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Why the "Dak is elite" narrative is so flawed

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jwooten15, Feb 5, 2022.

  1. CowboysFaninHouston

    CowboysFaninHouston CowboysFaninDC

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    defintion of a loser: "a person or thing that loses especially consistently The team had a reputation for being a loser year after year. 2 : a person who is incompetent or unable to succeed Don't waste your time on that loser. also : something doomed to fail or disappoint his position is a loser politically "

    definition of no championships....as in didn't win a championship

    I think you are mistaking the two....Marino wasn't a loser. he just wasn't a champion

    you started with the word loser. I know how you hate to even remotely admit you are wrong...but yeah, I get it. Marino wasn't a champion.
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  2. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member

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    Calling an individual player a “loser” based on the overall performance of an entire team is very misguided.

    Come on now
  3. MountaineerCowboy

    MountaineerCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Would it be better if I said every team that Marino was on in the NFL were losers?
  4. Jake

    Jake Jerry's Yacht Captain Moderator

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  5. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    Trolls use “ loser” as anyone who doesn’t win a championship which most everyone is a loser in his definition .

    Winning games, division titles, playoffs and conference championships doesn’t qualify as winning. Nor does personal accomplishments.

    Totally baseless of course and simply a trolling mechanism.
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  6. RomoplusDezEquals7

    RomoplusDezEquals7 Well-Known Member

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    This is exactly right and I’ve stated it before, but this backs it up with facts. The QB position has gotten easier then even 5 years ago. But if you look 10-15 years ago. The average guys then would look really good now. It’s a much different league and it keeps skewing more and more towards the offense. Soon 5500 yards a season will be the new norm. It’s all relative.
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  7. Mannix

    Mannix Well-Known Member

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    Was listening to The Fan this morning and they were talking about possibly losing Cooper....they then went on then to talk about all the things that were necessary for Dak to "be surrounded with" to be effective next year....my god, it sounded like they were talking about Copper Rush going into the Minnesota game....WHAT WERE WE THINKING supporting Booger giving this guy 1/3 of our cap space??? In retrospect, this is unbelievable!!!
  8. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

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    Elite? Lmao. if you believe that I got a bridge for sale!
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  9. TexasBacon

    TexasBacon Well-Known Member

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    This. I was on the "Dak has potential for greatness" train all year. Not any longer. Now I'm on the "waiting for his contract to run out until his play changes my mind" train. I want to believe in him and want him to succeed but I'm done being delusional. 75% of the narratives about him getting all of his stats against crap teams and in garbage time are true.
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  10. dckid

    dckid Well-Known Member

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    Agree 100%. I have been saying this for two years. Dak, Cousins, Goff, Wentz, Jimmy G, all average QB's who got paid because of the stupid narrative that teams fall into.
    The Dak contract is the dumbest of all because it was the last one, he is probably the best among them. The Cowboys saw how dumb of a move this was by looking at the other teams and still didnt learn from it.
    The truth is Jerry just wants to get to 7-10 wins and stay right in the middle. Competing for a SB does not matter one bit. The proof is in the last 26 years. No amount of posturing or talking about it will change that.
    Cowboys could have zigged while all the dumb teams were zagging.
    You reserve the 40 million dollar contract for superstars. Mahomes, Allen, Brady,Rogers, Herbert, Burrow, not Mayfield types
  11. RomoplusDezEquals7

    RomoplusDezEquals7 Well-Known Member

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    100% agree.
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  12. Mr_437

    Mr_437 Well-Known Member

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    It was Dak at his best how ever we choose to define it.
  13. Gangsta Spanksta

    Gangsta Spanksta Well-Known Member

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    If the Defense held the 49ers to 23 points then they did their Job in today's high scoring NFL.
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  14. Gangsta Spanksta

    Gangsta Spanksta Well-Known Member

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    I don't know if either Tony or Dak is the kind of quarterback that could lead us to a SB. This team does not have heart and there is no real leadership to get them to play playoff level football. We see less talented teams kick it up to the playoff level. Our coaches fail to have the leadership to snap a team out of a lackluster performance. We haven't had a quarterback either who can take over the role of leadership that the coaches are failing to provide. Forget the hype, the results speak for themselves, our team played uninspired football during the 9ers game, and that includes everybody including the quarterback. The players don't get mad at their performances, the coaches don't, the only ones who are is us the fans. People say that Dak is the great leader, what we saw in the 49ers game says otherwise.
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  15. willia451

    willia451 Well-Known Member

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    Dak is a very good regular season QB. And that's all he needs to be for the Cowboys to throw mega-millions at him.

    If you think the powers that be that run this franchise really care about winning a SB anymore............you're wrong. Ohhhhhhh, they'll tell you they do. And maybe they even believe it.

    But they don't. And it's obvious.
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  16. Calvin2Tony2Emmitt2Julius

    Calvin2Tony2Emmitt2Julius Well-Known Member

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    And next year will start and all of you, all of us know exactly D---. How many said The Bengals oooh now thats a Super Bowl Team for you there? No One

    So all of you saying this player sucks , cut this one . I hear you but truth is that's your opinion and you know what they say about those.

    They're like bungholes everybody has one all of em stink. So I hear ya, whine if you want, piss and moan all you want. But remember in the scheme of things

    Your stank opinion don't mean much.
  17. zeke21

    zeke21 Well-Known Member

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    Stats can paint any picture you want. Trust your gut and it should tell you that Dak is average and not elite.

    The only statistical category that Dak 'led' the league in this year? Blitzes. Dak was blitzed 188 times.. meaning that despite missing a game.. opposition defences kept coming with the pressure.

    So then.. the familiar refrain that our O-Line was a 'revolving door' for Dak.. but the stats point a different direction.. and one that supports the rankings that still put our OLine in the 'elite' category. Despite being blitzed 188 times.. Dak was only sacked 30 times (putting him mid table), knocked down 48 times (below average) and hurried 46 times (well below average). SO then you might suggest that Dak had great pocket mobility? Again stats show that he is mid range when how many times he escaped the pocket and his 'time to throw' metric was mid table.

    So what do all these stats show? That Dak is one very very very lucky man. Our OLine still did an unbelievable job holding up protection as much as they did. Our problem is that Dak can't punish a defence and defences line up to put pressure on him.
  18. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

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    That is very well said.
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  19. Hadenough

    Hadenough Well-Known Member

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    I agree!
    Plus that turnover that Anthony Brown got basically gave Dallas 7 points. So in reality Dak led the Cowboys to 10 points. Just another Dak game where he manages 10 points and people complain about the defense.
  20. DandyDon52

    DandyDon52 Well-Known Member

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    I think todays stats are all flawed and designed to glorify players.
    To be elite, a QB has to be consistently good in various things. It isnt even about winning.
    Sometimes a qb plays great but loses, like josh allen in the KC game.Or mahomes in the bengal game.

    Being consistently good is the key I think. And you can watch them play and tell which ones are elite.
    They all have bad games, but you can just tell watching them.

    Both Romo and Dak have never had the benefit of good HC, and coaching staffs, and good defense.
    Coaching makes a difference. If we had a really good OC and QB coach and HC, I imagine dak would look and play better
    than he has so far. Whole offense would. So you have to consider the coaches when evaluating a qb.

    Tannehill is a good example, was considered a bust at miami, went to tenn, and led team to playoffs both years.
    They were considered a serious contender both times losing henry at end of season sort of screwed them this year.
    But tannehill has looked way better with the new team and coaches.
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