Why cant we copy the Chiefs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kuyyo_morro, Mar 4, 2021.

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    This once-in-a-generation argument is baloney. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, also considered once-in-a-generation talent but all playing in the same era. Chief built the right way, not overvaluing players as the Cowboys do.
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    Wo there. Lamb aint coming close to Hill in a footrace. 4.2 >>> 4.5

    I personally think Lawrence is a Mahomes type player. And then everyone else. I know people see bigger upsides in Lance, Wilson and Fields. All 3 scare me personally. I like Mac Jones the most in the B class. Hard to judge Mac because he was surrounded by NFL talent at every position in college. But he played well and won big games.
    And I would really like Trask in a timing Offense. Maybe Moore and him would hit it off. He is no runner but he can sling it and sling it very accurately from the pocket. Aikman always said accuracy cant be taught.
  3. DeaconMoss

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    Bingo. 40 million for no NFC titles or SB appearances. No thanks.
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    The best QB doesn't always win....typically the best Team does. While the Chiefs have a good team the offense wasn't at full strength while missing both starting tackles. Tampa didn't have the best QB but were by far the best team on the field both offensively and defensively.
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    lol, well, there is the blatantly obvious fact that Pat Mahomes level QBs don't just fall off trees waiting for anyone to pick up ….

    Ask yourself who was the last QB that came out of college before Mahomes that approaches that level. Russell Wilson? He was drafted 9 years ago. That's how rare it is, and even so he still is probably below Mahomes level. In short, if it were as easy as just deciding to go out an pick up the next Pat Mahomes everyone would do it.
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    The cowboys can really get off to a good start copying the Chiefs with the release of Alex Smith today.
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    I remember when people on this forum were telling us how over-rated Reid was, while telling us Garrett was the next Tom Landry and there is no way we should get rid of Garrett after his awful 2012 season and go after Reid. Now Reid is the greatest coach in history per many.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out many of the same guys telling us how great Garrett is, while Reid sucked are the same Dak-fans now blaming Garrett and praising Reid for the success of Mahomes to prop up Dak.
  8. kskboys

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    He sure did bite the big one in the super bowl. Outcoached bigtime.
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    We could sign a Mahomes today and we'd easily make the playoffs in the worst division in football, something Dak couldn't do a year ago. But our supporting cast is garbage on the defensive side, and our HC isn't smart enough to challenge his way out of a paper bag. And of course we have one of the most incompetent FOs in football.
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    And Andy Reid.
    I wanted Andy when he left Philly. Better than JG and MM combined.
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  11. rocyaice

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    Boy you’re not lying.....
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  13. DFWJC

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    The fact that Andy Reid has been a head coach for 22 years but has only won 1 Super Bowl tells you how many things have to go right fo win one.
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  14. Typhus

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    Jimmy coulda .... :thumbup:
  15. jsb357

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    the process
  16. Techsass

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    To be fair he had McNabb in Philly, not Mahomes. In a weird need to be honest, I was never a big Donavan McNabb fan.
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    can we also get a honey badger with your plan?
  18. buybuydandavis

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    I'm drafting the next GOAT with our 6th.
  19. Jake

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    I'm not paying Dak $40 million, but the notion that a QB is supposed to get to SBs with a garbage defense and bad coaching is laughable.

    Putting it all on the QB is either stupid or lazy. The Cowboys haven't had a SB caliber TEAM since the 90s.
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    I know your being sarcastic, but they are out there,but no one can see them.
    If NE does not draft tom and let him sit almost 2 years, he would have just faded into oblivion.
    Tom wasnt ready to play out of college.

    Also 31 teams did not see much in mahomes lol, if KC doesnt pick him, he might have fell
    into 2nd round, and wound up on some other team where things dont go like they have in KC.
    The experts are not very good at evaluating talent, especially at QB.
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