and Schram built has proven to be indestructible even with the Arkansas hillbilly in charge. Kudos to anyone who is still a fan of our once proud franchise. Thank goodness Jimmy was the architect of those 3 Super Bowls while Jerry just signed checks. Hope we can turn things around Sun night, but hope is not a strategy but the Jones boys lean on it heavily.
  6. Mad_max

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    I started back in the stone ages. About 1962, drove my Chevy to the Cotton Bowl. Met lots of great people in the end zone seats. I loved watching Dandy Don quarterback. Doomsday defense. When I got married and little kids came along, my daughter would sit in her little red rocking chair in front of the tv. She cheered the Cowboys till Jerry hired Barry. Now I am alone. Even my dog walks away. I try to offer him bones and other treats. No! He won't watch. I get no respect when the game is on. I can't believe 18 to 75 years old. It isn't the same. No Landry, or Roger Starbucks anywhere.
  7. Shane612

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    The first Cowboys game I ever watched was the 1972 SB-VI Cowboys vs Dolphins.
    I was 11, living CA, but I fell in love with the Dallas Cowboys.
    Afterwards, my dad and I didn't miss a game on TV, until his passing in 1997.....oh, there was those few years that I was away to school, but our time together continued soon after I graduated.
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  8. Beast_from_East

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    My Grandfather loved watching the Cowboys each Sunday and I kinda just picked it up from him.

    And no, you are not a hater if you dont like a certain player or a certain coach. In fact, even rooting for losses does not mean you are a hater, for a lot of fans they see it as the only way the team will get better in the long run. Be it from drafting higher or from getting new coaches.
  9. romothesavior

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    Thank you for saying this.

    To me, the only thing that matters is winning our 6th Super Bowl. (Though at this point, I might settle for just getting to one.)

    Winning on Sunday? Doesn't matter.
    Winning the East? Doesn't matter.

    Unless I am convinced the team has a real chance to win it all, those things don't motivate me to get excited anymore.

    I am willing to sacrifice a game or even a season if it means real changes in the coaching staff and culture so that we can compete for a SB next year. Obviously the players should never think like that, but as a fan I can, and it doesn't make me less of a fan.
  10. Mr_C

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    NFL films in the 70’s/80’s and the fact they always were and are on tv here in Kentucky. The uniforms and Tony Dorsett too.
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  11. cml750

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    Ditto!!! My dad was a fan so we had the game on every Sunday and I grew up loving Roger and Landry. Now my love for the team and football in general is almost gone. I have always said it was the Cowboys or nothing and I have chose nothing since a few games to go in 2017 which were the first games I had missed since my earliest memories in the early 70's. My disdain for Jerry grows more every single day while he employs a pathetic coach with zero chance of winning anything meaningful. If he extends Garrett I will probably never watch the team or any NFL game ever again.
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  12. Whirlwin

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    Even the dog walks away. I love that statement alone
  13. InTheZone

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    Grew up mostly in NC with dad being from Texas and a fan. I've stuck with them since and have never been a diehard fan of any other team. If it wasn't for the Cowboys I wouldn't watch much football, I already don't watch college or other sports. I didn't watch much football as a kid when the Cowboys went to their 3 Super Bowls in the 90's, was literally outside the entire day even during their 90s Super Bowl games, I vividly remember staying out riding my go-kart in New Orleans instead of coming in to watch. Little did I know that may have been my last chance to watch my team play for a ring.
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  14. Chuck 54

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    My parents were both from farming families. They weren’t really into sports.
    The first time I ever saw a football game on the old B&W TV back when there were only 3 channels, all grainy, and actually followed the game for a couple hours was in the 1967 Championship game vs the Packers. Everyone loved Lombardy and the Packers back then, but I fell in love with the STAR, the dapper man in the fedora, and Don Meredith. I was heartbroken when Robinson intercepted the pass in the end zone. The next year, same two teams in the “Ice Bowl”.....heartbroken again when Bart Star scored on the QB sneak over Jethro Pugh. My five decades plus as a fan was build on disappointing losses, the team that couldn’t win the big one, heartbreak, and the long grind to finally win.

    I also remember when it was always the darn Browns who knocked us out With Leroy Kelly.
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  15. Corso

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    I was sucked in by Cthulhu.
    Jerry's face kept stretching and stretching...

    No! No tentacles!
    And then there were Jerry tentacles.
    Right into the fabric of the NFL, right into the fabric of our fandom from socks to jocks.
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  16. Shane612

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    Yes. As a kid in the early 70s, I loved their uniforms.
    Some say their old away blue jersey was cursed, but I loved, loved their old dark blue away jersey.
  17. jsb357

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    The past few years I have asked myself that same question several times..
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  18. LittleBoyBlue

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    For me... there is no other team.

    If you are not a Cowboys fan... I look at you like there is something wrong with you.

    Is that bad?
  19. ShortRound131

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    Glory days for me were the 90’s Cowboys. The games against the niners were epic. I wish some of the younger fans could feel that soon.
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  20. 408Cowboy

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    I don't think this got the recognition it deserves.

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