Will Dak Get Replaced by Cooper Rush During Reg Season


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"Jerry has moved on from Dak" Let me check on that notion.

Jerry said Dak is better than Tom Brady-Check

Jerry said Dak is a future Hall of Famer-Check

Jerry is about to pay Dak more than 50 million a year-Check

Conclusion, no no I don't think he has moved on from Dak.


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The Cooper Rush truthers waking up from their coma should consider that every team could have signed him and no one did. I’m glad to have him as a backup since he knows the system, has some clutch and can fill in to make sure the whole season isn’t lost with one injury. But he’s slow as molasses, has a pop gun arm, and isn’t a starting QB in the modern NFL.


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Huh?! Also I am clearly incapable of posting a gif right now.



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Seems like Jerry has moved on esp if Dak keeps throwing picks. Will Jerry mk the move (bypassing the current patsy hc) and bench Dak. What say you?
Dak will only be replaced by Rush if the game is out of hand either way, or thru injury. I don't see MM replacing Dak if he has one of those horrible games and based on poor performance. Nor will Jerry.


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If the team decides to move on from Dak it will not be to settle for his backups. At that point it is best to let the turd circle all the way down the commode and look for a replacement in the offseason.


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Seems like Jerry has moved on esp if Dak keeps throwing picks. Will Jerry mk the move (bypassing the current patsy hc) and bench Dak. What say you?
Seems like Jerry has moved on from Dak? Lol How so? The only way Cooper Rush sees the field this season is if Dak gets injured. The last thing Jerry wants to see on the field this season is his backup QB. You and a bunch of other fans might want to see the backup but not the ones in charge of the team.


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If Dak continues to throw interceptions, the defense will turn on him, Jerry will have to make a change


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Personally, they are setting him up for a major fall this coming season.
He will be lost out there without Zeke and Schultz.
No way Pollard and the little man carry this train wreck of an offense.
He will have to pass and man close your eyes as we are going to see more of these come Sept.
His downfall will start in the locker room as his teammates have sacrificed enough for Mr.Prescott!


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Funny, the full Indy-Cowboy game came on my Youtube feed and this stat came on while I was watching...

Cooper Rush - 5 games

21 ppg - 19th in NFL
312 yds/gm - 23rd in NFL
35% 3rd down conv. - 27th in NFL

Last 5 games with Dak

34 ppg - 1st in NFL
416 yds/gm - 2nd in NFL
57% 3rd down conv. - 1st in NFL

Unless Dak falls off a very high cliff and Rush turns into the second coming of Tom Brady...just dont see it happening.
yet cooper had a better winning % lol.
Stats dont matter it is about winning games.

But yeah jerry aint replacing dak, cooper plays only if dak is banged up or cant play.


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The only way that Cooper Rush will ever start a game for the Dallas Cowboys is if Dak is injured and physically cannot play.

Cooper had a great five game run. In the first four games he didn't have a single turnover. During those four games, Cooper averaged 193 yards passing. He ran with the ball 9 times for a total of 6 yards. The Cowboys averaged 22 points a game during those four games.

Meanwhile, the defense averaged 14 points allowed per game.

Cooper did everything that was asked of him. He wasn't asked to do the things you would expect of a starter. He was asked to stay within his limited skill set and not make mistakes.

In game #5 against the Eagles, he had to attempt more than what would be expected and we witnessed the reason for the limited expectations.

In the previous four games the Cowboys scored first each time. In that 5th game for Cooper, the Eagles scored first. Cooper's very next pass after the Eagles score was an INT.

The Eagles used the short field to score again. Cooper and the offense followed that up with a four and out. The 4th and 1 failed with an incomplete pass. The Eagles used that short field for a field goal.

Now losing 17-0, Cooper threw another INT on their next drive. For the 3rd consecutive drive, the Eagles started in Cowboys territory and ended with their 4th score of the game, another field goal.

Turpin returned the ensuing kickoff 63 yards, enabling Maher to end the first half with a field goal.

In the first four games the Cowboys defense was able to limit the opponent's scoring, the Cowboys offense needed minimal productivity to win. This is not a criticism of Cooper Rush. Any criticism should go to someone that places expectations on Cooper beyond that of a busdriver with limited productivity.


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Unfortunately they are stuck with Dak. He can play good , bad or ugly and he still has the Cowboys but the nuts with his contract.